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Meal Planning Mondays 15/10/18

Well the week before last and last week was a complete blur and I forgot my meal planning too. The week just flew by and my birthday just flashed before my eyes as I was just another year older.  We discovered we had rodent friends visiting from under the house into the electrical cupboard because our dog became very interested in there so we had to deal with that.

Then last week it was my husband’s birthday, I was in London at a client meeting but was home normal time so was OK and we celebrated the weekend with a meal out.

This week is a short week too at home for meals, will explain more next week.

This week’s meal plans are courtesy of Hello Fresh & My cook box.  Look out for my full review soon.

Hungarian chicken pasta

Cheats lamb moussaka

Butternut & goat’s cheese quesadillas

Creamy mushroom pasta

Be More Active In Your Child’s Life

We know that as a mom, you’ll be doing absolutely everything at the minute to be the best you can be for your children. You’ll go to work, do the cooking, the cleaning, the washing and the dressing. The list could go on, because moms really are like superheroes when it comes to the amount of tasks they are able to do. But with all of this in your schedule, it can sometimes be hard to actually be active in your child’s life. You’re so focused on making sure everything is in order, that you forget that actually being present with your toddler is the most important think, The younger children years are more confusing for your child than you might think. They’re moving their way through school, heading towards high school and their emotions will start growing and growing. So, we want to show you a few simple ways you can be more active in your children’s life, as well as do everything you’re used to doing!

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Engage In Play

This is actually a big one that a lot of parents forget to do, because they’re not exactly sure what to do. Think about how many times you’ve been rushing around the house doing what you do, and your child has been sat playing with their toys chatting away to themselves. This is the perfect time to stop what you’re doing, and sit down for half an hour to actually play with them. Get down on their level, and actually show interest with what they’re doing. You need to make sure they’ve got a good set of toys, and if they need something new, you should definitely check out grimms toys for a colourful addition. You can also make sure you’re creating games to play with them. Whether it be you initiating hide and seek, or seeing who can paint the best picture!

Treat Them Like A Mini Adult

If you want to try and keep their troublesome younger child years as easy as possible, you need to try and make sure you’re treating them like a mini adult as much as possible. As they get towards the ages of 8 or 9 years, they want to be more independent, and as parents we generally don’t like that happen. We prefer to keep them bubble wrapped, and do absolutely everything for them, even when they don’t want us to. So, within reason, just let them do as they would like to do. If they want to dress themselves, let them chose what they’re going to wear for the day and just make sure it looks ok within reason. You can guide them on what looks good, but you don’t have to tell them what to wear.

Help Them With Friendships

Friendships are a big part of everyone’s life, and they really start to flourish during their younger school years. It’s a vital part of their lives where they learn how to socialise, and what to do during social situations. It’s also one of their main play outlets, especially when they’re at school or if you have playdates with your friends children. Help them to become confident in social situations, and teach the importance of sharing and being kind etc. They will keep these values with them for the rest of their life!

Men’s Guide To Wearing Their Jewellery Right

There was a time when men and jewellery came across as a mismatched combination but things have evolved on the fashion landscape today. The modern male is comfortable with flaunting stylish and trendy jewelry pieces and accessories. In fact, men’s jewelry is being used to add an impeccable appeal to various outfits for different occasions. While a sophisticated bracelet can build your image as that of a suave professional, a single hoop can make you look like an ultra-cool dude. But it is not just about the choice of the pieces that you wear but also how you wear them. Wearing the right pieces according to the occasion is important and so is carrying ones that match with your attire. If you have some swanky jewelry pieces in your collection but are not sure about wearing them right, here is a style guide to help you.

Simplicity equates masculinity

The rule of thumb for men’s jewelry jewellery style guide is to keep it simple as simplicity equates masculine appeal. A simple chain, for example, can elevate your look in the most effortless manner. You can opt for a thin chin if your taste is minimalistic or wear a thick one if you love to show off a little. Try a silver or gold chain with a talisman necklace if you are craving a little more attention but keep this look reserved for casual outings. You can wear a sleek bracelet in silver or gold on one wrist and have a classy luxury watch on the other. Tiny hoops or studs are the best in earring designs for the man of style and substance.

Less is more

Taking the minimalism rule to the next level, the advice for men is to follow the “less is more” mantra with jewelry. Specifically, you should be careful about not wearing multiple rings that attract unwarranted attention as it usually happens with those who wear colored gemstones on their fingers. If you are married, a simple wedding band is the best piece of jewelry that you can wear day and night. For the singles, you should wear one ring in each hand so that you are able to get attention without being too loud. A simple one in gold or platinum is great for work wear while you can opt for colored stones or talisman rings for casual wear.

Layering is in

Layering is a trend that has taken over the man’s and women’s fashion scenario in the last few years. You can use this style with chains and bracelets. Explore a range in thin and broad men’s chains here and buy them for your collection. Team two or more chains of varying lengths and thicknesses and look cool and trendy. You can play with layers on your wrists too, combining beaded bracelets with solid ones in gold and silver. What more, you can even wear a bracelet or two along with your watch if you are ready to experiment a little.

Make a style statement

Another tip to wear your jewelry right and look outstanding is by adhering to your personal style statement. Rather than just following trends, create a look that matches your personality and attitude.

For instance, if you are a cool dude type, try wearing multiple hoops in one ear. For men who prefer simplicity and sophistication, it would be a good idea to invest in simpler stuff such as an embossed bracelet or an insignia ring. Such pieces can replicate your personal style without being too loud. And if you have a point to make with your fashion sense, try wearing a statement pendant.

Distinguish casual and professional

An essential fact about men’s jewelry is that there should be a clear demarcation between casual and professional pieces. This is quite different from feminine jewelry trends, as many of the pieces can be worn both casually and formally by women. As a man, you need to be very sure about the jewelry that you can wear at work and the pieces that should be kept aside for weekends. After all, you would not want everyone to keep staring as you enter the boardroom with a necklace or earrings that get you undue attention for wrong reasons. For professional wear, stick to simple and sleek pieces while you can go wild with jewelry on casual outings.

Experiment now and then

If you are the one who loves to follow the fashion trends, there is no harm in going experimental now and then. Invest in some trendy pieces that you can wear on the days when you feel like acting crazy. Adding long chains, big pendants, colorful beaded bracelets, dangling earrings and gemstone rings to your collection is a good idea. You can even go creative and have some statement pieces customized from a designer. Mix and match these pieces to create experimental styles but make sure that you do not go over the board. Also, do not just step out for a formal evening or a professional meeting with one of these styles.

Follow the celebrities

Another handy tip to stay on top of jewelry trend is to follow your favorite celebrities who endorse men’s jewelry. Jay Z, Randy Jackson, Zayn Malik, Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz and Will Smith are just a few names that you can check out to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. Keeping a close eye on these famed people can give you a good idea about the kind of pieces that you should stock for your collection. At the same time, buy and wear only those items that you can wear comfortably and frequently.

This fashion guide sums up everything that you should know about wearing men’s jewelry to look good and stand apart as well. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned jewelry lover, try out these tips to buy the right pieces and flaunt them well enough. Surely, you will be able to get all the attention you deserve and have women swooning over your personal style!

Kiddyum Kids Meal | Review

Freddie is now over 14 months old and loves his food a lot and lets you know if he is still hungry by saying “more”.

I try and cook everything from fresh so when I cook something for us I will put some aside for Freddie but it is not always possible so it is nice to have a back up option in the house.

When working full time it is sometimes hard so I like to keep some ready meals in the freezer for him.  Weaning Freddie wasn’t hard as he eats pretty much everything you put in front of him which made it stress free.

I was sent 4 of Kiddyums ready meals made by Jayne  for review with Freddie.

My husband gave Freddie the Chicken curry one and said he ate half of it, and did enjoy it, but I didn’t manage to get any pictures. He said it smelt nice and looked yummy.

They can be ready in just 5 mins by microwaving them and following the instructions. You can purchase them from Sainsburys , Ocada and Co op.

I tried Freddie with the Fish and Veg Pie and again he ate half of it, he has been off his food a little recently has hes been poorly with a cough and cold.  It certainly looked tasty and had plenty of fish and veg in it with sauce too.

*We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Meal Planning Monday 01/10/18

October, Well hello, nice to see you.  This month is going to be jam packed with birthdays and celebrations, starting with my birthday this Friday.

This week I will be cooking up:

Chicken tikka curry with boiled rice

Homemade Toad in the hole with Veg and gravy

Chicken enchiladas & homemade wedges

Lasagna & Garlic Bread

It’s My Birthday – Party Food

Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins with Beans and Salad

Roast Dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your plate this week?