The Untold Side Of Moving House No One Wants To Talk About

Moving house can seem so exciting. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the joy of thinking how you’ll decorate the new place. Who you will have over, and all the fun memories that you can make. But nobody wants to think about the practical side of moving house. However, it’s better to be prepared, than go into it blind. So to be in top form when you move, read on for some tips.


OK, so the first issue with moving is that you have to clean an entire house. Twice. That’s right you have to clean the one you are moving out of. Let’s face it is going to be a little gross when you move the furniture and empty the cupboards.

Then you will want to clean the home that you are moving into. If you haven’t got far to move it best to try and do this before moving day or it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Also, if you prefer to use environmentally safe cleaning products, it can help to go over the new home with these. Then you are getting rid of some of the residues of all those nasty chemicals that have been used before.


Moving home is expensive. There is no getting around that, not only do you have to find the money for any new items to fit especially in your new home. You will also need to pay legal and real estate fees as well.

Add boxes for packaging, and all the stuff you need to replace from the old house, and it isn’t so cheap.

A good way of managing a moving budget it to set an amount for each stage of the move, and not go over that if at all possible. Yes, it can be tempting to want everything to be perfect straight away, but it’s much more practical to try and get things done bit by bit.

Prioritize the essentials like removalists, who will take on the back-breaking jobs. Leaving you free to concentrate on all the others things that need doing.



Ah packing the bane of the homeowner’s life. There are two types of packers in this world. The first is the ‘let do it quick’ type. They shove anything and everything into boxes and get in done in a day.

However, when they come to unpack in their new home, it can take significantly longer to get everything sorted out. This is because they are constantly walking from room to room, deciding where every item needs to live.

Then there are the ‘military operation packers.’ The guys are organized. The know what is in each box, and where it needs to go in the new house.

They rely on sticky labels and charts to be able to know the location of any item when they need it. It takes a good while for them to complete the packing process. But when it comes to the new house it’s run seamlessly.

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