Better Health Is About Valuing Yourself

For all the health blogs and magazines and all the commercial enterprises dedicated to helping us get healthy, we don’t take our health seriously. We treat it as a lifestyle issue, not a quality of life issue. We don’t frame it with the serious regard and the level of dedication it needs. Why is that? What can we do about it? That’s what we’ll explore now.

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Face yourself

The first step to taking the right attitude towards your health is to take a look at it without artifice or without denial. Many people who worry about their health do it with a kind of casual attitude of false acceptance. The truth is that the reason many of us don’t look at it seriously is because we don’t give ourselves the self-worth and self-respect we deserve. There are exercises to help you do that, however. For instance, look yourself in the mirror and seriously confront yourself about any illnesses, pains, or lifestyle choices you’re worried about. Say them out loud and commit to facing them by writing the steps you want to take on paper.

Realise you’re worth investing in

It might be time, it might be money, it might be effort. We make all kinds of excuses to stop ourselves from investing in the kind of better care we need. We do deserve the cost of private medical insurance and a gym card. We do deserve the sacrifice of less time on the internet or in front of TV. We do deserve the pain of a workout. No-one else is going to invest in your health, so you have to be conscious of the need that you need to do it.

Don’t think of it as a ‘diet’

This might be one of the sins of the ‘health & wellness’ industry of the free market. We treat better health as something on the end of a product and we’re sold it that way. We’re told the one exercise that can help us get a better body or the supplement that can give us more energy. We see solutions, not tools to a greater change. It causes us to yo-yo on diets and to only aim for temporary results from exercises. Instead, look at them as building blocks and permanent changes. With that in mind, many people take smaller steps to living a better lifestyle which tends to end up much more sustainable.

Embrace the full spectrum of a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy also means embracing tools that perhaps we don’t see as fitting the lifestyle that we need. If you say that yoga isn’t for you or that you don’t need a full life’s sleep, you keep denying yourself the importance of your own health. This is most commonly see in the world of mental health. Mental concerns are seen as a risk of being stigmatized and a barrier to life, so they’re tucked under the carpet at danger to ourselves.

The path to better health is as much mental as it is about finding the right physical changes we need to make in life. It’s about realising that we’re making changes, that we’re valuing ourselves, and that we deserve the life that we want.

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