Meal Planning Monday 25/03/19

The last week of March already, where did it go.  It has been a fairly busy month with birthday’s but I quite like it a bit mad.  We have been pretty good at sticking to our meal planning, and haven’t wasted much as if i’ve done batch cooking I’ve frozen the remaining for another meal.

Lamb shanks with red wine gravy and roasted vegetables (this was a cheat ready made meal from Aldi I just added the veg)

Toad in the hole with vegetables & gravy

Home made meatballs with spaghetti

Garlic & lemon salmon with spinach creamy sauce

Jacket potatoes filled with tuna & sweetcorn and salad

Chicken in red wine sauce with new potatoes and vegetables

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your plate this week?

My Top 6 Favourite Perfumes

I do love perfumes, like most women, I don’t wear it everyday but I like to try new ones every so often after having the same old ones over again for the past few years, but they don’t have to be expensive.

I have 3 bottles open and on the go at the moment and alternate between them depending on the occasion.

My Top perfumes are:

In no particular order I have…

Gucci – Rush

I can’t remember how I came across this one but it is just gorgeous, it is a strong, but sweet fruity smell, reminding of the rush of first love.   It is presented in a gorgeous bright red box.  Prices start from £34.99

Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh 

Unfortunately I don’t have a pictures of this as I haven’t brought any since I used my last one up.  This is again quite a sweet smelling scent.  Presented in quite a chunky bottle.  The bottle is just beautiful with it floral display on the cap.

Paco Rabanno – Lady Million

This perfume is presented in the most stunning golden glass shaped bottle with a gold top.  The smell is quite a sweet smelling one but the scent seems to also last when sprayed in on in the morning.  Prices start from £46.50

Chanel – Paris

For my birthday last year I decided to ask the wonderful world of Facebook for recommendations for a new perfume from friends and family.  I got quite a big response so then gave the list to the husband and he made a decision, and a good one at that.  I have never owned a “Chanel” perfume as I feel it is very expensive and I most defiantly will only use this on very special occasions as I don’t want to waste it.  Prices start from £55.00

Ralph Lauren – Romance

This one is quite strong and if you spray too much you know about it.  The bottle isn’t at all attractive. I would say it is probably near the bottle of my top  6.  Prices starting from £60.00

Ghost – Deep Night

Firstly let’s admire just how beautiful this bottle is, I hate throwing them away but have no use for them after.  The smell of this one again seems to last a long time and is quite a sweet scent.  Prices start from  £25.00.

I do find it amazing how people can create such wonderful scents

So there you have it, my favourite perfumes, what are yours and why?

Find a penny, pick it up…

Over the last 4 year, with 2018 been my 5th year, I have been picking money up off the floor.  I started recording what I found back in 2014 just out of curiosity.

Am I a tramp for doing this?  I don’t think I am, but each person has there own opinion and that is fine.

Gold Coin

Whether it’s pennies, small change or even the odd occasion of a note I find, I pick it up, I don’t even hesitate and put it straight in my pocket.  I  don’t class this as stealing, as it is not like it is  at a cash machine etc but just change that someone has either dropped or discarded.


2014 -£45.24 – This was my biggest find so far

2015 – £5.74

2016  – £9.11

2017 – £20.14

2018 – £13.50

I know it isn’t a lot of money over the 12 months, but it doesn’t matter to me and takes no effort to pick it up.

what do I do with it at the end of each year?

It gets put into another pot ready to go into our savings accounts, as my moto is “Every penny counts” and helps towards something we may want to buy in the future.

Would love for you to leave your opinions on this and if this is something you would or wouldn’t do and why.  


Meal Planning Monday 18/03/19

Last week we had snow, hail & rain hit us the weekend all in the space of about an hour then storm “Gareth” hit us in the week which was great fun….Not.  So hoping this week will be better.

Did storm “Gareth” hit where you live?

This week it is my nephew Jack’s birthday, can’t believe he is going to be turning 11.  We will be going over for tea and so he can show us all his lovely gifts.

This week we are cooking:

Chicken in a thyme & red wine sauce with boiled rice

Sausage, egg, chips & beans

Spaghetti Bolognese

Party buffet Tea

Chicken katsu curry with boiled rice & mixed salad

Jacket potatoes with tuna/mayo/cheese/beans with salad

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

What will be on your plate this week?

Spring Flowers #MySundaySnapshot

Spring has certainly felt like it has been making an appearance over the last week or so with these cold misty morning then the gorgeous warm sunny afternoons.  Then suddenly it has taken a turn for the worst again this week with horrendous wind & rain.

What better way to feel even more spring like with a gorgeous bunch of daffodils.  I brought my mum some at the weekend and she brought me some at the same time – great minds.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide | 2019

*AD – Some of these products featured in this post were sent for inclusion in this gift guide

Sunday 31st March is Mother’s Day in the UK , since becoming a first time mum back in 2017 all  I wish for is a semi decent lie in and someone to bring me breakfast in bed but any of the below would also suit me perfectly.

Here are my ideas for some great gifts for that special lady figure in your life.

Botonique Blush

If you just fancy a soft drink with a difference, the non–alcoholic wine from Botonique is one to try for sure.  It’s fruity and delicious.

blush drink.png

Where To Buy: Botonique

If wine is not on her gift list then flowers or a plant maybe?  The red anthurium would make a perfect and brighten up any room.

Red Anthurium

With it’s beautiful vibrant red flowers and glossy leaves this will brighten up any room in your house and make a lovely gift.

Image result for red anthurium

Where To Buy: Beards & Daisies

Princess Prosecco

How about a subscription box?

Princess prosecco offer subscription boxes and gift a box option.  They do a different box theme each month dependent on the birth stone for that month so I received “purple rain”.  I can’t wait to make the cocktails.  I would be sure to send these as a gift to family & friends.   They are priced at £29.50 plus £4.70 P&P.  I think for different contents each month makes a really good present.

Where to Buy: Princess Prosecco

Seams Hand Cream 75ml

Delightfully fragranced with Fragonia Oil, Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil to mend, moisturize and protect your hands. I have featured this in a previous gift guide but like it so I felt it deserved another show.  It is priced at £14.00

Where to Buy:  Seams Beauty

Solid Silver Star Pendant 

I love jewellery so when I received this I immediately fell in love with it.  It is engraved with my son’s name “Freddie” on it and is perfect for any female as a gift with any wording on. I featured this in my Christmas gift guide but loved it so have included it again.  It is priced at £34.99

Where to Buy: The gift experience here

What will you buy that special lady in your life?

How To Keep Your Dog Dog Happy and Healthy

We all want our pets to have a long and happy, healthy life, just like we want the best for our kids. If you want to protect their health and well being, you will sometimes need to step in and make decisions for them, instead of letting them choose what to do. Dogs are intelligent, but also impulsive, so as a responsible adult you will have to make sure they know the rules and obey them. Find  a few tips below.

Avoid Overfeeding

Image result for Black Labrador eating dog food

One of the worst ways of spoiling a dog is overfeeding them. Dogs simply don’t know where to stop, and it is your responsibility to limit their food and choose the right nutrition for them. Just because they are a part of the family, they should not eat the same food as you, no matter how good they are at begging.

Give Them Space

It is crucial that you give your dog some space, especially if you have small kids. When dogs get older, they will require more rest and time alone, so ensure they have the space to relax and take themselves out of the group, whenever they feel like. Don’t automatically assume that there is something wrong if they curl up after a long walk on the beach; they will simply need to recharge their batteries.

Create a Routine

Dog, Walk, Animal, Human, Trust, Nature, Away

As a pack leader, you will need to create set rules and routines, or your dog will be confused. No matter if you have a big or small breed, they will need a routine, and a set time to eat, rest, and have food. Feeding on demand will only result in diabetes and weight gain, and reduce the quality of their lives. You have to make the dog walking routine work around your family life and ensure that you are creating a new experience every time.

Give Them Appropriate Exercise

Dogs need exercise, as they are born to chase things and run around. If you want to make them like their walks and get the most out of them, you might want to get them the right toys and games set up whenever you spend some time together outside. You can find some great dog walking accessories on this website that will make every experience more enjoyable.

Include Them

No matter if you are going out for the day or planning a camping trip, you will need to make your dog feel like they are a part of the family and fun. Choose your location with their needs in mind, and when taking them on holiday in the car plan your stops so they can get some fresh air and exercise, release their energy, and avoid getting bored.

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of parental responsibilities. You will have to look after your pet’s health and well being and understand their preferences, needs, and habits, so they can be a part of the family life and stay healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Meal Planning Monday 11/03/19

Last week was OK, the weather was better but roll on summer now.  It was my Dad’s birthday so we went over for tea Monday evening.  The rest of the week just went by in a blur.

This week again we are trying new meals so will let you know how they go down with the husband.

I am cooking:

One pot creamy Parmesan garlic risotto with lemon pepper chicken

Tuna Pasta Bake

Beef burgers with homemade seasoned wedges

Chicken curry with rice, naan bread & poppadoms

Pan fried pork with dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables

Mexican burritos

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

What are you cooking this week?