I’m a Bridesmaid, Now What

I’m a Bridesmaid, Now What?

Congratulations! Not only is one of your closest friends or family members getting married, but she cares so much about you that she chose you to take part in her inner circle. It’s official – you’re a bridesmaid. So…now what?

Begin Handling the Logistics of Becoming a Bridesmaid

If you don’t already have it, your friend will soon give you a wedding date and location. Confirm that you’re available, and if anything goes wrong to prevent you from being there, let her know as soon as possible. It’s a lot harder to change plans close to the wedding date, so be courteous and keep her informed.

Contact other Attendants to Determine Roles

Usually, even small weddings have more than one bridesmaid – necessary for the picturesque line of women in pretty mint green bridesmaid dresses! Get in touch with your fellow bridal party members and find out if there are any engagement parties, bridal showers or bachelorette parties planned. It is customary to share some of the costs and responsibilities of these events, so get clear now on what others are expecting of you.

Get the Lowdown on the Dresses

Find out if you need to provide measurements for those mint green bridesmaid dresses, or if you are responsible for shopping on your own. Is there a colour, fabric or style that you need to buy, or will you choose from a variety of options? Ask for guidelines for shoes, accessories and hair and makeup. If necessary, make appointments for the latter services.

Offer to Help with Pre-Wedding Tasks

Some couples start early and complete all of their own detail work with time to spare. Others never realised that the “small” tasks like assembling invitations or personalizing gifts can take up so much time, and are surprised when everything snowballs. They desperately need help and a thoughtful attendant can really save the day.

The Countdown

Make sure you have everything ready in time for the wedding and try it all on with enough time to make adjustments, but not so far in advance that you fail to detect any personal changes (i.e., you lost 10 pounds and need another round of alterations).

Help host the bridal shower and bachelorette parties, attend them and don’t forget to bring a gift.

Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Get some sleep before the big day!

The Wedding Day

Arrive on time with everything necessary for the day in hand. Either get your hair and makeup done before you arrive or pay close attention to the schedule and be where you are needed at your appointed time. Help the bride get into her gown and make sure she stays cool, calm, and comfortable until the big moment arrives.

You’ll likely be asked to participate in pre-ceremony photos. Afterwards, help the bride refresh her makeup and make her final preparations, and make sure you are completely ready for the main event. Walk in the professional as you rehearsed, and stand with the bridal party during the ceremony. If applicable, participate in post-ceremony photos and in bridal party introductions. Dance at the reception! One role of wedding attendants is to act as social liaisons – help guests feel comfortable by being friendly and enjoying the festivities yourself. Offer a hand to the couple throughout the night if needed. Make sure you act responsibly and safely, and if needed, take advantage of safe transportation home.

A bridesmaid does more than just stand up and look pretty. Start working on your responsibilities early, and you will earn your place among the best bridesmaids ever!

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