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My NameTags | Review

Our little boy has been in nursery now for just over 7 weeks and in the first couple of weeks they already managed to lose items of clothing or send them home with another child, so this is where Mynametags come into action and then hopefully no more lost clothes. My Nametags don’t just produce…

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Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

If you and your family own a dog, you have endless opportunities to have a good time. Dogs love to be entertained as much as they are entertaining and spending quality time with the dog will bring you all so many rewards. It’s lucky then, that there are so many fun things you can do…

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Meal Planning Monday 07/05/2018

This week is going to be a busy and short meal plan as we are off to Suffolk Friday for the weekend for my husband’s brother’s wedding.    This week we will have  Bacon, Cream cheese, cheddar Chicken with veg  Lime & Coriander Salmon with homemade potato wedges  Spaghetti Bolognese   Fajita’s  …

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Meal Planning Monday 30/04/2018

Well it’s been a crazy few weeks which is why I haven’t managed to get involved in this linky, I started a new job, we’ve put our little boy in nursery so we’ve all had to get into a new routine which has been very challenging.    So this week we have  Chicken & Bacon puffs…

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Tips for Boosting Workplace Productivity

Whether you run your own business or you work for a large corporate company, productivity can make a big difference in what you achieve both financially and from a career perspective. Being productive isn’t a trait that you are either born with or you just don’t have, it is an art that can be developed…

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Our Bathroom Renovation

A few months ago we decided to embark on a full bathroom renovation. It’s something we’ve wanted to do since we moved in three years ago but as the old bathroom was pretty functional it was always low on the list of priorities.  We got all the quotes and prices we needed and it worked…

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