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How To Plan A Spectacular Wedding On A Shoestring

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably aware that it can be an expensive business. When you put the word wedding in front of anything, it pushes costs up significantly. Before you know it, you may have broken the budget without even ticking off your to-do list. If you’re panicking about finances, don’t. Take these…

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How To Afford Life’s Important Milestones

As we go through life, there are some milestones that are unavoidable. Even if we sail through our teenage years and early twenties not wanting to settle down, this perspective on life will often change. All of these milestones are things to be truly proud of. However, there is one major downside. They are often…

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Utilising space in your home

We’ve been in our house15months now and still have lots of little bits to sort out.  When we moved in I saw potential in 2 little spaces in our kitchen one been the understairs cupboard and the other been like a utility that was called the “coal house”.  The previous owners used both as junk…

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Cocktails & Razors

Well I attended my first ever blog event a few weeks back now and what better way to start than with making your own cocktails, I love a good cocktail. When you think about cocktails and razors it’s obviously something that you wouldn’t usually put together. Well on the 9th April this combination worked, when…

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