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Creating A Focal Point In The Lounge

But nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find, firstly a home with an old-fashioned fireplace, and secondly a decor that puts the fireplace at the centre of attention. In fact, since the apparition of the TV, the living room decor has been transformed dramatically. The average Briton spends about 24 hours a week watching television. Yes, you read it right, it’s the equivalent of one day every week. Most of us, however, admit that while turning the TV on is a habit when they come back home, but it doesn’t mean they’re actively watching. The main reason why the TV is always on is that it has replaced the fireplace in the living room design. Indeed, your TV is the new focal point. And it’s time to inject more personality to your lounging area to take your eyes off the screen!

The simple and cute trip down the memory lane

Nothing is more powerful than a happy memory. How about dozens of happy memories transforming your blank wall into a giant photo album that puts a smile on your face every single time you look at it? Indeed, making your own gallery wall can be time demanding as you need to select the pictures and order prints of varying sizes. But it’s worth all the time you’ll invest in it. For families, the photo wall is the perfect opportunity to hang your favourite shots and your most precious memories, from the birth of your little bundle of joy to the day you said yes to each other. It’s also the best place to hang the photos of the relatives you don’t get to see as often as you’d like to – parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, for example.

An effective geometric pattern that changes the room

Painting your walls may not seem like the most exciting idea when it comes to creating a focal point, but with a little DIY love, you could do wonders to that blank wall. First things first, if you’re going to use pain as a new accent in the room, it’s a good idea to stay away from the traditional neutral hues, such as Magnolia, Cream and Eggshell. This season’s trend colour is pistachio, and you’d be pleased to know that it’s an excellent choice for a living room. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could consider creating a geometric pattern using painter’s tape. Stick to a reliable brand such as FrogTape, which makes sure that the paint doesn’t bleed through. Then you can let your imagination show the way, from creating a simple colour-block division on the wall to using the tape to make a recurring diamond shape, for instance.

Transform the room for good

Ultimately, if you want to make one section of the room into the new focal point, sometimes the best and most effective way is to consider knocking a wall down. While that might sound like a rather extreme solution, your living room could benefit from the addition of a conservatory extension that lets the natural sunlight through. For small conservatories, you don’t even need planning permission. However, you might need funding from a trustworthy lender such as Buddy Loans, which can help you to get started rapidly. An indoor garden can not only help to purify your indoor air, but it also creates an inviting environment – you’re more likely to enjoy a cup of tea in your new conservatory than in front of the TV!

Nothing but the best sound tech

Forget the TV; you need music to relax. Whether you’re a Spotify addict or you still buy CDs in shops, it might be time to give your old stereo system an upgrade. You can find affordable sound systems that read all your favourite media, including your phone. Imagine, coming back home and relaxing to the soothing sound of Dean Martin’s voice singing Sway. Or perhaps you could have a playful dance with your child on Thriller by Michael Jackson – no child is too ever young to learn the moonwalk!

A little vintage touch

Most of us have a favourite brand when it comes to furniture – and, let’s be honest, family households love IKEA because it’s practical and simple. However, it’s easy to ignore your furniture when everything belongs to the same set. Instead, you can add playful elements to switch the focal point with quirky vintage items. First of all, if you keep your eyes open, you can find excellent quality vintage at a bargain price. But, more importantly, painting your vintage furniture – chalk paint has terrific results even for amateur crafters – can make it stand out even more in the decor. Nothing says look at me like a mellow yellow commode in the lounge!

Pet-lovers: Something monumental for the cat

Last but not least, pet lovers often struggle to introduce pet items into their interior style. The dog bed is often hidden behind the sofa or in the back room. You wouldn’t think of putting the litter tray in the lounge. But, have you considered building an oversized toy for your pet? Cat trees can be surprisingly elegant if you’re handy with woodwork – failing that, you could also order it from a professional! Why should you make your pet a part of your decor: What’s more entertaining than washing your cat climbing and playing? More importantly, it keeps you active because you’re more likely to play with your pet than watch TV.

Of course, creating an Edwardian living room is nothing that would work in the modern household. But you can nevertheless consider some modification to move your TV to the background while you add new focal points.

How To Create The Perfect Family Friendly Garden

Encouraging your kids to stay active is so important if you want them to be healthy. But it can be tough because you’re fighting an uphill battle against screens and a lot of kids would rather spend their time sitting inside playing on their phone or playing video games. If you find that you have trouble getting your kids to play outside and get some exercise, you need to create a fun space for them so that they want to get out and get some fresh air. That’s why it’s so important that you create a family friendly garden. 

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If you set up your garden in the right way, it can be a great space for the kids to play and for you to spend time as a family, and it’s also a good place for you to relax on a sunny afternoon if the kids aren’t around. These are some of the best ways to create a family friendly garden that the kids will love playing in. 

Safety First 

Safety should always be your biggest priority when setting up your garden because you want kids to be able to play out there without you having to worry about them getting injured. There are things in the garden that you wouldn’t necessarily consider hazards, but they’re very dangerous for children. Water features are a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden and they attract some great wildlife as well. But if there are going to be young children playing in the garden, you have to be careful. People don’t realise that it is possible for a child to drown in just a few inches of water, so even small water features can be dangerous. If you want a water feature, make sure that it’s a child friendly one. If you already have a pond in the garden, that is harder to remove, so you should make sure to cover it with some safety grids so children cannot fall into it. 

You need to make sure that you secure all of the fences around the garden so there are no gaps for the kids to get out. Even though you’re supervising them in the garden, it only takes a few seconds to lose track of them and for them to get out of the garden and go wandering on their own. If the garden is secure and there are no hazards, you can rest easy and let them enjoy themselves. 

Finally,  you need to check the plants that are in the garden. Young kids like to explore the world by putting things in their mouths a lot of the time and that’s a big problem if there are poisonous plants in the garden. Before you let the kids play out there, you need to identify all of the plants and check that they aren’t dangerous. If you can’t identify a plant, it’s best to play it safe and just get rid of it. 

Create A Shaded Area 

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This is partly about safety, but it’s also a good area for you to sit and relax while you supervise the kids out in the garden. In the height of summer, it’s not good for young children to be out in the heat all day, so they need a shaded area where they can have a break. If you put a nice patio in and consider building a pergola over the top, you can create a nice seating area in the shade. It’s ideal for the kids to have a break from the sun and have some snacks and drinks. You can also use it as a place to entertain guests on a warm summer evening once the kids are all in bed. Sectioning off an area of the garden and making it into a patio also means that you have less maintenance to do on the garden. 

Create A Play Zone 

Even though you’re creating a garden for the kids, you still want an area where the adults can relax and you also need some space for plants as well. You already have the patio, but you should section the rest of the garden into two zones. You can reserve one area for a lawn and some nice plants, and the other area can be a play zone for the kids. In their area, you can get some play equipment like slides and swings and put them up for them. It may also be a good idea to split the two areas with a fence, so you can make sure that the kids are never out of sight if you’re trying to supervise them while you’re getting on with something else in the house. If you limit their access to the adult area of the garden, that also means that you have more freedom to install water features and ponds etc. 

When you’re creating your play zone, it’s important to remember that kids can get bored quite quickly. If you put play equipment in there, they’re not going to enjoy it forever and they might grow out of it in a few years. That’s why it’s not a good idea to spend lots of money on equipment that can’t be moved out easily. 

Get Plenty Of Storage 

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You already know that finding a place to store the kids’ toys is important unless you want your house to be overrun with mess. It’s no different out in the garden and the toys will quickly start to build up. Toys that are left out overnight are also going to get damaged quickly and might get covered in bugs and slugs. That’s why you should definitely get a shed out in the garden to store all of their toys as well as some of your own stuff like lawn mowers and tools. If you are keeping tools in the shed, it’s important that you get a lock on there because they could be dangerous for the children. A shed can also be great as a summer house for them to play in or maybe even a games room as they get older. 

Creating a family friendly garden is so important because it helps to keep the kids active and gives you a space where you can enjoy some quality family time. 

Finding The Inspiration For Your Perfect Wedding

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Your wedding should be perfect. It is an important day, and it is designed to celebrate your relationship and your commitment to each other. A wedding party is all about bringing your two tribes together. Allowing your worlds to mix can be a beautiful thing, and it should be an experience that you, and your nearest and dearest hold precious forever. 

So, how do you go about making your big day into the best one of your life? The first thing that you need to think about is what is important to you both. Your day should be a celebration of the things that you cherish and love. It should suit your style, and make a statement about who you both are. 

Planning Your Theme

With that in mind, you may want to find a theme. This could be a stylized them, that includes a variety of aesthetics that appeal to you. It may be that you want to reference things that you enjoy together, such a particular hobby or interest. You might have a favorite film, book, or band that has some significance. It could be a combination of all of these things. Create a scrapbook of everything that you can think of, and start mind mapping your wedding on paper. 

You may want to choose to draw inspiration from wedding magazines, or any number of great websites. Look for a source that provides the wedding guide that suits your tastes. But ultimately, you need to remember that it is your day, and there is no right and wrong. Just what is right for both of you. 

Hunting For Vendors

Once you have some ideas of the kind of day that you want, you will need to go out and look for the perfect venue, and all of the vendors that you will use to supply everything that you need. 

This can be a challenging ride, as soon as many businesses hear the word ‘wedding,’ the price can rise. So expect to have to haggle a little, and be prepared for some huge numbers to be thrown at you. Remember though; if you are unhappy with the price, you can take your business elsewhere as there is no shortage of competition in the wedding market. 

Use recommendations from other people. Read reviews of services, and make sure you are 100% happy with the standard of service, and the product that is on offer. While you may have a strict budget, you should not settle for a low-quality wedding. 

Start Collecting Items

Once you have everything booked, you will need to create a big shopping list and set to work, either making or buying all of the things that you need. You will need to be very organized, as you will find that you will end up with quite a lot of items. It may be worth buying some large storage boxes and filling them as you go. Try and keep the items sorted into where you will need them when it comes to setting everything up on the big day. 

Engraved Cutlery – ByHappyMe | Review


Freddie has been fairly good at feeding himself for the last 12 months plus.  He’s been very independent from quite an early age to the point where he would refuse to eat unless he fed himself.

He’s growing up far too quickly and now at the age of 2 he is outgrowing his “baby” set of cutlery that we brought plus, we now no longer have a matching set after we left them in his hand luggage on the way home from holiday back in May and his knife got confiscated.

So, when Byhappyme got in contact about a collaboration on their products I said yes immediately.

I chose the engraved animal cutlery for Freddie as he turns too very soon I thought would be a great time to get him new cutlery.  You can choose from category’s such  animals or teddy bears and I chose the animals as Freddie loves nature.  How cute are they?  Freddie loves naming each animal on the cutlery and telling us what they are each time he uses them.

It came beautifully packaged with ribbon and sticker which I loved as they have taken pride in making sure their products are presented perfectly so customers come back.

If you wish to purchase these, you can from here and they are prices at £27.50.  When ordering you can choose from 3 different font types.

Byhappyme don’t just do cutlery they also do dummy’s, name tags, and gifts.  I will say, I do think they are a little on the expensive side for the products and wouldn’t willingly spend almost £30 on a cutlery set.  They would make a lovely gift christening gift or first birthday present and keepsake gift.

The cutlery fits perfectly the small hands and their size makes it easy for the child to manipulate them during the meal.  The cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher and made from stainless steel.

  • I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Gatorade Sports Drink Variety Pack | Review

*AD – Paid Collaborative Post

I  don’t go to the gym but I do try and do exercise or work outs at home in my spare time and even started doing the couch to 5k challenge a few months ago but with the weather been quite bad I haven’t been able to get out, but these will be perfect when I get back to it and taking with me.

So, when Gatorade offered me to review their products I said yes.  It’s not a drink I have ever brought before or heard much about so was interested to see what it was all about and like.

A bit of background Information

If you haven’t heard of Gatorade, Gatorade is the #1 sports drink in the world, it is available in 4 different flavours.  It was first invented back in 1965 at the University of Florida for the University’s football team, the Gators. In 1983 Gatorade becomes the official sports drink of the National Football League. Then, in 2010 Gatorade grew worldwide with 80 countries selling the sports drink.

The pack includes 12 full size bottles (500ml) of Gatorade in 4 delicious flavours, a squeeze sports bottle (32oz) and a branded Gatorade towel.

Where you can buy Gatorade

Gatorade Sports Drinks are available in the UK from leading retailers including Sports Direct, Ebay and Amazon


You can purchase this Gatorade variety pack from Amazon priced at £29.99

How To Keep Your Dog Dog Happy and Healthy

We all want our pets to have a long and happy, healthy life, just like we want the best for our kids. If you want to protect their health and well being, you will sometimes need to step in and make decisions for them, instead of letting them choose what to do. Dogs are intelligent, but also impulsive, so as a responsible adult you will have to make sure they know the rules and obey them. Find  a few tips below.

Avoid Overfeeding

Image result for Black Labrador eating dog food

One of the worst ways of spoiling a dog is overfeeding them. Dogs simply don’t know where to stop, and it is your responsibility to limit their food and choose the right nutrition for them. Just because they are a part of the family, they should not eat the same food as you, no matter how good they are at begging.

Give Them Space

It is crucial that you give your dog some space, especially if you have small kids. When dogs get older, they will require more rest and time alone, so ensure they have the space to relax and take themselves out of the group, whenever they feel like. Don’t automatically assume that there is something wrong if they curl up after a long walk on the beach; they will simply need to recharge their batteries.

Create a Routine

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As a pack leader, you will need to create set rules and routines, or your dog will be confused. No matter if you have a big or small breed, they will need a routine, and a set time to eat, rest, and have food. Feeding on demand will only result in diabetes and weight gain, and reduce the quality of their lives. You have to make the dog walking routine work around your family life and ensure that you are creating a new experience every time.

Give Them Appropriate Exercise

Dogs need exercise, as they are born to chase things and run around. If you want to make them like their walks and get the most out of them, you might want to get them the right toys and games set up whenever you spend some time together outside. You can find some great dog walking accessories on this website that will make every experience more enjoyable.

Include Them

No matter if you are going out for the day or planning a camping trip, you will need to make your dog feel like they are a part of the family and fun. Choose your location with their needs in mind, and when taking them on holiday in the car plan your stops so they can get some fresh air and exercise, release their energy, and avoid getting bored.

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of parental responsibilities. You will have to look after your pet’s health and well being and understand their preferences, needs, and habits, so they can be a part of the family life and stay healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Your Home As A Creative Space

Creativity should have a place in every home, even if it is only a small or limited one. Being creative will mean that you are looking after your brain, that you are allowing the chance to truly express yourself, and will act as a very effective means of home therapy. If you have a family, you will also find that encouraging them to be as creative as possible is something that you want to do if you are to keep them on the right track, as it will lead to them having a much fuller understanding of themselves and way of being. In order to make sure of all that, it helps if you make a point of allowing the home to be a strongly creative space. In this post, we will look at what you can do to make that happen.

Photo of Multicolored Abstract Painting

Carve Out A Space

First things first, find some place in the home which you can dedicate to creativity in all its forms. In most cases, this could probably be a corner of a room, or it might even be that you can use the dining table for such purposes. Wherever it is, even if you can’t find a space which you can dedicate solely to creativity, you will want to make it as easy to use as possible. The idea is that you will find it easy to just sit down there and get creating, and that everyone else in your family will find that too. By carving out a specific space, ideally one which is not too affected by the rest of the household and its daily comings and goings, you will be able to champion creativity much more easily and effectively.

Stock Up On Supplies

Depending on what kind of creative ventures you might have planned for yourself or your family, you will want to make a point of finding some particular supplies to stock up on. If you want to really make it worthwhile, you will make a point of finding some supplies for everything – meaning not only will you find some decent Fountain Pens, but also paintbrushes, glue guns, glitter, notepads and whatever else you might feel is necessary. By having as many creative supplies in that space as you can, you will then be able to turn to whatever you want as a means of being creative, and you will find it much easier to be creative in general.

Close-up of Hand over White Background

Make It A Part Of The Schedule

Making time for your creative efforts is hugely important. If you don’t allow time in your schedule for these pursuits, then it means you simply won’t find yourself engaging in them to quite the same degree, so it is essential to ensure that you do whatever you can to do just that. By making your arts a part of your daily schedule, you will be putting the hours in, and that will mean that you can expect to get much more out of it in the long run.

For Those Who Plan To Buy Fur Garments – Here Are Some Tips

A lustrous fur coat is something to be loved and valued for the treasure that it is. Real fur has been a constant since the beginning of human civilization and its allure continues to this day. Getting a fur coat is a pretty big deal – we all know how costly the good ones, even the decent ones are. So how do you ensure that your precious new garment does not get damaged or experience wear and tear so easily?

Types Of Fur Garments

Fur coats remain the most enduring fashion pieces for the winter season. Apart from coats, you can opt for more casual garments like parkas, vests, jackets, and capes – these can be worn with your favorite denim and winter boots. Men’s collections would include more neutral tones. Jackets and strollers made from fox and mink are very popular nowadays.

When it comes to the fur type, beaver and mink are the top choices because of the warmth and soft texture. If you want something higher in the luxury spectrum, lynx fur is a great choice.

Buy your fur from reputed stores who can provide a complete range of services – from retail to storage. is one of the top fur sellers with a very large selection for men and women.

Fur Cleaning

Major fur cleaning should be done by a furrier but you can always remember some basic tips so you can take care of your garments at home. Fur can collect a lot of dust and debris, so a good shake helps. Do it in a place where you can sweep up the floor easily – outdoors is even better. Do not fold fur garments like coats or vests and they should always be hanged to maintain the shape. Brushing techniques for fur are also different. You can also use ground coffee beans to remove odors from the fur garment.

Fur Storage Care

Storing fur requires a bit of precision and care. Temperatures cannot be too humid or dry as that will upset the balance of natural oils in the fur. These are the oils that give the fur its inimitable luster and texture. Fur is also susceptible to being damaged by vermin. Small insects can nest in the fur, destroying it and rodents too can damage your fur to the point of no repair. So any storage solution will have to address all these issues.

Why Professional?

Professional furriers guarantee the best care for your valuable possessions. Services include not only storage and cleaning but also the maintenance of the garments. Fur houses are equipped with the tools and expertise to help condition your fur garments and replace the lost natural oils. Their storage facilities are climate-control environments which cannot be replicated in your closet at home. Fur houses can also help restyle your older furs into trendier versions.

Fur is an attractive and durable material that adds a glamorous quotient to your winter wardrobe. Take care of your fur coats so they always look fantastic when the season comes.

Caring For a Dog With Cancer

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that we are, essentially, sharing our homes with wolves. Our dogs become such a part of our families, they in grain themselves so indelibly in our hearts that we come to see them as just like us… And in many respects, they are. Sure, they may be physiologically different to us in a huge number of ways. Sure, they may have evolved differently with different social structures and biological imperatives. In many ways, however, their needs and desires are not so very different to our own. Both human and canine alike need to be well fed, watered, sheltered and loved to stay happy and healthy.

puppy dog mammal vertebrate dog breed dachshund blend happy dog street dog dog like mammal dog breed group dog crossbreeds

Thus, when a dog is diagnosed with cancer, your obligation to them is the same as it is to any other loved one in this situation… Give them all the love and care you can. As much as we may wish to bury our heads in the sand, the simple truth is that 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer at some point. It’s up to us to know what to do to give them the care they need. Whether you’re caring for a beloved pet that has been diagnosed with cancer or you are providing palliative care for a rescue dog with cancer, here are some vital tips that can assure them a better quality of life while boosting their chances of recovery…

It’s all about diet

Whether you’re giving your dog delicious treats to keep them as happy and healthy as possible or using diet to boost their chances of recovery, it’s important to remember the words of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine;

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food!”

If you’re looking after a dog with cancer, you’ll need to think hard about the foods you give them. The sad truth is that there are many tinned dog food brands that have been linked to cancer causing aflatoxins. On the other hand there are numerous diets that have been found to reduce cancer risk and even aid recovery. Some favor the ketogenic diet for dogs which is closer to the kinds of diets their ancestors would have enjoyed and is free of sugar which is essentially food for cancer cells.

If, on the other hand, you are a vegan dog lover and prefer to raise your dog on a plant-based diet, there’s good news. Vegan diets for dogs have also been found to have cancer inhibiting properties.

Get to know your dog’s pain for effective pain management

As unpleasant as it may be, you’re going to need to earn a PhD in pain to become effective in managing it. Observe behavioral changes, especially after surgery or treatment. Try to watch out for areas in which pain occurs and at what time of day.

This will help you to better manage their pain medication schedule.

Take steps to lessen their anxiety and sadness

This is going to be a difficult time for your pet as they pay visits with increasing frequency to your vet and canine oncologist. You can’t get around the need to go, but you can take steps to lessen their anxiety and sadness. As hard as it may be, you have to keep a brave face on around them. They are as adept at reading our behavior as they are at reading ours. Make an extra special effort to calm and soothe them in advance of a visit to the vets and avail yourself of calming sprays and balms which can help to keep them mellow.

With the right care and a whole lot of love you can keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible, even when they are facing something as awful as cancer!

10 Coats And Jackets That Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Gone are the days when jackets and coats were only worn during winters and autumn season. So why wait till the leaves to fall, ladies? Every season deserves a good pair of parkas or jackets that make you look snazzy and glamorous.

So, we have shortlisted below the 10 must-have coats and jackets for every season.

1. Denim Jackets

These jackets are made of denim and are popular casual apparel from a long time. Denim jackets are such an appealing piece of clothing that makes you look cool and stylish in every manner possible. Also, remember denim never goes out of fashion.

2. Trench Coats

These long and classy coats go with anything and everything from your wardrobe. Being lightweight and waterproof gives you an extra advantage of keeping it stylish even when it’s pouring outside. Pair them with any piece of clothing along with ankle length boots for a party or just a plain casual evening date.

3. Fur Coats

Who isn’t in love with furs? These stylish and fluffy fur coats are a must to feel glamorous and warm. Available in all forms of bold and plain colors, animal prints or belted ones, this is one such statement-making jacket that is a must-have for every fashion-loving woman. Check out the range of amazing fur coat collection at

4. Duster Coats

Duster coats are long, light, and fluffy and no-button outwears that goes with all the seasons. You can literally match it with any of your outfits and it truly needs to be a staple in your closet

5. Leather Jackets

Want to look edgy yet keeping it casual? Think no more and go for a leather jacket, sister! This piece of style can never fail you to look effortlessly chic and gorgeous. Go for any color- black, brown, red or gray and wear it buttoned, zipped or belted. Nothing can actually go wrong with a leather jacket.

6. Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are one of those stunning winter wears that are water resistant, warm and stylish.

7. Printed Jackets

Prints have taken over every piece of clothing we know. Same goes with jackets. Be it animal prints or blossoming floral prints, these jackets can surely add the hint of vogue in your closet.

8. Woolen Jackets

Beat this winter with a pair of stylish-looking woolen jackets this year. If you are a minimalist and still want to look modish and elegant, then woolen jackets are what you are looking for.

9. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have evolved their ways and are not just worn while riding a bike. Pair them with pencil skirts, denim jeans, maxis or shorts to give a bold yet chic statement.

10. Quilted Jackets

Feel cozy yet voguish with a pair of quilted jackets. Though these jackets are puffy looking, they never make you look huge. Being ultra light-weight, these jackets go with denim jeans, leggings, boots and even sarees and suits.