Beat The Winter Blues: Take A New Year Holiday To Keep The Fun Alive

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How many times a year do you get to go on holiday? For most of us, it’s either once or twice. And if it’s only once, then the usual time to take that vacation will be in the summer. We’ll fly off somewhere sunny, come home with a tan, and then get on with the rest of the year. But what if we didn’t? What if we decided that winter was the best time to go away?

Now, for most people, it’s fair to say that this time of year is the last time they’d want to spend any money. Just off the back of Christmas, with credit card bills about to land on the mat? No, thank you! But there’s no reason you’d be spending any more on this holiday than you would in the summer. And in the summer it’s much easier to take day trips to break up the monotony. Why not kick the January blues into touch with a post-Christmas trip?

Flying South – A Touch Of Sun Therapy

After months of dark evenings, torrential rains and even a bit of snow, you may be feeling like you’re just ready to see the sun again. The good news is that not everywhere is cold and rainy this time of year. A lot of people fly somewhere exotic like Jamaica or Fiji – but it can be as much fun to escape to the Mediterranean coast. The temperatures won’t be in the twenties, but they will be at least in the double figures. Which Britain won’t see until about March.

Flying North – Keep The Christmas Magic Alive

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Everyone knows about Blue Monday by now – and not the classic New Order single. The day of the year which is the worst, statistically, for people’s mood? Yes, it has been scientifically debunked. There is no formula to find the worst day of the year. However, we all feel a certain amount of crash after we’ve been off work, eating Christmas food and enjoying ourselves. Then we have to go back to normal.

So why not keep the magic of that period alive a bit longer? By booking a New Year holiday in Lapland for a few weeks after Christmas, there’s still something to look forward to. In Lapland, the spirit of Christmas never dies. So there is something to tell the kids about, to remind them that just because the tree’s come down that doesn’t mean the fun has to go away.

By taking a holiday early in the year as opposed to halfway through it, you more or less start your year for real in February. By that time the days are starting to get longer, Spring and Easter are just around the corner and you’re rested and happy from a great holiday.

So what do you do when you get to summer, and everyone else is going away? Well, there’ll still be time to go on day trips and even a mini break or two. But would you rather battle through the summer crowds on holiday? It’s surely better to take a quiet break somewhere glorious.

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