The Wedding Checklist Not To Leave To The Last Minute

Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married will be one of the best days of your life so far. However, the hard work begins now, and you’ll need to get your notepad and pen ready to begin the planning process. You’ll inevitably have some last minute things to check and tick off your list i the weeks running up to your big day; however, you’ll need to make sure that certain, key areas of your wedding are planned and set n stone from the get-go. Organising as much as possible will help to alleviate any stresses and jitters on the run up to getting hitched; so check out the following things and start jotting down your notes.

The Guests: Who And How Many

The sooner you and your spouse-to-be sort out your guest list, the better. Knowing exactly how many people will be turning up to help to celebrate your big day will determine the venue you book, and all the added costs of food, drinks, and any entertainment. Therefore, consider your budget first and give yourself a set number that you’re happy to invite. It can be difficult choosing who to leave off of your guest list, but try to remember that you’re not out to offend anybody; weddings are expensive, and people will understand your reasons, so be brave when you’re planning who to send an invitation to. If you’re struggling to narrow your list down (and need to), then take a look here: for some help and advice, and to avoid any arguments with your future Mr or Mrs.

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The Location: Where And For How Long

So, you’ve managed to sort out your guests (well done); now to organise exactly where and when you’re going to say “I do.” The location of your big day should reflect who you are as a couple and be somewhere that you know will help you to make some of the best memories ever. As in the UK, there will be plenty of locations, like Château Bouffémont, that cater for wedding packages and make it as straightforward as possible to organise your stay. If you’re planning to get hitched abroad, then it’s crucial that you book as soon as possible so that your guest will have the time to organise their trip after they receive their invite.

If you are planning to book a venue for more than just the day, because you’ll need accommodation for attendees and yourself, ensuring that it’s booked well in advance will prevent any last minute hiccups and changes. Popular venues book up pretty quickly, especially throughout the summer season, so do not leave this part of your wedding to the last minute, or you could end up somewhere that you would never normally have picked.

The location of your big day will also affect the potential weather woes, so take the environment into consideration, so that you can plan clothing, decor, and food accordingly. If you want a festival style wedding, for example, you’ll want to ensure that you and your bridesmaids aren’t wearing stilettos all day, so bear the terrain in mind.

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