Watching the ducks #Mysundayphoto

Over the last few weeks it has been miserable, cold and wet so has been hard to get out and walk the dog and like most females she doesn’t like going out in the rain incase her hair gets wet.  Sunday had been dry so we jumped in the car early afternoon and drove to Elmdon park so Carly could have a run around and burn off some steam.

She was transfixed by all the ducks and birds in the pond and wouldn’t move away and kept trying to jump in with them.




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Wife to Tom, First time Mummy to Little Boy Freddie and Auntie to 4 Boys & 1 Girl.

7 thoughts on “Watching the ducks #Mysundayphoto

  1. This feels like a lovely and relaxing photo

    Thank you for linking up

  2. What a sweet pup!

  3. He looks like he wants to jump in there

  4. Even with colder weather it’s lovely to be able to still connnect with nature

  5. Leanne Nash

    Lovely picture

  6. jen s morgan

    What a cute dog.

  7. Kim Styles

    so sweet – my dog would be just the same!!

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