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Meal Planning Monday 27/11/2017

The start of December is nearly here and the count down to Christmas day is fast approaching.  Last week we stuck to our meal plan pretty well considering we have all been struggling with colds and coughs.  The nice thing now is the husband broke up from work on Wednesday last week till December so we can spend some quality family time together before the mad christmas rush.

This weeks meal plan consists of:

Creamy Cheese Chicken with Mash potato and vegetables

Spaghetti Bolognese & Garlic Bread

Hot Dogs, Chips and onions

Tuna Pasta Bake

Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Tagliatelle with cheese sauce

Pan Fried Pork

Roast Lamb Dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your meal plan this week?

Meal Planning Monday 20/11/2017

We are fast approaching the end of November already. I don’t know where the weeks are going, before we know it will be Christmas.  Another week of food to think about as well.

Potato Casserole, Potatoes, Cheese, Gratin, Eat

Homemade pitta Pizza with Wedges

Creamy Butter Chicken & Rice

Pan Fried Pork

Lasanga with Garlic Bread

Quiche, chips & Salad

Tuna Pasta Bake

Beef Stew with Dumplings

What meals have you got planned?


Meal Planning Monday 13/11/2017

The nights are getting shorter not to mention colder so hearty winter food is required.

It is getting harder to think of meals to cook which don’t take much time especially with a baby.

Abstract, Beef, Britain, British, Brown, Carrots

My meals for this week are:

Homemade Toad in the hole with Onion Gravy

Beef & Red Wine Casserole with creamy Mash Potato

Cottage Pie, vegetables & Gravy

Creamy Cheese Chicken with bacon & thick cut chips

Homemade Chicken & Mushroom pie with Potato Wedges

Cheese & Bacon Puff pastry with Beans & Curly Fries

Roast Dinner with all the trimmings


Meal Planning Monday | 06/11/2017

Well what a week! After finally tying the knot last week, we’ve been settling into life as husband and wife.  The husband had to return to work on Wednesday after two and half weeks off which is why I didn’t do a meal plan.

Salmon, Dish, Food, Meal, Fish, Seafood, Plate

Our meal plan for this week is as follows

Roast beef Dinner with all the trimmings

Pan fried Pork with homemade wedges and apple sauce

Lasanga with garlic bread

Chicken, bacon & Spinach served on tagliatelle pasta with cheese sauce

Homemade Meatballs in tomato sauce with spagetti

Steak with fried onions, tomatoes, thick cut chips & Peppercorn sauce

Cheese & Bacon Quiche with Jacket Potatoes & Salad

Do you Plan your meals for the week ahead?


Me & Mine | October 2017

This month has been a crazy whirlwind one, starting off with me turning the big 30, more birthdays and our Wedding Day which we had been planning for the last 24 months.

Our special day finally arrived and what an incrediable day it was.  It was just perfect in every single way, surrounded by all our amazing family & friends.

Meal Planning Monday 23/10/2017

Last week was a different sort of week as the Fiance had booked us 4 days away in a log cabin in the heart of the Stoke country side in a place called Cheadle for my 30th so couldn’t plan meals untill we got there.

This week is going to be another very busy and it’s the week of OUR WEDDING so will have to be quick and easy meals.  Friday I will be at my mums, Saturday will be our wedding menu food and Sunday is my nephews birthday so will be party style tea.

Food, Salad, Spicy, Pan, Hot, Cooking, Meal, Pepper

This weeks meal plan consists of:

Chicken En Croute/Chicken Bake with Curly Fries

Burrito’s & Chips

Quiche, Rice, & Salad


Mum’s cooking

Wedding Breakfast Food

Party style Food

What is your meal plan this week?





What on your meal plan for this week?


Meal Planning Monday 9/10/2017

These weeks are flying by and it’s getting harder to try and make different things each week that we aren’t repeating from the week before. But with a little help from the wonderful world of pinterest I am managing to discover new ideas and meals that are easy to make.

Food, Salad, Spicy, Pan, Hot, Cooking, Meal, Pepper

This weeks meal plan consists of:

Chicken Pie, creamy mash with Vegetables and gravy

Chicken Tikka stir fry with rice

Lasanga and garlic bread

Steak, chips, peas, mushrooms,Tomato’s onion rings & peppercorn sauce

Chicken Tikka stir fry with rice

Tuna Pasta Bake

Sausages Casserole.

What on your meal plan for this week?


Injections, Doctor Foster & Hitting The Big 30 #LittleLoves

This week has just flown by in a blur, Monday I spent at my parents tying up lose ends for the wedding, Tuesday we went to Gymboree at Notcutts Garden Centre and confirmed final details for our wedding cake, Wednesday we had Freddie’s 2nd lot of Injections, Thursday was my 30th Birthday and Friday was spent getting organised for my birthday gathering on Saturday.


Still nothing sadly.  I have a book one of my best friends gave me for a baby shower gift which I am still yet to open the front cover.  She has it too and said it is brilliant.


We have started watching Doctor Foster, we were both a bit unsure whether to start watching it but now we just can’t stop now.  We watch atleast one or two episodes each night.  We have almost finished the series now.


Nothing but the other week I made some cakes, A Chocolate orange cake and Rolo cupcakes.  They were pretty good for a first attempt.


Starting to have to dig out my winter wardrobe clothes as the weather is on a very slow decline, with it becoming very windy and cold.  Think my Uggs are going to have to come out soon too.


The very upsetting news of yet another mass shooting in Las Vegas. My thoughts go out to all the families that may of lost a special someone in this devasting circumstances.

And Lastly

Its now 3 weeks till our BIG day and i’m getting very slightly nervous now about the whole thing but also very excited and can’t wait to become MRS COOPER!


Meal Planning Monday 2/10/2017

This week is going to be a whirlwind as we fast approach my 30th Birthday on Thursday and then having a little gathering on the weekend.  I will try my best to keep to schedule but will let you know next week if it happens.

Beef, Cheese, Cuisine, Delicious, Dinner, Food, Fresh

This weeks meal plan is:

Homemade Meatballs with spagetti

Paprika Chicken, salad & beef rice

Lasanga with Garlic Bread

Party food style buffet

Pan fried pork with home made potatoe wedges

Tuna Pasta Bake

Lamb Roast Dinner

What’s on your meal plan this week?


Bathtime #My Sunday Photo

Our little Monkey Freddie hates baths but doesn’t mind showers so much, we try and shower him at least a couple times a week.  He is getting better slowly and not screaming the house down every time.

My favourite part is when I get to wrap him up in his cute animal Towels.

Today he will be my little elephant.