Holiday Ideas: A Trip Into The Unknown

Different people look for different things from a holiday. Most of us are keen to just get a change of scenery, as the every day can become suffering without the occasional change. For some people, this means picking the same spot that you always go to – that good old resort that never lets you down.

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After awhile, though, don’t you worry that going to the same place becomes its own kind of routine? Isn’t part of the joy of holidaymaking the fact that everything is a bit new and different? Would it not, therefore, be a good idea to bring a little mystery into your holidays…?

There is more than one kind of mystery. There is the kind involving going to places you have never been, seeing things you’ve never seen. Then, there is the most classic form of mystery. The kind that gets armchair detectives hunching over the screen. Next time you book a trip, why not get a sense of that in person by visiting a place that hosts an unsolved mystery?

A Mystery Daytrip: Whitechapel, London

Okay, so London itself is not new or unusual in terms of destinations (or though, stats suggest 1 in 10 UK residents have never visited!). London has plenty to offer in general, but if you like a frisson of mystery then paying a visit to Whitechapel is the best bet.

With Whitechapel, you can take a Jack The Ripper tour and dive deep into a mystery that even a century of detective work has not been able to solve. The brutal murder of five women in 1888 brought Victorian London to its paranoid knees and theories abound as to the identity of the suspect to this day. Maybe you can crack the case by walking in the footsteps of the victims – and the killer himself.

Stay A Little Longer: Loch Ness, Scotland

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While London is lovely, it may be hard to persuade anyone to spend several nights in Whitechapel. A longer break by the banks of Loch Ness, however, is a much easier sell. The Scottish highlands are beautiful – rolling hills and lush verdant scenery awaits.

Into that landscape, insert one of the UK’s greatest mysteries: the Loch Ness monster. Suggested to dwell in the depths of the predominantly freshwater lake, “Nessie” has been a source of fascination for years.

An International Mystery: Easter Island, Chile

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When it comes to large-scale, ancient constructions, our minds turn easily to Egypt and its pyramids. That’s all well and good, but it means we miss out on an altogether odder question: just what are those standing stone statues on Easter Island all about, and how did they get in place?

The Moai – as they are known locally – are estimated to weigh up to 14 tonnes on average, with some weighing upwards of 80. We don’t know how the stones were carved, moved into place, or why they were brought into existence. It’s an endless source of fascination – but capture it while you can. Environmental factors may mean they are not standing for much longer, so visit this unique island while you have the chance.

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