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Why A Sociable Dog Is A Happy and Healthy Dog

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Dogs are pack animals, so they need to be around other dogs and humans regularly to feel happy. Not only is it great for keeping them cheerful, but it’s essential to their health. Their immune systems get a little boost, they are far less likely to suffer from anxiety, and they get better quality exercise when they can run and play with other pups, making obesity far less of a concern. Socialisation should start at a young age to get the best effects – that’s why pups shouldn’t be taken away from their mamas before at least eight weeks. Here are a few things to bear in mind when socialising your pup.

Keep their health in mind

You should start socialising your dog while they’re still young, but there are risks associated with this. For example, they might not have finished their full course of vaccinations, so they could be at risk of parvovirus when they come into contact with other dogs. Ensure you’re only introducing them to dogs you’re acquainted with, and whose owners your trust. Keep them off grass and mud as this can also transfer their disease. Obviously, whenever your dog comes into contact with other dogs, they’re at risk of catching fleas. There are plenty of pest deterrents on the market, so be sure to check out some flea and tick reviews to find one which will work for your pup. Keeping them protected from bugs and pests is essential, especially while they’re still young – they can cause great discomfort and irritation, and even pass on illnesses, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Keep an eye on them

As dogs are being socialised, they’re being put in situations which might be a little bit outside of their comfort zone. For this reason, they could act erratically as they get scared or uncomfortable, in which case it could be necessary for you to intervene for the safety of your dog and the other dogs or people around. Your dog should never be left unsupervised in new situations with new people or other animals, especially while they’re young.

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Keep it diverse

From between the ages of three weeks and 12 weeks old, your dog gets most of its life lessons. For this reason, it’s crucial that they experience as many new things as they can in this time, as anything omitted could cause them serious anxiety after this age. Be sure to introduce them to people of all nationalities, races, ages and cultures – this is a surefire way to ensure they act appropriately around all people. Different locations and situations also matter – from busy roads to woodlands, cow fields to beaches.

Even once your pup gets older, their socialisation needs to be maintained. A dog which is well socialised up to 12 weeks old, which then becomes isolated, can go back to being a fearful and anxious dog. These dogs can be erratic, and a fearful dog tends to be an aggressive and unhappy dog. Keeping them socialised is the key to their happiness, and one of the main responsibilities of a dog owner.

The Clock Is Ticking. Do You Have Time For A Dog?

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Who doesn’t want furry friends in their life? Owning a pet can be rewarding. Your home will be a better place with a pup around. That wagging tail will brush aside the worries of your day. Even so, it’s important not to rush into a decision. A pet isn’t there to make you feel better. They also need love and affection. You need to be sure you can give them what they need before you commit. One of the most important things to consider is whether you have the time. There’s a reason many rehoming charities don’t let full-time workers adopt. Dogs take up a lot of time, and if you’re working full-time, it’s unlikely you can give them what they need. If you think you have the time but want to be sure, you’ve come to the right place. These points should make up your mind.


Start by considering how often your house is empty. If you work full-time, are there other people who can spend time with your dog during the day? So long as there’s someone in the house, your four-legged friend will be happy. Remember that dogs are pack animals. They’re not accustomed to being alone, and it leaves them vulnerable and afraid. When you bring a dog into your home, you become its pack leader. Without you, it won’t know what to do. If you work 9-5, five days a week, imagine how afraid your dog will be for the majority of the time. It’s not fair! More than that, it could lead to destructive or aggressive behaviour. Separation anxiety may cause dogs to scratch on doors and destroy furniture. They can also spend extended periods of time howling, which won’t go down well with your neighbours. Not to mention that your dog is more likely to be hostile towards you when you are around. Extended periods of time apart can break your bond!


You may not realise how much a dog needs. As well as needing you around for company and love, their other needs must be met as well! Most importantly, dogs need regular walks. The amount of time your dog needs walking varies depending on the breed you choose. Large dogs can need 2-3 hours of walks a day, spaced throughout the day to burn off energy. Smaller dogs are easier to handle, but even they need at least half an hour walks. Think about whether this is something you could achieve. Even if you have the time, are you going to want to go out for a walk when you get home from work? It may seem like a doable feat on summer evenings when the sun is still shining, and the weather is great. But, what about those dark winter nights, when the rain is hammering down? Be honest about whether you would still be happy to go out. The good news is, there are companies like Friends for Pets dog walking who can walk your dog if you don’t think you have the time. Remember, though, that this is an extra cost on top of an already expensive pet!


Of course, there’s more than the technicalities to consider. Your dog needs your love. You can give them all the food, and toys in the world, but it won’t be enough. Your dog needs to spend time in your company. They need plenty of attention. That doesn’t mean having them in the same room, either. You’ll need to get down and play with them, too. You may think you have enough love to give, but again, it’s time that’s the issue. Do you have time to give your dog the attention they need? There’s no easy fix for this. If you’re unsure, a dog may not be the right choice for you.

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When you first get your dog, you’re going to have to put a lot of time into ensuring they become the dog you need. One aspect of that is the training you’ll need to undertake. This is essential, so if you don’t think you have time, a dog should be off the cards. You’ll need to take your dog for training classes, which are just as important for you as they are for your dog. That means you can’t trust the responsibility to someone else. Whoever goes to those classes is who your dog will see as alpha. It has to be you!

Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Health

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We usually see January as a bit of a fresh start as the slate’s wiped clean from last year, and it gives us a chance to examine our lives. However, while you’re deciding whether you need to eat healthier, get more exercise or prioritize your home life over your workload don’t forget your pets. Improving your dog’s life should be just as important as focusing on your own goals, as a happy, healthy dog and a happy, healthy human can often benefit from the same things.

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Reassess The Daily Walk Schedule

Daily walks should be a key element of every dog’s life no matter how big or small they are. Regular walks stimulate them mentally and physically, keeps them fit and active and also lets your dog breathe plenty of fresh air after being in the house all day. Depending on the breed you’ll be walking your dog at least once a day if not more, so it’s important that both you and they stick to a workable schedule. Dogs are very intelligent creatures and a routine helps them feel secure, happier and safer as they’ll know what to expect such as when it’s time for them to be fed, walked, played with, bathed and even popped into their basket at bedtime.

Try A Memory Foam Pet Lounger

Older dogs can suffer terribly with arthritis and other bone problems, so it’s important your pet is lying properly when sleeping. Memory foam pet loungers are upholstered in a durable, stain resistant fabric and even contain nano-technology to reduce odors as well as being easily cleaned thanks to machine washable covers. A cooling memory foam core helps to keep your dog from overheating at the same time as being a comfy, cozy and soft place for your dog to relax. These orthopaedic dog beds encourage your pet to stretch out into a healthier sleeping position instead of curling up, squashing their legs and affecting their spines.

Check Your Dog’s Diet Is Complete

It’s critical that your pet is getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need and their diet has a huge role in the overall health of your dog. Look for dog food brands that put a dog’s health at the forefront of their values, feed treats only occasionally and make sure that your dog has dental sticks to chew on. Dogs should not be overweight as it can put a strain on their joints and heart as well as affect their ability to run, play and even breathe properly. If you’re at all concerned about your dog’s weight, then do book an appointment with your vet.

Plan Mentally Stimulating Activities

Dogs need to be regularly stimulated otherwise they get bored quickly which, in turn, leads to bad behavior such as a chewing furniture, whining or being aggressive. Plan a range of activities, have a good collection of dog toys and games and make sure your dog is treated like a proper family member. Dogs love nothing more than catching tennis balls, retrieving sticks and running around outside so make sure you have plenty of time where they can be off the leash safely.

Signs To Keep An Eye Out For On Your Senior Dog

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Just like humans, as dog’s age, they become more prone to illnesses and certain conditions. Genetics, nutrition, and environmental factors all play a role in how fast your dog ages. So it’s not ‘one size fits all’ care when it comes to senior dogs. Here are a few signs and symptoms to watch out for with your older dog, to keep their tail wagging right through the winter of their life.


Arthritis in older dogs is common, however, it can still be a difficult condition to manage. Inflammation and degeneration of the joints can make walking and standing painful, and cause dogs to slow down. They might start to struggle with things like jumping up or climbing the stairs. Because animals are programed to hide their outward pain, the signs may be difficult to recognize especially at first. Keep an eye out for weight gain (as a result of reduced mobility) sleeping more or changes in the way they move such as jumping up to greet you. Thankfully supplements are effective in managing arthritis in older dogs and can keep pain down and improve their mobility. Cod liver oil is safe to give to dogs, or you could try something like a daily yunnan baiyao capsule. This can slow the onset of the disease and provide relief from painful swollen joints.

Dental Disease

No dog’s breath is going to smell like roses; that’s a given. But there’s a difference between regular doggy breath and something indicating that there’s a problem. Plaque and tartar can build up over a dog’s life, but it’s also due to their weaker immune systems why older dogs suffer more with this. Keep an eye on the way your dog eats, make sure they’re not refusing food or favoring one side of their mouth. Tooth issues can present pain in animals just like it can with us so carefully monitor your senior dog to make sure they’re not in any unnecessary pain. You can keep your dog’s teeth healthy by regular brushing- even once a week can make a dramatic difference. Dog’s don’t tend to like this much, starting them while they’re young is ideal but if not try to keep the experience as stress-free as possible. You could give them dental chews to enjoy, and also feed them dry instead of wet food. This is better for tooth health.


Are you killing your dog with kindness? As much as they might enjoy those table scraps, extra treats and everything else they can get their paws on, it’s important to moderate what your dog eats. Classic symptoms include excessive thirst and urination, and losing weight despite the fact they’re eating the same amount. Basically the same kind of symptoms you’d see in humans with type two diabetes. It’s dangerous since it can lead to blindness, liver disease, kidney disease and a whole host of other adverse side effects that could lead to an untimely death. Have your dog weighed to ensure they’re at their correct weight. If not, ask your vet for feeding advice. Treats should be fully moderated, and you should make sure they’re not able to scavenge in bins or snag treats from other family members. You can make your own healthy dog treats that are low in fat and provide lots of useful vitamins and minerals for your pooch. There are loads of recipes and ideas online.

Not Guilty! Don’t Blame Your Pets For These Home Problems


I’m sure you love your pets just as much as I love mine. But when things are going wrong, it’s easy to blame them for things that aren’t really their fault. We end up shouting at the poor confused animal when they often have no idea what they’ve done wrong. That’s bad enough, but sometimes they aren’t even to blame! Let me show you exactly what I mean.

Allergies Flaring Up

I constantly blame my pets for this, particularly when they seem to be causing allergies for my nieces and nephews. But you don’t have to blame your pets for allergies in the home. There are plenty of ways to avoid the problem completely. First, you should be hoovering and polishing at least once a week to make sure that dust and muck doesn’t build up. This will always make your allergies worse and guess what, the pets aren’t to blame. You might also want to consider purchasing some anti allergy pillows. These are really useful if you find your allergies are worse in the morning. It means you’re allergic to dust mites and has nothing to do with your furry friend. Although, if you do have a pet and you think you might be allergic you can get tablets. You don’t have to say goodbye and find him a new home.

Bad Behaviour

This is one of the ways that pets are quite similar to children. Particularly domestic pets like cats and dogs. If you think that your cat or dog is behaving badly, it isn’t their fault, it’s yours. There’s no such thing as bad pets, only bad owners. If you want them to behave better, you need to train them better. It’s as simple as that! The good news is that the old saying an old dog can’t learn new tricks isn’t true. They can and will. You just have to be willing to put the time in. It’s never too late to teach your pet to behave.

Toilet Training

If your animal is relieving himself inside, this could be another issue with training. However, you might be surprised to learn that as they get older animals will naturally want to do their business outside. If they complete their business inside it’s because they are desperate. You’ve left it too long, and you need to be taking them out more regularly. So next time your dog leaves a package on your bed, smack yourself on the nose with a newspaper instead.

Bugs And Beasties

If we see bugs and beasties in our home, it’s natural to think the animal brought them in. But the truth is that they probably didn’t. Instead, those little bugs are attracted to your home because you’re not keeping it clean enough. Or, because you’ve got an environmental problem like mold. Nine times out of ten it’s nothing to do with the pet. It’s about how well you’re maintaining the home.

I hope you see now that  these problems aren’t the fault of the pet at all. The only one you can blame is yourself. But there’s no time like the present to fix these issues and give your pet a hug instead of a scolding.


Pawsomebox September review

It can be hard to try and find different toys for our dog to play with that won’t get destroyed easily,  but she doesn’t destroy many which is good.


Her favourite toy at the moment is a reindeer from christmas that we got her from pet at home, but is safe to say has seen better day.  When pawsomebox got in contact and sent us a box of goodies for Carly she couldn’t wait to see what was inside and get her teeth into it.

IMG_7101In our september box we received the following items:


Carly’s favourite toy is the pink squeaky dog toy, she takes it everywhere with her, even brings it to bed.  She does the cutest thing too, after she has played with it and we’ve thrown it round, she will just lie there and lick it for ages as if to make it feel better for hurting it.


Carly loves the treats aswell.  We would definitely buy this subscription box again as each month you get lots of different toys and treats etc… and is great for your dog.

* We were sent this box free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

‘Bark bite’ Dog treats review

Enough about us for now it’s our dog Carly’s turn to have a bit of the spotlight.

She is one very spoilt dog!

When bark bites got in contact and offered us one of their tasty treat subscriptions box to review, Carly went barking mad.


Carly was very excited to receive her treats as you can see.  Bark bite treats are great because they fit straight through your letter box,so you don’t have to worry about been in the house. You can choose from over 48 different hand baked treat to suit your dog from here your dog will be spoilt for choice.

I didn’t know what treats we were going to receive either, but you can handpick your own too.  There are different treats for different aspects of the dog, eg. Coat & Skin, digestion etc and you can pick the treats that best suit your dogs needs.  This is what we received in our subscription box.


IMG_6972 IMG_6974



Well as you can see Carly was a big fan of the treats she was sent, and would have possibly polished them off all in one go if we had let her.





Look at the smile on her face, one happy puppy dog.


You have 2 options for delivery which is great:

1) A box of treats per week for as little as £5.49

2) Fortnightly for as little as £5.99 every 2 weeks

I think these prices are good, for what you get, and I will certainly buying more for Carly in the future.

* We were sent this box of treats for the purpose of a review, however all thoughts,pictures and opinions are my own.

Carly’s first year in her new home

For most of you that know me you know I absolutely love animals, and have owned quite an array of different types of animals over the years, and the latest being our dog Carly.


Carly is a 4 year old Bitch Rottweiler who we rehomed back in September 2015 from a friend of a friend who could no longer look after her due to unforseen circumstances.  We arranged to go and visit her one evening just to see what she was like etc…  When the evening came to go and visit me and my partner tom, and his mum came with us to talk to the owner and find out her temperament, behaviour, health etc…  Well it was love at first sight with her, she was perfect in every way house trained, used to be on her own while were at work and good with kids and other dogs.

After we made the decision to rehome her we picked her up a couple of days later on the friday so we could spend the weekend with her and get her settled in to her new home and surroundings.

When we first brought her home

She brings us so much happiness and laughter with all the funny things she does.

A lot of people think that Rottweiler are one of the dangerous dogs, which isn’t true because no dog is born dangerous it is how it is brought up and what it is taught,  it is fair to say that Carly hasn’t got a nasty bone in her body.  She great round the kids a good guard dog and just a great companion a very loyal and loving dog.

My nephew and Carly

She loves playing in the park and running around burning energy off, she’s been out in all weather, rain, snow, sun and wind and loves it.

Carly and her friend Archie
Carly with her friends Kai and Tilly

We spoil her like we would kids with toys and treats etc. she has got quite a strong jaw we have to be sure to get her strong toys that she can’t destroy easily and we found the perfect ones in Pets at home, but they were in the sale so bargain.

IMG_4583 IMG_4732

When you come in from work and have had a bad day or feeling a little under the weather Carly will always without fail make you smile, running up to you when you get home and bringing you a toy to play with.

Christmas time we had only had her a few months so treated her to an advent calendar and some new toys and maybe decorated her with tinsel while putting the tree up.

IMG_4600 IMG_4649

Nearly 12 months on she is amazing, settled in great and an absolute joy to have around the house.


Have you rehomed animals? Would love to hear your story.