Working From Home? What Nobody Tells You About Making It Work

So, you’ve decided to quit your job and work from home? Or maybe you’ve found yourself staying at home because you’re on maternity leave, or perhaps while you’re recovering from an injury? If there’s one thing that you know about working from home, even if you’ve got no experience of it, it’s that it’s never going to be like working in an office. Indeed, staying at home means that you can more easily manage a balanced work/life time. For a new mommy, for instance, this means that you get to be there for your child. For someone recovering from health issues, this means that you don’t have to face the exhaustion of commuting or the stressful office politics. But being your own boss is not all about freedom! It’s hard work too, and you need to be ready to tackle unexpected challenges to make it work.

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Passion isn’t enough

Contrary to what most office job specs say, motivation isn’t enough to make your home-based work work. When you’re your own boss, you need to think of the bigger picture and establish your business plan. Having an idea is a great start, but it’s not enough to launch a successful business – even a one-person business. You need to have a strategy to follow to target the right market and approach clients and potential investors. In other words, if you’re new to this part of the business world, you have to start with researching the market to define whether your idea is viable and whether there’s an audience for it. For instance, if you want to offer handmade wedding cards, get in touch with wedding planners and venues to discuss the requirements of their clients and find out who your competitors are.

What’s your work uniform?

Workwear might seem like the kind of things you’ve left at the office, but in reality, the clothes you wear affect your mood. It’s fair to say that if you choose to wear pyjamas all day, you might find it hard to be productive. Indeed, if you’re dressed for bed, you can’t expect your brain to assume that it needs to be focused and alert. Admittedly, it doesn’t mean that you should wear your best blazer and skirt to work from home, but you can pick active and engaging combination from Chesca Direct to put yourself in the right mood. Admittedly, what you do will impact on your choice of clothes. A creative business-owner is more likely to work in craft clothes, while a desk worker will choose the comfort of trousers and a shirt.

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Home office = work mindset

Last, but not least, your home office setting matters. You can’t work on the corner of the kitchen table. You need a space that is dedicated to your business. Find a quiet spot in your home to establish your workplace. You’ll also need to keep your documents and clutter under control, using folders, drawers, and storage facilities. A messy desk means a messy mind!

In other words, when you decide to work from home, you need to approach everything you do with a business-like mind. From the moment you launch your freelancing idea to your workplace setup, it’s only by bringing professionalism to your home-based enterprise that you can make it work!

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