Hidden Winter Dangers for the Little People in Your Life

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There’s no doubt the weather has taken a turn for the worse of late. And as the cold winds, rain, and snow start to come in over the winter, it’s important to remember precisely how dangerous it can be for your kids at this time of year. Some dangers are obvious, of course – you wouldn’t send your children out in the frosty weather wearing little more than a vest. But there are other problems that you might not even consider. With this in mind, I’ve pulled together some of the hidden dangers for your children – let’s get started right away.


Most parents understand the importance of hydrating their kids during summer. But many well-meaning mums and dads forget about water in the winter. The trouble is, your child is just as likely to suffer from dehydration in the cold months as they are in the warmer times of the year. And you also have to bear in mind that when it’s cold, the body’s thirst response reduces by almost half – meaning your little one could be dehydrated and not even feel it. Make sure you are keeping them topped up with plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Big coats and car seats

According to recent research, putting your child in a car seat with a bulky coat on is incredibly dangerous. Studies have shown that the puffiness of the coat can make the straps loosen, meaning they aren’t as safe and tightly held as they should be. So, make sure you stock up on some warm blankets to keep in the car for when it’s really cold. Strap them in first, and make sure the little ones are warm, covered up and tucked in.


Pretty much every mum out there will ensure their child is wearing a nice, warm coat. But don’t forget about their extremities. Footmuffs to keep legs and feet warm are an ideal solution for babies that aren’t walking around yet. Don’t forget, because babies can’t move around a lot, they won’t be able to generate much internal heat. For older children, it’s vital to make sure their toes, ears, and fingers are well covered up. Wool is almost always a better solution than synthetic materials, as it allows your child’s skin to breathe.


Believe it or not, the sun can still be very dangerous during winter – especially when it snows. If the sun comes out on a day after a snowstorm, it will reflect upward from the ground – which maximises exposure to UV rays. Make sure that your kids are wearing sunscreen if they are going outside for any length of time.

Road safety

When the short days arrive, the roads become incredibly hazardous. Tie in the dark and gloomy afternoons with icy and slippery streets, and you can see how easy it might be for drivers of cars to make a big mistake. So, first of all, make sure your kids can be seen. If they have dark coloured coats, get some reflective strips put on them. If your little ones are walking, ensure their shoes or boots have plenty of grip, too – a small slip and tumble onto the road could end with a serious incident.

Do you have any winter safety tips for your kids? Share your knowledge in the comments section below!

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