Child-Friendly Dogs to Suit Your Family’s Needs

Dogs generally make a great addition to any home. They are faithful, loving companions that become part of the family! However, when choosing a dog, you need to be sensible and opt for a breed that will suit your family’s wants and needs. Certain breeds tend to have certain traits, so do your research and make sure that your pooch is particularly child-friendly if you have little ones in your home or visiting regularly. Remember, children should always be supervised around dogs. A dog cannot double as a babysitter and you should also teach little ones how to pet and handle a pooch properly. Here are a few family-friendly hounds that you might like to consider. If possible, remember to adopt rather than shop! There are plenty of friendly and loving pups out there waiting for a home.

Your Family’s Suitability

Before looking at which dog is suitable for your family, let’s first consider whether your family is suitable for a dog. Remember that a pooch is a life companion. You need to ensure that you can cater to their needs first. This is more than some food, water and a bed. There are endless other bits and bobs that you’ll have to invest in: harnesses, seat belts for the car, dog breath mints, treats and regular vets check-ups. Not to mention the time you need to invest. All dogs, whether dependent or independent need love, affection and a long walk every day. If this all sounds fine, then read on!

Bichon Frise

Top of the family-friendly breeds list is the beautiful Bichon Frise. Their fluffy little faces will bring joy to the lives of any child in contact with them. What child wouldn’t love one? They look like little clouds or white teddy bears. Forming part of the toy dog category, they are relatively small, but still relatively stocky and strong on their feet, so are less likely to be injured if a child plays a little too roughly with them. They have a loving and affectionate nature and are real lap dogs. They just want to play and be fussed! The bonus? They’re hypoallergenic and don’t shed any fur, so are suitable even for families with allergies.


The Labrador Retriever is a firm family favorite. It’s not surprising. They are one of the most versatile and adaptable breeds of dog and will suit almost any owner. They are easy going, intelligent and patient. This is essential when there are enthusiastic little ones around. However, they are by no means dull. They are comical, with distinct personalities and have a real sense of adventure about them.

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Golden Retriever

Many people often confuse the Labrador and Golden Retriever. While they are distinct breeds with differing personalities and mannerisms, they both make a perfect family pooch. The Golden Retriever is neither timid nor aggressive. This middle ground is perfect, as your children will not scare your dog and vice versa. They are generally extremely patient, understanding and affectionate.

Rough Collie

There are a few varieties of Collie, but let’s focus on the classic “Lassie” dog, the Border Collie. This breed is easily trained and highly intelligent, making them the perfect companion for little ones. They will truly become a kids’ best friend, just like in the movie! They rarely misbehave and make a particularly good pet for families who may not be all too familiar with dogs.

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