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Keeping Well With The Independent Pharmacy

I am pretty sure most of us hate it when we are feeling a little under the weather with an illness, whether being a headache, pains, common cold or migraines. It can have a major impact on your day, week or even months! I for one know how miserable it can be heading out to work in the morning not feeling great and then coming home and spending your evening feeling sorry for yourself.

We all have very different thresholds for how we deal with illness and pains, some will find themself struggling to get out the house were as others can snap put of it and crack on with their day.

I think most of us have a draw, cupboard or somewhere to stash your standard medicines and painkillers. These are generally your go to as soon as you start feeling a little rough. But what happens when you wake up with the feeling of a migraine coming on and you realise you have no paracetamol or ibuprofen? The daunting thought of having to get dressed and head out to your local pharmacy just so you can ease the pain means you will probabily head back to bed and pray for the best!

Well there is no need to panic, The Independent Pharmacy is the perfect fix. They provide an online service for all your medical needs. With the click of a few buttons you can have the medical supplies brought to you without having to venture out the house.

Over the years I have suffered with Migraines for as long as I can remember, not major ones but bad enough to send me to bed, and that takes alot.

With a little help from The independent Pharmacy you can deal with Migraines by taking these tablets as it has the reverse effect of what is going on in your head which causes migraines to happen.

My Top tips for dealing with Migraines are:

  1. Take 2 paracetamol and 1 Ibuprofen as soon as you feel a migraine coming
  2. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids
  3. If possible, get straight to bed or somewhere quiet to be able to relax
  4. Once awake, get some food down you

I have heard that eating chocolate can be good for migranes, i’m not sure how true this is, but im sure chocolate helps pretty much everything!

If over the counter products don’t work take a trip to your GP practice and discuss other options or medicines with them directly.

  • This is a collaborative post.

Meal Planning Monday | 06/11/2017

Well what a week! After finally tying the knot last week, we’ve been settling into life as husband and wife.  The husband had to return to work on Wednesday after two and half weeks off which is why I didn’t do a meal plan.

Salmon, Dish, Food, Meal, Fish, Seafood, Plate

Our meal plan for this week is as follows

Roast beef Dinner with all the trimmings

Pan fried Pork with homemade wedges and apple sauce

Lasanga with garlic bread

Chicken, bacon & Spinach served on tagliatelle pasta with cheese sauce

Homemade Meatballs in tomato sauce with spagetti

Steak with fried onions, tomatoes, thick cut chips & Peppercorn sauce

Cheese & Bacon Quiche with Jacket Potatoes & Salad

Do you Plan your meals for the week ahead?


Lawn Care: 4 Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Confused by lawn care? These simple tips will get you started on creating a beautiful, lush garden. From mowing to fertilisers, we’ve got it covered.

If you have a garden, you’ll know that the lawn tends to take centre stage. It’s the focal point that the rest of the garden grows from and it offers a space for the whole family to enjoy and relax. But aside from something to enjoy, it can also be a source of difficulty when deciding how to properly care for your lawn. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting the most out of your garden!


Regularly treat your lawn with trusted fertilisers and weed-killers. This will keep the grass protected from any nasty weeds and will encourage the grass to grow into a lush, healthy lawn. Choosing this can be difficult, and make sure you don’t get drawn into overpriced products! One way to avoid costs and make sure you are getting a well-designed product is to trust a lawn care company, who’s treatments are regularly tested and held to industry standards. As a minimum, you need to get the lawn treated before every season, to make sure it is ready for the changing weather.


Mow your lawn too short. If you do, it’ll dry the lawn out and make it lose colour, which no green-fingered enthusiast wants! It’s much better to mow little and often, which encourages the grass to grow. Keep it above 1 inch and use a mower that has nice, sharp blades.


Rake those lovely Autumn leaves! The orange hues might look pretty across the lawn but they can cause a number of problems. The grass needs to breathe, and the leaves can cause a blockage to them receiving air and water. The extra layer also encourages insects and bacteria to grow and develop into issues such as snow mould. You don’t have to be excessively strict with this, but clear the majority of dead leaves to ensure lawn health.


Over-water the lawn. In warmer months, you should water the grass at least once a week, but in Winter this need drastically reduces. Plants go into dormant mode, where they are growing less and therefore need less water. Pay attention to rain fall, and if it’s a particularly wet Autumn and Winter this year, you might not need to add any extra.

Bingo, what’s the fuss?

Online Bingo has become one of the largest online games, whether playing for free or trying your luck at coming out with a nice little win. With so many different gambling sites being advertised with free sign up credits or with special prizes it can be very difficult to decide on which site to use.

Bingo is widely known to be more of a female game, with only 20% of Bingo players being male. However, with winning money being the fifth reason for people actually playing, majority of people are only playing for the enjoyment of the game. So come on guys, even if you dont want to gamble, give it a go, it will be more enjoyable than you think!

With the largest known online win being £430,900, Bingo can be a very tempting way to change your life with bets starting at literally just pennies.

Boomtown Bingo offer a free service showing all the different gambling sites for Bingo, casino games and just about every other game where you can win money. Making life much easier seeing who offers the best bonuses and incentives when you sign up, saving you hours of time searching yourself. They also put everything into normal human language meaning as a first timer, you can understand the difference in the sites.

The Boomtown Bingo site also shows you their independent review of each site, meaning you can easily scroll down looking for who has the most stars, again helping to guide you into making the right decisio.

So whether you are looking for somewhere to gamble on 32 Red, matching signs on the slots or whether you are more into two little ducks, Boomtown Bingo is the place to go!

  • This is a Collabrative Post, However all thoughts & Opinions are my own

Cleaning Baby Bottle with Milk Buster | Review

When was the last time you looked at your baby bottles? I mean properly looked at them?

I am going to be truthful here and admit that I don’t, Just Use them, wash them sterilise them and reuse them.

Over time the bottles we use have started to become cloudy, and can sometimes have a bit of an unpleasant smell to them. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to test out the Nimble Babies Milk Buster, which has been specially developed to prevent, and remove, the build up of milk residue.

A little bit about the technical stuff

Nimble Babies uses only plant based ingredients and is as mild as water which is brilliant, my other thought was that if I sterilise my bottle why would I need this? Well it turns out that sterilising only kills germs it doesn’t remove the residue so the germs can grow back! Who knew?!

The instructions say all you need to do is fill the bottle with water, two squirts of Milk Buster, and give it a scrub with the brush, quick rinse and it’s done.

When I first tried out Nimble Babies Milk Buster I noticed immediately that the bottles weren’t as cloudy. I would like to note that I don’t think you’ll ever get your bottles to look perfectly new again, but they are noticeably cleaner, and the funky milk smell had gone.

I haven’t tried it yet but have heard it works on different types of plastic too such as bowls and plates.

Nimble Babies milk buster comes in a 200ml spray bottle which retails for £5.99 and also a travel size 60ml bottle is available to buy as well.

I would be sure to buy this product again.

*I was sent some Nimble Babies Milk Buster for the purpose of this review.  However, All thoughts and opinions are my own.