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5 Most Dangerous Parasites That Live Inside Human Body

Parasites are the small organisms that can enter your body via different routes and cause a multitude of diseases. Your body becomes a host for them as they feed on your blood and nutrients, going unnoticed even as they thrive on your skin or within the digestive system. While some parasites are harmless, others can be relatively dangerous. It becomes crucial to identify them and be vigilant so that you can take preventive and protective measures against them. Here are some parasites that you should watch out for.

Whipworm (Trichuris Trichiura)

Whipworm is so called because it closely resembles a cow whip and can reach a length of two inches. Humans get infected with this parasite through dirt mixed in human feces which are loaded with the worm’s eggs. Young children are more likely to be infected as they crawl around and put their fingers in their mouth. Whipworms can cause severe weight loss, anemia, diarrhea and rectal prolapse.

Elephantiasis (Lymphatic filariasis)

The disease called Elephantiasis is caused by parasitic worms that are transferred via mosquitoes. They can live in the host’s body for years, during which they can produce millions of larvae that reside in the blood stream. The worms target the lymphatic system and cause the limbs to swell up. The disease is widely prevalent in Africa, where it has inflicted thousands of people.

Guinea Worm (Dracunculiasis)

Another dangerous parasite that affects humans is Guinea worms, which enter the body through water contaminated with fleas that carry the worm’s larvae. The worm latches to the intestinal walls in the initial stages and gradually enters the tissues. The worst thing about the disease is that it has no apparent symptoms. Subsequently, they can result in blisters on the feet through which the worm comes out and multiplies by laying eggs (if female).

Liver Fluke (Fasciola and Clonorchis sinensis)

Liver fluke is a parasite that looks like flatworms and make its way into the human body through infected water, vegetables or fish. They travel through the intestines and get attached to the bile ducts of the liver. Gradually, they can cause liver infection, jaundice and severe stomach ache. They reproduce at a rapid pace and can even live inside the human body for as long as two or three decades.

Hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus)

Hookworms are usually contracted by walking barefoot outdoors as they live in mud mixed with human feces. They travel long distance, from the foot to the lungs and finally to the trachea. Further, they can reach the digestive system as the host swallows them with the food. They suck blood from the intestinal walls, leading to inflammation, infection and anemia.

Being watchful about the symptoms of parasites is your best bet. You can check out to get a better idea about the symptoms to look out for. Once you notice anything amiss, it is best to consult a doctor who will give you proper diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, it is advisable to take preventive measures to avoid getting them in the first place.

Learning Tips For Beginners At Tarot Reading

If you want to learn tarot reading and add one more to your repository, then use the tips below to know where to start.

Don’t Let The Complex System Get To You

Tarot reading is a highly obscure system that requires expertise and talent to understand. However, don’t let that discourage you. You can easily start learning tarot but don’t try to learn all at once. It is very important to keep things simple to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Rather than trying to outdo yourself, take it slow and start with simple techniques. As you learn the basics, you can gain the confidence to go deeper into the world of tarot reading.

Establish A Connection With The Cards

People who want to learn tarot reading often make the mistake of equipping themselves with too many technical books about it. However, tarot specialists say that there is very little to be gained from that knowledge until you form a connection with the tarot cards at a personal level. Your knowledge of mechanical terms will not help you the way your intuition will. This is why you need to take inspiration from your daily life to master the card reading.

Make A Habit Of Drawing A Card Every Day

The expert tarot card reading website,, recommends beginners to get into a habit of drawing a card every day. You should ask the tarot to tell you what your experiences will be today. You can then compare notes to see if it matches the card you drew earlier today. As you do this on a daily basis, your personal connection with the tarot card will grow and make you more skilled at reading it correctly.

Refine Your Intuition

The first lesson that the tarot beginners need to learn is to sharpen their instincts. However, it is also the single most complex thing for them to hone. Expert tarot readers recommend first timers to avoid the books and draw from the energy of tarot card. It doesn’t matter if what you feel is different than the books, but don’t let that dishearten you. Never underestimate the importance of intuition when reading tarot cards.

Start With Yourself

If someone tells you that you cannot read tarot for yourself, then ignore what they say. Tarot is a powerful medium that has helped many people get on the road to self-discovery. In fact, who better than yourself to read the cards? Find some time each day to do the reading and you will learn a lot about yourself through the process.

Start Small

Why get into it headlong when you can take small steps and learn it well? Rather than trying to cram everything at once, try to learn at a pace that is both enjoyable and reasonable. The process of reading and interpreting the cards should not be frustrating. Start by learning up to 3 keywords associated with each card and start writing about it to form a mind-body connection.

Avoid The Rulebook

There is no wrong or right way to read tarot cards. If someone tells you otherwise, they are either lying or don’t know what tarot reading is. The only one rule you need to follow in tarot card reading is to stay ethical at all times.

Know What It Means To You

Before you start reading tarot cards, you need to know the answer to this very pertinent question – how does it work? As you reflect on this question, you will come up with many answers within yourself that will reveal what it means to you and how it can be used in the most effective manner.

Needless to say, this answer will vary from person to person, and that is alright. You need to understand that Tarot cards are a predictive tool that can be used to know yourself deeply in a fun way and also earn your friend’s admiration for knowing how to read the cards.

Use it Responsibly

Don’t make the mistake of asking the tarot same question repeatedly, hoping to get an answer that you want to hear. This is not the correct use of this tool and it will not yield the most honest response. Additionally, never use tarot cards when you are emotionally down and incapable of handling an honest vision.

Tarot reading should be done consciously. Pay attention to all the cards being drawn out and keep an open mind about what you see. Accept the wisdom that these cards unleash and treat its insight with respect.

Top 3 Benefits of Entering the US Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery

The Diversity Visa (DV) Green Card Lottery was introduced by the United States government to enable people from diverse cultures to come, live and work in America. The chief aim of this system to diversify the population of the United States and make it a global nation in the true sense of the word.

The DV lottery is drawn once every year, through which 50,000 applicants from selected countries are granted the Green Card, the United States’ official permit to allow foreign nationals to live and work in the country on a permanent basis.

Here are the top three benefits of entering the US green card lottery.

Greater chances of qualifying Every year, scores of people from across the world apply for the US green card to be able to legally live and work in the country. However, only a small percentage of applicants are successful, simply because the applications far outnumber the visas issued each year.

While winning the DV lottery is only the first step in your green card issuance process, entering the lottery multiplies your chances of obtaining the green card, provided you fulfill the education and country-of-origin requirements.

Exclusive opportunity for applicants from select qualifying countries

The purpose of the DV lottery is to invite applications from natives of those countries that do not generally send many immigrants to the United States. If your country is eligible and you have high school education or the required work experience, you directly qualify to enter the lottery, surpassing tens of thousands of other applicants from non-eligible countries.

In this sense, the DV lottery is an exclusive offering created to increase the representation of certain countries in the United States.

Higher chances for families through double application with spouse

It’s a simple logic: when you and your spouse both enter the DV lottery and list the other as dependent, this doubles your chances of winning the green card lottery.

As multiple applications by a single person are not permitted (the system will automatically disqualify you and cancel your application), applying together with your spouse is a great way to maximize your chances of winning.

If one of you wins, the spouse and all unmarried children under 21 years of age also become eligible to receive a green card and live legally in the US.

Qualification Criteria to Enter the Green Card Diversity Visa Lottery

* You need to be a native of (born in) a qualifying country. The list of qualifying countries changes every year, so be sure to check if your country of birth qualifies for DV2020.

* If your native country is not eligible, you may still enter the lottery if either of your parents or your spouse was born in a qualifying country. This is subject to some conditions. Do check the eligibility criteria before applying.

* You need to have completed high school education OR possess relevant work experience in a qualifying occupation. Check the list of qualifying jobs to confirm if you meet this criterion.

Be More Active In Your Child’s Life

We know that as a mom, you’ll be doing absolutely everything at the minute to be the best you can be for your children. You’ll go to work, do the cooking, the cleaning, the washing and the dressing. The list could go on, because moms really are like superheroes when it comes to the amount of tasks they are able to do. But with all of this in your schedule, it can sometimes be hard to actually be active in your child’s life. You’re so focused on making sure everything is in order, that you forget that actually being present with your toddler is the most important think, The younger children years are more confusing for your child than you might think. They’re moving their way through school, heading towards high school and their emotions will start growing and growing. So, we want to show you a few simple ways you can be more active in your children’s life, as well as do everything you’re used to doing!

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Engage In Play

This is actually a big one that a lot of parents forget to do, because they’re not exactly sure what to do. Think about how many times you’ve been rushing around the house doing what you do, and your child has been sat playing with their toys chatting away to themselves. This is the perfect time to stop what you’re doing, and sit down for half an hour to actually play with them. Get down on their level, and actually show interest with what they’re doing. You need to make sure they’ve got a good set of toys, and if they need something new, you should definitely check out grimms toys for a colourful addition. You can also make sure you’re creating games to play with them. Whether it be you initiating hide and seek, or seeing who can paint the best picture!

Treat Them Like A Mini Adult

If you want to try and keep their troublesome younger child years as easy as possible, you need to try and make sure you’re treating them like a mini adult as much as possible. As they get towards the ages of 8 or 9 years, they want to be more independent, and as parents we generally don’t like that happen. We prefer to keep them bubble wrapped, and do absolutely everything for them, even when they don’t want us to. So, within reason, just let them do as they would like to do. If they want to dress themselves, let them chose what they’re going to wear for the day and just make sure it looks ok within reason. You can guide them on what looks good, but you don’t have to tell them what to wear.

Help Them With Friendships

Friendships are a big part of everyone’s life, and they really start to flourish during their younger school years. It’s a vital part of their lives where they learn how to socialise, and what to do during social situations. It’s also one of their main play outlets, especially when they’re at school or if you have playdates with your friends children. Help them to become confident in social situations, and teach the importance of sharing and being kind etc. They will keep these values with them for the rest of their life!

Men’s Guide To Wearing Their Jewellery Right

There was a time when men and jewellery came across as a mismatched combination but things have evolved on the fashion landscape today. The modern male is comfortable with flaunting stylish and trendy jewelry pieces and accessories. In fact, men’s jewelry is being used to add an impeccable appeal to various outfits for different occasions. While a sophisticated bracelet can build your image as that of a suave professional, a single hoop can make you look like an ultra-cool dude. But it is not just about the choice of the pieces that you wear but also how you wear them. Wearing the right pieces according to the occasion is important and so is carrying ones that match with your attire. If you have some swanky jewelry pieces in your collection but are not sure about wearing them right, here is a style guide to help you.

Simplicity equates masculinity

The rule of thumb for men’s jewelry jewellery style guide is to keep it simple as simplicity equates masculine appeal. A simple chain, for example, can elevate your look in the most effortless manner. You can opt for a thin chin if your taste is minimalistic or wear a thick one if you love to show off a little. Try a silver or gold chain with a talisman necklace if you are craving a little more attention but keep this look reserved for casual outings. You can wear a sleek bracelet in silver or gold on one wrist and have a classy luxury watch on the other. Tiny hoops or studs are the best in earring designs for the man of style and substance.

Less is more

Taking the minimalism rule to the next level, the advice for men is to follow the “less is more” mantra with jewelry. Specifically, you should be careful about not wearing multiple rings that attract unwarranted attention as it usually happens with those who wear colored gemstones on their fingers. If you are married, a simple wedding band is the best piece of jewelry that you can wear day and night. For the singles, you should wear one ring in each hand so that you are able to get attention without being too loud. A simple one in gold or platinum is great for work wear while you can opt for colored stones or talisman rings for casual wear.

Layering is in

Layering is a trend that has taken over the man’s and women’s fashion scenario in the last few years. You can use this style with chains and bracelets. Explore a range in thin and broad men’s chains here and buy them for your collection. Team two or more chains of varying lengths and thicknesses and look cool and trendy. You can play with layers on your wrists too, combining beaded bracelets with solid ones in gold and silver. What more, you can even wear a bracelet or two along with your watch if you are ready to experiment a little.

Make a style statement

Another tip to wear your jewelry right and look outstanding is by adhering to your personal style statement. Rather than just following trends, create a look that matches your personality and attitude.

For instance, if you are a cool dude type, try wearing multiple hoops in one ear. For men who prefer simplicity and sophistication, it would be a good idea to invest in simpler stuff such as an embossed bracelet or an insignia ring. Such pieces can replicate your personal style without being too loud. And if you have a point to make with your fashion sense, try wearing a statement pendant.

Distinguish casual and professional

An essential fact about men’s jewelry is that there should be a clear demarcation between casual and professional pieces. This is quite different from feminine jewelry trends, as many of the pieces can be worn both casually and formally by women. As a man, you need to be very sure about the jewelry that you can wear at work and the pieces that should be kept aside for weekends. After all, you would not want everyone to keep staring as you enter the boardroom with a necklace or earrings that get you undue attention for wrong reasons. For professional wear, stick to simple and sleek pieces while you can go wild with jewelry on casual outings.

Experiment now and then

If you are the one who loves to follow the fashion trends, there is no harm in going experimental now and then. Invest in some trendy pieces that you can wear on the days when you feel like acting crazy. Adding long chains, big pendants, colorful beaded bracelets, dangling earrings and gemstone rings to your collection is a good idea. You can even go creative and have some statement pieces customized from a designer. Mix and match these pieces to create experimental styles but make sure that you do not go over the board. Also, do not just step out for a formal evening or a professional meeting with one of these styles.

Follow the celebrities

Another handy tip to stay on top of jewelry trend is to follow your favorite celebrities who endorse men’s jewelry. Jay Z, Randy Jackson, Zayn Malik, Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz and Will Smith are just a few names that you can check out to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. Keeping a close eye on these famed people can give you a good idea about the kind of pieces that you should stock for your collection. At the same time, buy and wear only those items that you can wear comfortably and frequently.

This fashion guide sums up everything that you should know about wearing men’s jewelry to look good and stand apart as well. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned jewelry lover, try out these tips to buy the right pieces and flaunt them well enough. Surely, you will be able to get all the attention you deserve and have women swooning over your personal style!

Choosing The Right Nursery for your Child

Choosing a nursery for your precious little one can be so stressful, as a first time parent I never realised how hard it would be.

We were lucky as a brand new nursery opened just round the corner from our home and my cousin started working there so I knew he would be safe, it was a little more expensive than others but no money can put a price on the safety of your children.

Below is an infographic from Wandsworth Nursery and Preschool which will help you to make sure you make the right decision when choosing a nursery.

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Staying healthy with MyJuicer

We all want that perfect bodies, but shouldn’t we just be happy with what we are given?  I’ve got friends who go crazy on healthy foods, diets and supplements or even fasting diets, I have never been that person.  I have tried several diets over the years but never stuck to them, even after having my little boy.  I’m never going to be thin or have a flat stomach, and that’s fine and I’m happy with the person I am, my body has grown a tiny human being and that’s enough for me.

MyJuicer is the online UK’s dedicated juicer and blender store where you can purchase and find competitive prices.  They aim to provide a pleasant experience when you shop on their online store, offering quality products with a top rated customer service. They are based within the United Kingdom, and distribute nationwide.  They also have a great team offering their customers the best juicers and health tips available online.

But how would you know which one to chose as don’t they all do the same thing?

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A little Fact for you

There Is No Perfect Diet for Everyone

People are all unique. Subtle differences in genetics, body type, physical activity and environment can affect which type of diet you should follow.

Some people do best on a low-carb diet, while others are better off on a vegetarian high-carb diet.

The fact is, what works for one person may not work for the next so don’t get disheartened.

To figure out what you should do, a little experimentation may be needed.

Try a few different things until you find something that you enjoy and think you can stick to. Different strokes for different folks

What are your tips or best programmes that have helped you?

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The Anatomy Of A Perfect Wedding

They call it the big day. But when you think about it, “big” simply isn’t a “big” enough word. The prospect of a modern wedding is more than just “big”… It’s titanic! It’s a Herculean undertaking that’s similar in scope and organisation to a military operation. Let’s be honest, planning a wedding in the 21st century is an extremely stressful endeavour. It requires a lot of research, inspiration, phone calls, discussions, haggling, compromises, revisions, last minute changes and (of course) expenditure. This can lead to a lot of sleepless nights, stress, worry, upset, heated arguments and a range of other factors that can conspire to transform you into a bridezilla. But if you take a moment to look at the anatomy of a perfect wedding, you’ll see that everything else is just window

Food and drink

Of course, it’s important to feed your guests, but the food you choose for your wedding fare has a special significance. It should represent your shared tastes and the very idiosyncratic palate that you have created together for a couple. It should speak to the countless meals you’ve enjoyed together over the years and perhaps even the cuisines of destinations you’ve visited together.


As the bard once write, “If music be the food of love, play on”. Your music should be more than something to get your tipsy dad up and dancing with his tie around his head (although it should certainly do that, too). It should be an audial roadmap of your relationship. Don’t just book any old DJ, use an experienced disc spinner like Benny Smyth DJ. A good DJ will talk to you about your relationship and try and cobble together a soundtrack to your love, interspersed with floor fillers to get each and every generation up and dancing.

Friends and family

Many newly married couples are pleasantly surprised to find that married life is much the same as life before the big day and yet somehow better. But that shouldn’t detract from the momentousness of the occasion nor the importance of sharing it with the people who matter the most to you in the whole world. No wedding is complete without the closest friends and family who will get to witness your declaration of love for one another in the eyes of the law.

Two people who love each other

This can be extremely difficult to digest in a climate where we’re so encouraged to put the minutiae before the momentous. We’re encouraged to agonize over colours and textures of bridesmaids’ dresses, the relative virtues of different cake flavours, the perfect shoes and which entrees to include for gluten free guests… But don’t let your absorption in the little things detract your attention from the fact that you love each other so much that you’re ready to spend the rest of your lives together. When things get stressful, when arguments start and when tempers flare, remember that most important fact and everything else will fall into place.

When you look at the anatomy of a perfect wedding, it really doesn’t matter how much you spend.

Take The Hassle Out of Dog Ownership!

Our dogs are some of the most important things in the world to us, and of course having them in our lives is never a hassle. However, there are some elements of their care that can be time consuming and others which can cause us stress when life gets in the way. Here’s how you can make things a little easier.

Automate feeding

There are lots of reasons why you might want to use a dry dog food dispenser. Perhaps you work at different times, but don’t want to mess up your dogs feeding schedule. Maybe your dog is on a special diet and can only eat a certain amount at certain times, or maybe it’s just for convenience. Instead of having to dig around in the cupboard and fill up your dog’s bowl every day out of a giant heavy bag, you can fill it up once a week and let the dispenser do the rest. It takes the hassle completely out of feeding as you know exactly how much food your dog is getting and when. It allows you to keep a good schedule, and prevents them eating too much at once if free feeding isn’t an option.

Find reliable kennels

One of the most stressful parts of dog ownership is finding someone to look after them when you’re away. This could be for an overnight hospital stay, a mini break, a full vacation or anything in between. One of the best things you can do to save yourself stress is to find reliable kennels. A good company that you trust and who you know will look after your dog in your absence. Go and take a tour with your dog and get them signed up, that way it’s easy to book them in when you need to go away. Be sure your dogs annual boosters are done and that you keep the vaccination proof card as this will need to be shown every time you stay.

Find a local dog walker

Taking your dog on walks is one of the best things about having one, all of the adventures you will go on together are so special. It keeps you both fit and is bonding time between you and your pooch. But if there are times when you’re stuck at work, can’t get home on time or are generally away from home without it being planned for then having a dog walker nearby can put your mind at ease. This could be a friend or family member or you could use a trusted dog walker from a company. Put your key in a safe place so they can let themselves in if needed and let your dog out, spend time with them or walk them so they’re ok until you get back.

5 Tips To Get Your Body Lean and Toned This Summer

  • Every girl wants a perfectly toned body for summers. But, sadly, for many women, summer is the most embarrassing time of the year because their flabby bodies just don’t cooperate with them. However, no matter how hard it may seem, it is genuinely possible to attain a toned physique before summers arrive. Here are some useful tips that will help you achieve the look you want.   
  1. Work on Losing All that Excess Flab 

First things first, you need to get rid of all that excess flab that’s standing between you and your dream of a lean body. Keep all of your initial concentration on losing all the extra weight because that’s what’s going to dramatically change your look. You can do so by increasing your physical activity. Take part in sports, run, swim, jog. Do everything you can to stay physically adept and active.  

The easiest way to do it all is to plan a proper summer body regimen. Sketch out all that you are going to do for burning your fats and religiously follow that schedule on a regular basis. Do ensure to incorporate cardio exercises because they tremendously help in shedding additional fats. 

If you are not sure how to plan a workable routine, you can ask any friend for help. Or, you can consult any physical trainer for guidance. But, whatever you plan, make sure to stick to it.  

  1. Work on Your Muscles 

Alongside losing the fats, you have to work on your muscles as well. If you don’t have any additional fats in the first place, that’s even better. You can fully concentrate on your muscles. Muscle building and toning up require some serious strength training. So, do prepare your mind in advance that you’ll be lifting up heavyweights. 

Now, we do understand that this might not be the easiest thing to do. But, if you take on the right approach, it will become easier for you. You need to start with small weights and then gradually make your way up to heavy lifting. Nothing else affects your muscles more quickly than strength training does. Plus, the good thing about it is that you don’t necessarily have to do it every single day. Thrice a week for a full one hour is more than enough.  

There are a few things that you need to bear in mind during strength training. First, it requires a lot of stamina and strength, so you cannot eliminate calories from your diet. Secondly, you need to incorporate more proteins in your diet through natural foods like fish, lean meat, tofu, and more. Lastly, and more important of all, you need to warm up your body before you start lifting.  

  1. Walk 

The good old walking never disappoints. Make a habit of walking for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis, but obviously, the more, the better. Walking is a great way of toning up your legs for making them ready for your short summer apparel. Moreover, it helps in burning extra calories as well. For better results, try brisk walking instead of taking a leisurely stroll. You will begin seeing results pretty soon. 

  1. Say Goodbye to Processed Foods 

Eating processed foods is probably the worst thing you can do to your body. Let us warn you!  If you can’t stop consuming processed foods, you’ll have to eventually leave your dream of getting a lean body. So, you can either choose one or the other.  

Since processed foods contain fats, salt, and sugar in higher concentrations, they become a cause of weight gain. Similar is the case with other junk foods. They are an enemy to your body and your overall health. As a rule of thumb, do not eat any packaged item that is available in the junk food section of the grocery store. Instead, focus on eating more fruits, leafy greens, and foods that contain fibers. Eat lots of proteins and whole grains.  

  1. Use Natural Supplements 

For speeding up your weight loss and muscle toning, you can also incorporate natural supplements into your diet. There are many such supplements on the market that can be found in the form of pills or powders. However, there are a lot of fake companies out there that claim to have all the natural ingredients in their products. But, their products are full of synthetic components. You have to watch out for such phonies. 

For best results, only go for a supplement that is widely recognized due to its benefits and comes from a reputable company. For example, Anvarol supplement by Crazy Bulk UK. It is specially designed to burn extra fats, boost strength, and retain lean muscle. So, it will surely bring you quicker and better results.