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Top tips for saving money when you have a new baby

You can never be prepared financially for a baby but there are steps you can follow to help you save some money.

Money saving tips ready for your baby

There seem to be millions of things you feel you need to buy ready for your baby, but are they really essential and could you possibly get them cheaper elsewhere?

With a few small steps, you could make some big savings.

Average costs of a new baby

The first step to saving money is to know what the average person spends on their baby, this may vary but this way you can get an idea and plan ahead. Breaking this down this is what you’re approx spends maybe:

  • Clothes- up to £4000
  • Pushchair- up to £400
  • Car seat- up to £300
  • Furniture- up to £1,500
  • Cot and bedding- up to £300
  • Food- up to £6,000
  • Nappies- up to £1,200
  • Childcare- up to £30,000

Have a budget and make a plan

A great way to stop overspending and buying things you don’t actually need is to create a plan and make a list. Monitor your spending habits and see if you are able to cut down on items which you don’t particularly need and save yourself some money.  I would also look out for offers in the shops or online.

Know what you need to buy and not what you want to buy

Don’t go for a trip to Mothercare without a list, you will leave with a trolley full of items that you really didn’t need. Here are some essentials that you’re most definitely going to need to stock up on:

  • Clothes: all in one suits, vests, cardigans, coat or an all in one suit and a hat.
  • Nappies, Nappy sacks, wet wipes and nappy cream.
  • Nursing bras, breast pads, bottles, teats, bottle brushes, steriliser and bibs.
  • A mosses basket or a cot, bedding sheets, a mattress and bedroom furniture.
  • A baby bath or a newborn bath support, towels, baby cleanser and wash.
  • A pushchair with a rain cover and a sunshade.
  • A rear facing car seat and sun blinds.
  • A changing bag with a changing mat.

Though a few of the essentials need to be brought new especially the rear-facing car seat, which must always be brought from a reputable retailer to ensure it is safe and in working condition, Halfords always have offers on, so have a look around different shops and find the best offer. Other items such as clothing can be brought second hand. Ask friends and family if they have anything which their children have grown out of and could be passed down onto you, also try having a look at local sites such as gumtree or facebook pages for bundles of clothing and furniture being sold.

Other ways of saving money are:

  • Buying own brand nappies and wipes instead of well-known brands such as Pampers or Huggies which they charge a lot more money for.
  • Buy items when they are on offer as you will save money
  • Buying before the baby has arrived, add a few items to your shopping basket each week to reduce the overall cost.

My Glucose Tolerance Test – My first Pregnancy

My blood Test

I’ve heard this been spoken about and remember by Sister in Law talking about her experience but never thought I would have to go through it. Well here’s my experience.

I am now 15 weeks + 6 days pregnant and was sent a letter saying my doctor had requested me to go for a Glucose Tolerant Test (GTT). I didn’t know what to expect but was given some comforting words from friends that it wasn’t that bad, but was going to be a long day.

A week ago today the day finally came to have my glucose test, I had been dreading it. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything other than water from 10pm the night before which was a big challenge as I love nothing more than a cup of tea in the morning, my appointment was at 9.45am at Solihull Hospital at the women unit and having been there a few times previously it was easy to find. We arrived a few minutes early after checking in at the first desk and headed down the corridor to the next desk I was asked to take a seat. They were running a little behind but not too bad. It was nice to have my mum with me so I had someone to talk to.

My View

After about 5/10 minutes of being seated, I was finally called to go and have my first set of bloods taken.  After the lady had got what she needed I was sent back to the waiting room with a jug of Lucozade and a cup, with instructions to drink it all within 5 minutes, I couldn’t walk anywhere except to the toilets.  Normally I quite like Lucozade, but a jug of it in to be drank in just five minutes on an empty stomach was not nice. Afterwards, I felt quite bloated and a little sick. I had to then sit in the waiting room for two hours, which was incredibly boring. Luckily I asked my mum to come to keep me company and give me someone to talk to.

Lucozade Drink

Then finally after a long 2 hours, I was called back in to have my final blood test done and then I was free to go home and head back to work.

After sitting down and not been able to move me and mum started walking home in the rain until my dad was able to pick us up and take us the rest of the way, because I hadn’t eaten for over 14 hours I walked into my parents house and ate about 10 custard cream biscuits, a chocolate bar and then beans on toast for lunch before heading back to work for the rest of the afternoon.

I assume I will hear the results of the test this week – fingers crossed it comes back clear!

15 Week Bump update – My First Pregnancy

Well, I’m a little late with this post and I’m now 15 weeks + 4

It’s weird to say we have only known I have been pregnant for 6 weeks and now I am nearly half way through and in my 2nd trimester – scary.  So far it hasn’t been too bad, I’ve had no sickness at all which I am super happy about.

The last few weeks my bump has started to make an appearance which I am super excited about but you can see it more in certain clothes and I can’t stop touching it, stroking it and maybe occasionally talking to it.

My 15 week baby bump

In terms of how I am feeling – pretty good right now, just tiredness but I have got energy and am resting every chance I have and having a lie in at weekends while the OH is at work.  I am needing to wee pretty much every morning around 4 am, but I am sleeping quite well most night apart from the odd one where I am waking up in the night and tossing and turning and then feeling knackered in the morning.  I haven’t had any cravings yet either but I have been getting heartburn the last few days which I have really started to notice so will be needing to get myself some gaviscon soon.

We have chosen a girls name – we think but are still undecided on a boys names as yet but we have plenty of time.  The date for our 20-week scan has come through for the end of beginning of February. This will check everything is ok with the baby, and we are going to keep the sex a complete surprise for us and for everyone else as it is our first baby.

Watch out for my next update!

The First Dating Scan 11 Weeks – My First Pregnancy

Back in December, we had a letter for our first dating scan because we didn’t know how far I was so we were excited to go and find out.

Both Tom & I were off work this week as we had been in Amsterdam for a couple of days for a little break so we didn’t have to worry about telling work yet.  We had already paid for a private scan a few weeks prior so we were interested to see how accurate this scan was going to be and see if our due date we had been given had changed It had only changed by a day – Baby Cooper due 7th July.

As soon as they put the gel and ultrasound probe on my tummy there it was our baby clear as day, wiggling around, we could see the heart beating as well – So magical

Baby Cooper at 11 weeks

Baby is looking and growing well and we look forward to awaiting our letter for our 20-week scan to see our baby again.  I have been really lucky in this pregnancy so far as In I haven’t been sick at all.

We haven’t bought anything for baby yet as we are waiting till our 20-week scan to make sure everything is still ok and baby is growing well then we can start deciding on bedroom furniture and get a few little outfits etc.

Our next update will be in a few weeks when we have our 20 week scan.

Paying for a private scan – My first Pregnancy

After getting over the initial shock of the positive pregnancy test and that I was pregnant and carrying our child we decided we needed to find out how far gone I actually was.

After the midwife appointment on Friday 2nd December and not having the option for a scan, we really wanted to know how far we were into our pregnancy so we could tell our parents and see if it was going to interfere with our wedding day which was booked for July 2017. It didn’t matter if it did as our wedding could be moved around.

We didn’t know how long we would have to wait for an appointment with the doctors/midwife so we did a little internet searching for “early pregnancy scans” when we got home that night and we found a few places to contact.  I never knew there were options to have an early scan unless it was arranged by doctors or midwife for emergency reasons etc… how wrong I was.

We got up the next day early and phoned a place called MUMS which stands for Midlands Ultrasound & Medical Services and they are very local as are only in Solihull, I explained the situation and they were able to fit us in the same day at 2.15pm.  We were so excited but very nervous at the same time as didn’t know what to expect. We arrive checked in at reception and took a seat and waited to be called in, it was then our turn,  our names were called and we were taken into a room with lots of equipment, monitors, lights and screens.  The lady asked me questions about how far I thought I was and when my last period was and more to try and work out my dates etc…

I was asked to lie on a bed and lift my top up and tuck some paper towel into the top of my trousers, gel was then applied to my tummy and a little pressure, it took a couple of seconds for it to appear on the screen, but there it was our tiny baby, it was amazing, so small, so incredible, watching a heartbeat, and seeing a tiny person growing inside of me, our baby.  We could see it so clearly, the lady pointed out the heartbeat and we got to listen to the incredible moment of hearing it through the monitor, it was very fast but they said it was all normal, we could see it wriggling as well, it was so magical we both got a little tearful seeing our baby for the very first time.  Then that was it, finished.  We were 9 weeks gone,  I was in shock as I had no signs and symptoms, no sickness or anything and I was pregnant.

We were going to have a baby.  Here is our little squiggly at 9 weeks.

Our first scan

They kindly put all the pictures on a USB stick for us and printed the pictures out too. Then it was the moment of telling our parents.

The First Midwife Appointment – My First Pregnancy

After going to the doctors and first finding out I was pregnant I really didn’t know what to do.  I waited for a call from a midwife to get me booked in to see if we could work out possible due dates.   Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long and I received a phone call from my doctor’s midwife a day after I had been to the doctors to say she could get me booked in on Friday 2nd December at 6.30pm in Solihull Hospital women’s unit.

We were both so excited, it wasn’t interfering with work so I didn’t have to worry about making up excuses to my boss and was still too early to tell people, so worked out perfectly.  I left work at 5.30 jumped straight on the train and headed to Solihull to meet the OH,  I was a little early so I went and did some Christmas shopping to pass the time.

It was then finally time, I walked to the hospital where the OH was sitting in the cafe waiting, the hours seems to go by so slow but we then went to find where we had to go, it was hidden and not sign posted either so had to ask someone.  Eventually, we found it and went straight in and met a lovely midwife called Kirsty.  She firstly said congratulations to us and then asked lots of different questions, health, family history, background etc, so many questions but we got through them.  She then asked if she could have a feel of my tummy to see if she could feel my uterus yet, I lay down on the bed and she had a feel and a little pressure was apply but she couldn’t feel anything as maybe still very early, so she said she would put me forward for a scan asap so we could find out as she thought it was still very early days.

I left with a folder full of leaflets and paperwork to read and my first blood test form to go and have my blood taken at the earliest convenience.

Watch out for more updates soon

The Positive Pregnancy Test – My First Pregnancy

A few weeks ago back in November, we had some very exciting, surprising but shocking news to share.

Me & my OH were expecting our first baby together.

It is still very early days yet and only found out by going to the doctors.  I’ve had no signs or symptoms just didn’t feel well in myself and didn’t think anything of it.

I came home after the doctors and did another test to make sure It was true and I wasn’t dreaming the whole thing.  And true to it’s word the test came back positive…  I was pregnant, just didn’t know how far I was.

Positive pregnancy test

We are both filled with so many mixed emotions at the moment and still in a state of shock, We are unsure of dates as unfortunately, it wasn’t a planned pregnancy as we are due to get married July 2017, But I know something, this baby will be given so much love from both of us and the rest of the family that it doesn’t matter.

I’m not feeling too horrendous…yet. I am more aware now of every little pain and twinge I get whereas before I put it down to period cramps.  I’ve felt a bit nausea and have gone off food and not been hungry but haven’t been physically sick yet – I’m dreading that moment if I am but will all be worth it at the end.

I am just waiting for a call from the midwife to book an appointment to see how far I am and hopefully get a scan so we can then tell our families.

I am now 15 weeks

Watch this space…

Keep The Little Ones Happy: Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Kid-Friendly

It’s always hard to make sure your bathroom is perfect for little kids. After all, there is so much they can harm themselves on in the room. And on top of this, you need the bathroom to be fun to get them to use it! And even if you haven’t got your own child, you want the room to be safe and fun for when you have nieces and nephews over to stay! Therefore, here are some easy ways you can make your bathroom more kid-friendly to keep little ones happy.


Invest in some non-slip mats

It’s so easy for kids to have slips in the bathroom which cause a trip to A&E. Therefore, you need to prevent this by getting some non-slips mats for your bathroom. They should be placed right next to areas that get wet easily such as next to the bath and shower. As this feature says, a good non-slip mat should have suction cups to prevent the mat from sliding across the floor once the little one steps on it. That way, they won’t end up face planting the floor once leaving the shower. Just make sure you regularly give it a clean, so no mould ends up growing on there.

Choose a secure shower enclosure

It’s also so important that you choose a secure shower enclosure that kids can use in your home. After all, that stylish one with the complicated door movement might be good for you, but it certainly won’t be good for little ones. They could end up getting stuck in the shower or even end up hurting themselves on the door. Therefore, you need to choose a modern shower with smooth closing doors. That way, they can get in and out as necessary. You might even want to go for a walk-in shower. That way, it’s the same level as the bathroom floor, and they are less likely to slip and hurt themselves. You can find a good range of shower cubicles online such as dilusso enclosures.

Keep products away in cupboards

A lot of people have so many skin and hair products in their bathroom. But if it gets into a little one’s hand, it could lead to danger. After all, they might not understand it’s not edible and could end up swallowing some shower gel by mistake. Therefore, to make your bathroom more child-friendly, you should put all potential hazard items away in the cupboard. That way, they won’t be able to get their hands on the item and get sick because of you! Remember it’s not just lotions; razors and scissors need to be put away for safe keeping too in the bathroom!

Add some fun accessories

If you want to make your bathroom more kid-friendly, you need to add some fun accessories. And we’re not just talking about adding a rubber duck to your tub (although that is a must). You should add some brightly coloured towels and fun artwork to the room. You can even find some great tablet holders so that kids can watch their favourite cartoon while they are in the bath!

bathroom, duck

And you can check out my previous blog on ways to make your bathroom perfect with little stress.

‘Be my bear’ Review

I have always, ever since I was a little girl loved teddies, My mum and dad brought me a big brown bear when I was 2 and he was bigger than me, I still have him to this day, but my nephew Jack took a liking to him so I said he could look after him for me.

My nephew has also always loved teddies since he was little too, I think it is an essential part of their development in life that every child has a special teddy as they grow up.

When bemybear got in contact and offered me the opportunity to review one of their sets I couldn’t resist.


In our kit we were sent there was:


  • 1 x Ping Panda Kit 16″ – Retail price of £9.95
  • 1 x Halloween Pumpkin outfit 12/16″ – Retail price £8.99
  • 1 x Teddy Bear passport  – Retail price £4.00


Jack couldn’t wait to start making his Ping the panda, we put the items on the table ready.


I started by helping pulling the stuffing apart so Jack could put it in the arms and legs of the panda as he had the smallest hands.  We made sure we put enough stuffing in the arms and legs that he was super squiddy and huggable but not to firm.


One of the last things we had to do was for Jack to make a wish with the little star and pop it inside Ping the panda and then stitch him up.

img_7207 img_7209 img_7210

He kept the wish secret, so it would come true.

Once Jack had finished making his wish it was time to stitch up panda and get him dress up in his outfit ready for halloween coming up.


How cute is our little Ping the panda, Can I keep him instead please?

Then it was finally time to get him dressed

img_7218 img_7219 img_7220 img_7221

Our finished and dressed Ping the panda.

Jack absolutely loved making Ping and he now goes everywhere with him.

These would make fantastic present for any kids, and I don’t think the price is too bad either.

* We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


Gordon’s Great Escape Book Review

My nephew loves nothing more than myself, or my mum and dad reading him a bedside story every night.

When I was contacted and offered a book to review that wasn’t even released yet I immediately said yes.


My nephew Jack has got another book from this collection called “Barry the fish with fingers” which he loves, so this book was an exciting addition to his ever growing collection.


He is happy just sitting and reading by himself or reading to us if we ask.

The book contains lots of bright colourful pictures so is great for kids learning.

img_7241 img_7242

The book is ages 3+ so maybe was a little on the easy side but he loved reading it and loves that sort of genre of book.  Would recommend this book to parents and kids.

You can purchase this book following it been published on the 20th October 2016. Gordon great escape or pre-order yours from amazon here

* We were sent this book free of charge for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.