Impress, Don’t Intimidate: First Date Suggestions

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Going on a first date can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. While you are excited to get to know someone and see if sparks fly, for most people, doubts start to enter their mind. They worry about the conversation, whether there will be awkward silences, and if they will like one and other. This is only natural, which is why it is a good idea to plan your first date carefully. After all, it is likely that the other person is feeling the same way. The key is to choose somewhere that will impress your date without intimidating them or making them feel awkward. Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Go for a few drinks at a country pub – The question of whether to go for a meal on your first date or not can be a difficult one. This is why a great country pub is ideal. You will be able to have a few drinks, and the option of dinner is always there if you are both having a great time. If you aren’t completely feeling it, you can stick to drinks and end the date after that. It gives you room to manoeuvre. Also, the relaxed and cosy setting of a country pub can work a lot better than a formal restaurant. You and your date will feel much more comfortable.
  2. Visit a tourist hot spot in your town that neither of you has been to before – Visiting a new tourist spot is a good first date option because it gives you something to talk about. You won’t need to think about conversations to have, as you will have something that is providing that for you. It is also good for those who don’t like to begin a first date with a sit-down conversation.
  3. Take a cooking class together – Taking a cooking class together is a great way to break the ice. Of course, if one of you considers yourself a Michelin star chef, it is best to forget about this date option, as the other person will feel intimidated. Nevertheless, if you both aren’t the best in the kitchen, taking a cooking class will be a great way to have a laugh together. Or, for another option, why not have a cocktail making lesson?
  4. Go for a picnic – You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy an amazing first date. Why not go for a picnic instead? This is the perfect outdoor date for the summer months. You can put together some snacks and take a bottle of Prosecco, or whatever your date likes to drink. It’s a great way to get to know one and other, and the sunshine and green surroundings will add to the romance of it all.

Play it relatively safe with one of the first date ideas mentioned above, yet be sure to impress your date at the same time! Remember, it is important to think about how they are going to be feeling. The last thing you want to do is put them off by picking a date that is out of their comfort zone.

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