3 Amazing Destinations For The Perfect Family Holiday

Getting the family together for a trip abroad can be a lot of fun. In our busy day-to-day lives, we often don’t get to see even our immediate family all too often. Plus, when we do, we are often reeling from the stresses of work and childcare, which doesn’t make the time spent together what most would class as ‘quality time’. Going on holiday together gets rid of this problem completely. You’ve got all the time in the world to relax, and there’s plenty of fun and exciting things to do together. But when you’ve got a big family that includes lots of children, knowing where to go can be the first of your problems. There are plenty of resorts that cater for children but aren’t so great if you don’t like being woken up at 8 every day by an entertainer. On the flip side, booking a luxury spa will only mean that you have to deal with ‘x amount’ of very bored children. Choosing somewhere that appeals to everyone can mean you end up with a family holiday to remember.



America is a perfect option if your children are quite young or if it is their first time abroad. There is the added benefit of having no language barrier, which should help them feel comfortable from the start. Of course, there is always the long-haul plane journey to deal with – which as any parent will tell you, isn’t that fun when you have kids! Plus, you will need to make sure you have all your documentation in order by visiting www.official-esta.com. Once you are there, both children and adults alike will love the hot climate and the huge amounts of entertainment. Visiting Disneyworld and Universal Studios are a must on a trip to the US with kids.


Or, to be precise, the Spanish coastline. Both the Costa Blanca and the Costa Del Sol provide perfect spots for family holidays, although perhaps ones with slightly older children. There are plenty of cultural attractions to visit, and the beach in itself can provide hours of entertainment for children. Be sure to stock up on inflatable dinghies and floats to help your children stay safe in the sea. This also gives you the perfect chance to relax with the adults and enjoy some ‘me’ time. Another advantage of this area of Spain is that food and drink are both relatively cheap, meaning your summer holiday doesn’t have to break the bank.



If you are looking for something a little more exotic, why not consider a family holiday to India? Sure, it may not be the top of everyone’s list when you think of kid-friendly holidays. But with vibrant cultural attractions, stunning scenery and great food, it will be an experience to remember. The kids will be amazed by mystical temples and the hustle and bustle of major cities like Delhi. India is a great way to introduce children to other cultures. Plus, many resorts are used to catering for British tourists, so you will still be able to have certain home comforts.

Get More Involved With The Food You Eat – Tasty Growing And Cooking Tips At Home

If you ever worry about the price of food or even where it comes from, now could be the time to be more proactive about it. The cost of food will continue to increase as Brexit takes hold. More of it will need to be sourced from the British Isles, but this could make some of our favourites harder to source off season. So what can you do about it? Why not have a go at growing your own?

When certain foods are out of season, powered greenhouses need to pick up the slack. This does increase the cost. The alternative is to import the produce. You could grow your own, which might prove a little costly on your time and energy. The alternative is to eat seasonally. If strawberries and oranges aren’t in season, pick apples that will be ready in late autumn and can be stored in the freezer. Frozen summer fruits could work quite well too. Buy them when they’re cheap, fill the freezer and enjoy all year round.

Image result for Summer fruit salad ingredients, strawberry, blackberry, cherry flickr

Growing at home requires good soil and regular weeding or pest control. This can become a fun hobby, and eating from your garden is wonderful. You will need to hone in on some seasonal recipes to enjoy your crops. Why not sell your excess produce to create a little income stream? When you’re cooking from your garden, be sure to give everything a thorough wash. And if you’re growing organically, it could all be much healthier too.

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Some foods that are easier to grow at home can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The British climate is great for root vegetables, but they can all become a bit samey. Some veggies that you can grow can be used to make fat-free sponge cakes. Courgettes and beets have become popular for that. You can sweeten with something like the miracle berry tablets to create healthy cakes that are low in fat and calories. And some of the ingredients could come straight from your garden!

Image result for my vegetable patch flickr

It’s not always easy to find the time to prepare your garden for growing. Why not build a simple raised bed? You can then add good soil ready for growing. Once you have planted your vegetables and fruits, you will need to keep the slugs and snails away. They are quite adept at climbing up the raised beds. However, you can make it less appealing by sprinkling something coarse like sand around the base. Cover with netting to keep the birds away too.

Don’t forget, you can grow your favourite herbs at home too. Some people like pots on the window sill. Others have a little-sheltered area outside the back door. Lettuces can be grown in a similar way. And why not grow your strawberries from hanging baskets next to the door? Pick and eat as you come home from work (after washing, of course). The best thing about all this is you can get the kids in your family involved too. It’s a great activity to do with the children, and it’s a fun way to spend time together. Bon Appetite.

Finding Your Strength When A Loved One Is Hurt

When you have children in your life, you will do anything for them. Even if you’re not the parent, aunties and uncles can bond closely too. You wouldn’t dream of turning your back if the little ones were poorly. You would be there to support the parent and take care of the kids too. Family is perhaps the most important part of all our lives. Which is why aunties and uncles need to step up and be strong if one of those loved ones gets hurt.

If anything ever happened to hurt one of the kids in your family, you would be pretty upset. The parent would be devastated and would probably need you to be there for support. When children are hurt in an accident, it can be one of the most awful things you’ll need to deal with. So where do you find the strength to cope and provide the support to the rest of the family?

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Parents struggle to see things clearly when one of their own kids is hurt. This is where you need to step in because they can’t step back. Make sure the other children in the family have full-time care. You can do this yourself if you can spare the time from work, or arrange a reliable minder. Simple things such as checking everyone is getting enough sleep and food is so essential. These are the basic things that can be overlooked when you’re dealing with your injured child.

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If Mum or Dad are busy tending to their little one, make sure everything is carefully documented along the way. They will need to consider making a claim for compensation in the near future to cover the cost of losses and treatment. Photos and copies of documents should be carefully collated. Keep notes on conversations had with the third parties or doctors involved. This is especially important when you’re dealing with a head injury, according to specialist lawyers ASB Aspire. Kids are very good at bouncing back to full health, but a knock to the skull can make it a long road to recovery. It can be important to claim for the help you’ll all need.

As your niece or nephew begins to recover, your input will still be vital. You can read books with them, and play fun games to keep them occupied. Spending extra time with them can be very much appreciated. It can also give Mum and Dad that much needed break to get some rest of their own. Perhaps you can bring round a meal for everyone once or twice a week? Can you tackle the ironing? Maybe you can just lend a friendly shoulder and ear.

It is so hard to see a loved one in pain through injury or illness. These are the times that we rely on extended members of the family to step up, show strength, and keep things going in our lives. It’s not easy, but aunts have pretty awesome skills that can be drawn upon to help make things right again.

‘Be my bear’ Review

I have always, ever since I was a little girl loved teddies, My mum and dad brought me a big brown bear when I was 2 and he was bigger than me, I still have him to this day, but my nephew Jack took a liking to him so I said he could look after him for me.

My nephew has also always loved teddies since he was little too, I think it is an essential part of their development in life that every child has a special teddy as they grow up.

When bemybear got in contact and offered me the opportunity to review one of their sets I couldn’t resist.


In our kit we were sent there was:


  • 1 x Ping Panda Kit 16″ – Retail price of £9.95
  • 1 x Halloween Pumpkin outfit 12/16″ – Retail price £8.99
  • 1 x Teddy Bear passport  – Retail price £4.00


Jack couldn’t wait to start making his Ping the panda, we put the items on the table ready.


I started by helping pulling the stuffing apart so Jack could put it in the arms and legs of the panda as he had the smallest hands.  We made sure we put enough stuffing in the arms and legs that he was super squiddy and huggable but not to firm.


One of the last things we had to do was for Jack to make a wish with the little star and pop it inside Ping the panda and then stitch him up.

img_7207 img_7209 img_7210

He kept the wish secret, so it would come true.

Once Jack had finished making his wish it was time to stitch up panda and get him dress up in his outfit ready for halloween coming up.


How cute is our little Ping the panda, Can I keep him instead please?

Then it was finally time to get him dressed

img_7218 img_7219 img_7220 img_7221

Our finished and dressed Ping the panda.

Jack absolutely loved making Ping and he now goes everywhere with him.

These would make fantastic present for any kids, and I don’t think the price is too bad either.

* We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


Comma Sense: Advice For Students And Academics Living In Major Cities


Whether you’re going to university yourself or have a child or relative who’s just starting off on their big adventure, there are a few things that every soon-to-be student should know. Especially if they’re considering a university in a large city. From preparing to leave home and moving into your new place, to socialising and knowing the right places to go. You’re going to have to do a lot of research on your new home, educational institution and general lifestyle.


Common Sense

It’s easy to get lost in books. But it’s important that you use your common sense as much as your academic skills. Get to know where you live. Find out safe spots and crime hot spots. Be wise when it comes to working out routes home, be it from your seminars or a night out. Work out the cheapest way to do your food shopping. Is it cheaper to get it delivered or take public transport to the shops and back? Know your rights as a tenant and don’t let your landlord take advantage of you or exploit you.



Major Cities are pricey. They’re renowned for high rent rates for notoriously small spaces when it comes to accommodation. Landlords know that students need a place to live and will take full advantage of this. Accommodation in student areas will be just as expensive as anywhere else in the big city. Contact your university’s accommodation department and request information on the best places for a student to live during their studies. Some institutions will have their accommodation at more reasonable prices than private renting. It is advisable to house share while you’re studying too. Studio apartments and one bedroom flats are hard to come by. When they do surface, they are often extortionately priced or poorly maintained. Arrange a house share with people you already know. If you are completely new to the area, there are sites that bring together students looking for housemates.


Moving In

Moving in is going to be difficult. Especially if you don’t have your transport. Lugging large belongings on public transport is a feat in itself. Buses, the tube, trams and overground rail services are always relatively busy. At peak times, they are packed. It can be stressful enough getting on and off public transport without trying to carry your life’s belongings with you. If you are driving, or have a lift, you will incur charges if you are travelling through congestion zones. The solution? Pack light. Only take what you need. You can buy little things while you are away. Consider the effort of moving and the little space you will probably have in your home. Minimal living and design is most likely the way forward. If you have belongings that can’t be left at home but have sentimental value, you could leave them in a London Storage unit. These are affordable, will mean that you have easy access to your belongings when you need them and will declutter your personal living space.


Many students return home for the holidays. Easter, Christmas and summer break. Who can blame them? It’s a getaway from university life and responsibilities. But think of the extortionate amounts of rent you’re paying while you’re away. A resolution to this could be subletting your room. This could help you save money that would otherwise be thrown down the drain. Just remember to check that this is allowed in your tenancy agreement.

Gordon’s Great Escape Book Review

My nephew loves nothing more than myself, or my mum and dad reading him a bedside story every night.

When I was contacted and offered a book to review that wasn’t even released yet I immediately said yes.


My nephew Jack has got another book from this collection called “Barry the fish with fingers” which he loves, so this book was an exciting addition to his ever growing collection.


He is happy just sitting and reading by himself or reading to us if we ask.

The book contains lots of bright colourful pictures so is great for kids learning.

img_7241 img_7242

The book is ages 3+ so maybe was a little on the easy side but he loved reading it and loves that sort of genre of book.  Would recommend this book to parents and kids.

You can purchase this book following it been published on the 20th October 2016. Gordon great escape or pre-order yours from amazon here

* We were sent this book free of charge for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Kids Oyster Mushroom’s Growing Kit Review

Grow your own oyster mushrooms in 3 easy steps

How does it work?

We start the process off at GroCycle Urban Mushroom Farm by mixing recycled coffee grounds with Oyster mushroom spawn under ideal conditions. We then ship a kit out to you for the fun part!

  • 3 Easy steps: cut hole in bag, spray water daily & watch them grow
  • First harvest approx. 2 weeks after opening
  • Soak overnight and repeat for another couple of crops

See what we thought below.

We are a family who love the great outdoors and each year we try and attempt to grow our own fruit and veg.  This year, we have tried to grow runner beans, mini corn, tomato’s, peppers and cucumbers.  I have had 2 cucumbers off my plants, few tomatoes (but more to come), no peppers sadly and the corn is still growing.

When grocycle got in contact and asked if we wanted to review and grow our very own oyster mushrooms we couldn’t say no.  I have never really liked mushrooms, don’t know what it is about them but I have tried them many times and just can’t eat them.

The parcel arrived a few weeks later but was left outside my house in the pouring rain but luckily it survived and no damage was sustained to the packet inside the box.

My nephew Jack was super excited to help me set this up and watch it grow.

Day 1 – Receiving the pack and set up of the kit


We then had to unpack it and made a cross in the plastic without damaging the soil and submerged & soaked overnight in water.  I had to place the dogs ceramic bowl on top to keep the pack under the water.

IMG_6874 IMG_6875 IMG_6876

Morning arrived, and I drained the bag and placed it back in the box as required.  I placed it on the window sill in the kitchen where it would get light but not direct sunlight to help and allow the mushrooms to grow.

Days 1-7 – We started seeing sprouts and movement in the soil.  My nephew loves mushrooms and was super excited to see and watch them grow.

IMG_6921 IMG_6922

Day 8+ – We harvested the mushrooms that had grown ready to eat throughout the next few days.  We got 2/3 big harvest of mushrooms off it.

Once we had harvested all the mushrooms, we left the box as suggested for 2 weeks, then started watering it again and we started the growing process all over again.

We have now harvest all the mushrooms and will leave the box alone for 2 weeks and start the process all over again.

Day 1-7 – The mushrooms started growing again, which was really exciting.


Day 8+ – We didn’t get as many mushrooms the second time round but we got a few so once we picked them, that was it, no more home-grown mushrooms.

This was fascinating process to watch and I would buy these again to grow.

It is fascinating how mushrooms can grow from coffee like this, and all recycled, great for the environment.

Don’t forget if you would like to get your hands on your very own growing kit visit their website here, the kits start from £16.00 each.

* We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


The Stress Free Guide To Creating The Perfect Bathroom


The bathroom in any home is one of those rooms that just adds value to property. So it goes without saying that something freshly remodelled or looking modern is going to bring in the big payday. However, remodeling and decorating your home, no matter what room it is, has it’s fair share of stress and worry. Not to mention how long these things can take when doing them yourself. Which is why I thought I would share with you a stress free guide to creating your perfect bathroom. Whether you are selling or staying, you won’t be disappointed.

Get the plumbers in to do the hard work

Anything to do with pipework is going to be a tricky project for someone with no experience. So save yourself the stress and call in the professionals. Even if you are aware of all the Bathroom Lingo why make things harder on yourself? The professionals can do a speedy and thorough job. Which means you get your brand spanking new bathroom in half the time, without the sore back as evidence. On a serious note, pipework and plumbing are things that you don’t want to get wrong. Avoid future disasters and save yourself the grief.

Plan your budget before work commences

It’s important to plan your budget before you take on any work. This ensures you know exactly what you have to spend and provides you with a foundation for a plan to move forward with the project. A budget isn’t suppose to be a negative topic of conversation; it enables you to stick within affordable parameters to get the job done.


Have a contingency fund in place

It’s essential to not only know your budget but to also have a contingency fund in place. This is for those unforeseen emergencies that are likely to crop up when you least expect them to. It means you don’t eat into your budget and you have the funds ready to correct the problem. This can be one of the biggest stresses of any project, so keep things simple and have emergency funds ready for when disaster strikes.

Stick with something neutral that stands the test of time

Sometimes we can think a particular colour is great, or choose something a little out of the ordinary and assume it is modern and funky. But will your design choices stand the test of time? The last thing anyone wants to do is redo a job that should last a few years, just because you made an error in judgement. Stick with neutral colours and a white bathroom suite. Ensuring your bathroom stands the test of time.

Make arrangements for when the bathroom is out of action

Finally, a bathroom can be a lengthy job, so make sure you have provisions in place. This is when your neighbours can come in handy. Having somewhere to shower or even relieve yourself when the toilet is being plumbe can be a lifesaver. Don’t get caught short.

I hope these tips help you on your way to a stress free bathroom update.

Driving Ambition: How Golf Can Increase Your Kids’ Self Confidence

Kids nowadays seem to be becoming less and less confident in themselves. There are plenty of reasons for this. We are living in a digital age, and kids are spending increasingly worrying amounts of time in isolated situations. They sit at games consoles in their rooms and often the most social interaction they get is speaking to a stranger overseas through a headset. But your little one’s early years are so important when it comes to forming their personality and character. It’s essential that they have self-confidence before they start school and throughout their education. Shy children often get left behind in classes, as they are scared to put their hand up and voice their views. They also tend to have fewer friends to play with at breaktime. Sport is a great method for boosting your child’s self-esteem. Here are a few reasons why golf, in particular, might be a great sport for your child to partake in.


Social Skills

Golf is an individual sport. This means that your child isn’t being thrown into the deep end of team sports, where quieter children can be pushed aside or made uncomfortable by louder, more boisterous kids. Your child can ease into this sport, while still developing great social skills. They will learn to interact with their instructor. If you place your child in a class, they will have peers to communicate and have fun with. But in a less competitive environment than many other sport


The Fun Factor

Golf, for children, is extremely exciting. It will make them feel grown up. Mini clubs, mini golf and fun, crazy golf courses are ideal for them. They’ll be able to play between small scale obstacles, such as windmills and little pools. The whole environment is energetic and bright. Golf isn’t something that your kids will have to be forced into. Many will take to it with fervor. The more fun a child is having, the more they will come out of their shell.



Like all sports, golf can be competitive. As your child’s skills grow, they may wish to take part in golf-related competitions and events. Golf trophies and awards are presented at these events. These prizes will inspire your children to work on their skills and become the best in their field. They will feel a sense of pride as they achieve more and more. They will gain confidence in themselves and their capabilities. This will spread into other areas of their life. For example, school and friendships.



The more hobbies and talents your children have, the more they will have to talk about with others. A child’s enthusiasm for the sport will be a hot topic of conversation when they meet others their age. Shy children often keep quiet when meeting others. With confidence and interest in a sport, your child will want to tell the world about what they get up to in their spare time. A happy, talkative child will draw a larger friendship group.