Fulfilling Your Big Day Dreams: Top Tips For Beautiful Brides To Be

If your wedding day is fast approaching, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Aside from sorting table plans, menus, and timings, you may also be starting to think about how you can look your best on your big day. Most brides have a vision in mind, and they want to look and feel more beautiful than ever when the doors open, the music starts playing, and they take that first step on the walk down the aisle. If you’re a blushing bride to be, here are some top tips to ensure you look and feel fabulous on your special day.

Being comfortable in your own skin

Most brides will try and lose weight or tone up in time for their big day. We all have a happy weight, which makes us feel comfortable in our own skin, and if you’re not at it just yet, you may be upping your game in the gym and watching what you eat to try and make sure you feel your best when the wedding day arrives. Nobody is recommending a crash diet to lose a stone in a week, but you know when you feel your best, and if you’re a few pounds heavier than you want to be, now is the time to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle and try and reach that goal. Exercise and healthy eating are the best combinations for gradual, sustainable weight loss, and you can find some great tips at http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss-guide/Pages/successful-diet-tips.aspx. You may also get some great tips here https://renewbariatrics.com/lose-weight-fast/.  Some brides don’t want to lose weight, but they would rather be a little more toned or defined. If this is the case, you can tailor your workout regime or work with a personal trainer to zone in on different body parts. You don’t have to lose weight before your wedding. There’s no written rule. If you’re happy as you are, that’s absolutely fine.

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Getting your smile camera-ready

Think about how many times you’re going to be asked to ‘say cheese’ on your big day. Your wedding day is probably the only day in your life when your smile will be in the spotlight constantly. You want to feel confident when you smile, and you also want to look back at photographs and think that you looked beautiful. Many people feel self-conscious when they smile because they don’t like their teeth. If this sounds familiar, and you’re desperate to be able to show off a beautiful smile on your big day, there are solutions. You could try natural whitening products from miswakclub.com or visit your dentist and find out about cosmetic treatments like veneers, invisible braces, and cosmetic bonding. These days, we pay a lot of attention to the way we look in photographs, so try and work out your best angles and poses in advance. If you’re worried about being on camera, ask your photographer to do a few test shots before the wedding. This will help you to feel more confident and relaxed.

Smiling Woman

Every bride wants to look incredible on their wedding day. If you’re getting married soon, it’s never too early to start prepping and working towards that vision you have in your mind.

New Bra, Lawns & New Job Opportunities #LittleLoves

Another week has flown by and we are half way through another month, and another week closer to meeting out baby.


Erm…. Nothing sadly this week


The exciting news that my fiance has been offered and accepted a fantastic new career opportunity.  He works currently as a Lettings Manager but has been selected to move and take on a bigger branch within Birmingham.  I am super proud of him and he deserves this a million times over.


My new bra, I knew my bras were getting small for me but it was finding the time and the energy to actually go to the shops and get measured and fitted correctly.  I popped into bravissimo in Solihull town centre and explain to the lady I would like a fitting and some advice as I was pregnant, she was more than happy to help.  I told her the sort I wanted and she came back with 3 different style and designs.  I tried them on but decided to choose the first one I tried as it was a lovely colour, style and very comfy. you can buy it here

Superboost Lace Bra by Gossard


Not everyone’s type of meal but we were feeling super lazy and the OH came up with the idea of chips, cheese and gravy for tea and it was amazing.



The inbetweeners movie…again

And Lastly

For the first time this year, I have been able to cut the lawn, only took the top off it as was still wet underneath but it looks so much better already, now to try and keep it up ever week.  Also pottered around in the garden emptied my pots ready to refill with fresh new spring flowers and plants.

What has your week involved?

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

The Bridal Party Responsibilities

If you are part of the bridal party at a friend or family member’s wedding, there are certain responsibilities that you will have to undertake. Sure, you don’t have to plan the whole thing or there may not be something available for you to plan as some brides like to take a hold of the whole occasion, but you can always offer the help at the very least. If you are stuck on ideas on what to do, here’s a bit of a list as to the assistance you can provide…

Wedding Preparation

Say Yes to The Dress

Going to the bride’s dress fittings, helping her pick the ideal outfit and being easy with whatever you’ve got to wear can be a massive help. Saying yes to your own dress and not being picky about something that is personal to her and her special day is something that can make a huge impact on the feel of the whole occasion. Don’t bring down somebody’s dream with your own wants and needs.

Help With Stationery

If the bride is taking it upon herself to create her own bespoke invitations and save the date cards, or even something as simple as name settings and directions for the reception venue, help out as much as you can. It is a time consuming effort and one that shouldn’t be underestimated. Have a look around for good deals on materials and get inspiration from a variety of sites across the internet. Remember to keep to the theme that she is wanting and don’t deviate too far away from what she wants you to do. Set a day aside at least to get ahead.

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Travel In Style

Helping out with the logistics of how the bride, groom and everybody else involved in the wedding are getting to the venue can save so much hassle. Have a look around to see the best places to hire a wedding car, and always look for reviews and recommendations – the one thing that you will need to keep in mind is the timekeeping of these companies. There are so many different options for getting somewhere, and you’ll need to think outside of the box for different ideas; bicycles, horse and cart, tractors – the sky’s your limit, aim high!

Assist On The Day

With the rush of the build up, many people forget the assistance that the main couple will need on the day. It can be something silly like getting people up to dance on the night, directing them to their seats when they arrive for the ceremony, helping the bride with her dress when she goes to the toilet or even just chatting to people that you don’t know on the table that you have been placed at. As long as you keep the day flowing and put in your best effort to do so, there should be no reason for anything untoward to happen. The cogs behind a fantastic wedding are definitely to be appreciated – you’ll go down a treat!

Spring is coming #MySundayPhoto

This week has been a mixture of weathers again, but Thursday was lovely, blue skies, the sun was shining and barely any clouds or wind made an appearance, it really did start to feel like Spring was finally on its way.

While waiting for the train I came across these miniature daffodils a pure sign of Spring.  Whenever I see them they are sure to cheer me up.



Baby Showers, Rain & Bridesmaid #LittleLoves

Unfortunately, I missed last weeks #LittleLoves so I’m going to cheat a little and combine the two together this week.

I can’t believe we are already in March, where is this year going? Fingers crossed spring makes an appearance soonish.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I don’t seem to have had time to stop and breath.  Here are this week little loves.


My Fiance and I had to go and give notice of our marriage at Solihull Registry Office, we were there for around 30 minutes and had to take lots of personal documents and answer questions then finally we were both given a document to read and sign to confirm we agreed and were happy to go ahead.


Me constantly coughing especially morning and night time as I’m still trying to get over a cold I’ve had for a few weeks now.  It was even bad enough for the fiance to go and sleep in the spare room one night…Oooppss.


I had the biggest honour of been a bridesmaid for my Cousin and her fiance on their wedding day.  She picked the most gorgeous dress that was perfect for me and fitted over my ever growing pregnancy bump.



I had half a day at work on Thursday last week so I came home and made a shepherd’s pie.  It is very rare I can be bothered and have time after I walk in from a long day at work to actually cook anything that takes preparation or time to prepare.  I like things that are quick and easy or I can just shove in the oven straight from the fridge/freezer. Having an early finish I didn’t really have any excuse.

Home made Shepherds Pie


I’m not normally into these celebrity comedy game show but I watched one on Tuesday night called “Play to the whistle” and I couldn’t stop laughing.  It is hosted by Holly Willoughby and it features guests from the worlds of comedy and sports. If you get the chance it’s a must watch.

And Lastly

I went to my friends joint baby shower.  It was at Blakesley Hall in Yardley and was good fun, we played lots of games, ate yummy food and had a good catch up with everyone.  Even got a goodie bag at the end of it.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Baby’s First Kicks – My First Pregnancy


I am now over the half way mark of 22 weeks and 6 days into my first pregnancy and over the last few weeks I have been able to start feeling our baby move more and more. The feeling is completely weird and I can’t even describe it, at first I thought it was wind. I have asked friends what it feels like and what I should expect but I appreciate it could be completely different for everyone and happen at different stages of their pregnancy.

Some people have described it as like bubbles, a friend explained it as insects crawling inside of you, I did laugh when she told me this as I couldn’t imagine what it felt like at all, and others have said like butterflies flying around inside of you.

As the weeks have passed each day I have felt our baby moving more and more and actually think that a few days I have felt what I think are actual tiny kicks from him/her. It is still very early days and I’m hoping over the next few weeks they will grow stronger and more frequent so my Fiancé can start to feel his baby moving as well as me and we can appreciate it together as a couple.

I think I was lucky enough to feel my first proper hard kick this week which lasted around 5 minutes, it happened after I’d drank cold water and ate a bag of sweets. I was sat at my desk at work and I just watched my tummy move, it was the strangest thing ever but amazing to know our baby was OK and moving.

How many weeks were you when you first felt your baby move and what did it feel like to you?

First Time Bridesmaid #MySundayPhoto

This time last weekend it had been an incredible moment in my life as I had been a bridesmaid for the first time in my life for my cousin Natalie’s Wedding at Shustoke Barns in Coleshill. It was an incredible day and I won’t ever forget it.

It was an Amazing day and I won’t forget it plus I loved my hair and dress, the colour and style were both perfect and spot on to fit over my ever growing 21-week pregnancy bump too.



Preparing Your Home For Perfect Summer Evenings

Rejoice, everyone, because winter is officially over! I say officially because as we know, those snowy showers can occur anywhere up to late May. But according to the seasons, we are now technically in spring so let’s go with it. Spring is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for summer and thinking about the changes you can make. This year I’ve decided to make my garden the perfect place for evening meals, a play area for nieces and nephews and a beautiful spot for relaxation. So, how can you achieve all these desires in your garden? Oh don’t worry, I’ve got some big ideas.

Seating, Patio, Furniture, Outdoor, Home, House, Garden

Wine And Dining Area

If you want a lovely dinner feast in your garden this summer or spring, you need a great place to sit. You’re also going to need some stunning furniture, but we’ll get to that a little further down. For now, we need to lay the groundwork, literally.

You want to think about creating the perfect place in your garden for a collection of chairs and perhaps even an outdoor coffee table. Or, as I like to call it, cocktail table! To do this, you need a solid area of ground because you don’t want to set this area up on the grass for two reasons. First, it will ruin the grass, and second, any furniture you use will end up a muddy mess. Instead, you can lay down some timber decking that looks visually stunning. It’s also going to be a great little-elevated space in your garden.

You can complete this section by adding a little canopy overhead. This will protect any furniture from bad weather and keep your timber decking nice and dry.

Beautiful Furniture

We’re long past the days where buying garden furniture meant getting plastic chairs and wicker tables. Now, you can get garden furniture that is just as stylish as the leather sofas you might have in your living room. You can have a look at these online right now because you’ll probably find that they are actually on sale! After all, we’re not in the summer season just yet. Usually, the furniture is quite minimalistic and contemporary. But you can probably get sofas and chairs to match any type of aesthetic you are creating in your yard.

If you want to really treat yourself, think about purchasing a swinging chair. These chairs can be found at virtually any home depot store, and the swinging movement creates a relaxing sensation. You’ll love lying back on one of these as a summer breeze sweeps across the grass.


Fun For The Kids

Okay, it’s not just about making sure the garden is enjoyable for you. You want your nieces and nephews to love it too, and there’s lots of fun garden treats for them. For instance, you can purchase a slip n slide. It’s basically just a thin sheet of plastic that you put washing liquid and water down. Make sure you set it up somewhere that they won’t crash into anything and they’ll find it great fun. Or, if you really want to spoil them you can buy a full-size trampoline. Spring trampolines will give a higher bounce compared with elastic, but they can be more dangerous.

I hope you have fun using some of these ideas to improve your own garden for yourself or the kids!

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Encourage Your Talented Angels With These Fantastic Tips

All parents want their children to grow up to be talented and highly successful. And you might notice your child’s special talents from a very young age, maybe even before they speak their first word! If you notice that your child has a particular fondness or talent for a certain hobby or creative pursuit, it’s a good idea to encourage them to keep up their great work. Otherwise, they might lose interest as they get older and distracted. Are you wondering how you can help to foster your child’s creativity? Here are some fantastic tips!

Girls on Desk Looking at Notebook


Watch Out For Talent

If you want to help your child become a success, you need to be on the lookout for specific talents from a very early age. As I’ve already mentioned briefly, some children even show creative talent before they have uttered their very first word! We all have our very own set of natural talents and passions and finding out which ones your child has gives you the chance to encourage and support them from an early age. For instance, if you notice that your toddler is constantly doodling, you might want to promote their self-expression through this medium, to see if their drawing skills develop further. There are lots of things to watch out for that indicate passions and talents, such as telling stories, constantly performing for people, and a love of sports.

Encourage Their Dreams

Once your child gets to a certain age, they will start to daydream about what their future may be like. If they start showing any indications of what they might want to be when they grow up, it’s a good idea to try to encourage all of these dreams. There are various ways you can go about this. For instance, if your child says that they want to become a singer and seem to have singing talents, then could motivate them by recording their own CD. There are a number of companies such as NationWide Disc who can help you with that. Alternatively, if your child says that they want to become an author, you could always send them to extracurricular creative writing classes.

Look For Inspiration

Just having talents and passion isn’t enough if you want your child to succeed in what they do. They should always be inspired and open to new ideas, as this will motivate them to continue with their hobby, and can also give them some great ideas of how they can develop their work. There are loads of places where your child can find inspiration. For example, take them on days out to museums and art galleries. Free public events are another fantastic way to expose our child to cool ideas. And, don’t forget about the importance of being inspired by reading. Even if your child isn’t fond of writing, they should still be encouraged to read as much as possible.

You will find that fostering a child’s creativity and talents will pay off in the long run. You’ll be so proud when they become a success!

Simple Pleasures You Can Find in the Kitchen

Enjoying life is something that very few people do. Our lives are so busy and filled with all kinds of responsibilities and stress that we can sometimes forget what enjoying a hot home-cooked meal with friends and family feels like. The kitchen is a surprisingly underutilised part of most homes in the UK because of how cheap it is to buy ready-made meals, takeaway meals or even eat out at some budget locations. However, the kitchen is a place where many simple pleasures in life can be had, and this guide will teach you the basics.

Green and Orange Vegetables on Black Frying Pan

The joys of fresh coffee

What better way to start the day than a fresh brew of coffee? It doesn’t have to be instant coffee either. Why not invest a bit of money in proper coffee beans, a grinder and a machine with lots of features? It doesn’t take much to grind a few beans in the morning and pop them into your coffee maker, and you can go about your morning chores such as taking a shower or preparing breakfast while the coffee brews. Check out CoffeeGrinderHub.com if you want reviews on the best coffee grinders and machines that money can buy. It’s a surprisingly effective way to add a little happiness into your day and a good hot cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures.

baker, bakery, baking

Baking is fun and heartwarming

Baking a cake is easier and more fun than you might imagine. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some precise measurements of ingredients. Baking is a great pastime that will create tasty treats you can give to friends and family members, and you can even make it a group activity with you friends or even the children. Bake some simple cupcakes, get some toppings and icing and have the kids design their own cupcakes to eat or share with their friends at school. Check out BBCGoodFood.com if you want some delicious and easy recipes to get started. You’ll also want some simple measuring tools like some scales, spoons and some mixing bowls.

Beautifully served table for dinner

The humble dinner party

It’s probably been awhile since you last attending a dinner party. A home cooked meal, a tasty dessert to go with it, and some crisp wine to wash it all down followed by some post-dinner entertainment such as a board game or a film. Life doesn’t get any more simple than a humble dinner party surrounded by your friends and family. It’s a great way to connect with the neighbours, rekindle relationships, and catch up on the daily happenings of people you haven’t spoken to for some time. You don’t have to splash out just to get a good dinner party started either. Delish.com has a wealth of cheap dinner party recipes that will have you and your guests salivating—and they’re not hard to make either!


There are plenty of reasons to get involved with your food and take a more active role in the kitchen. You’ll find many simple pleasures that are heartwarming and will create wonderful memories with you and your friends and family.