The 7 Biggest Mistakes When Planning A Summer Party

Throwing a summer party can seem like a good idea beforehand, but then the guests start arriving and you realise that there are a hundred things that you’ve forgotten to do. Planning is everything when hosting a shindig. Avoid these common mistakes and your summer party is certain to go smoothly. Not following up invites […]

A Pizza My Heart: Reaching Relationship Milestones in Italy

Italy is world renowned as one of the most romantic countries you could find. It has beautiful, temperate weather and some of the most stunning urban, pastoral and seaside landscapes you could ever wish to see. Not to mention the high-quality cuisine, tone perfect local accents and magnificent monuments that abound its regions from North […]

Summer Celebrations: Throw a Terrific Tapas Party

Summer parties should be as colorful, fun, and casual as possible. You’ll be dreaming about those lovely breezy summer dresses when winter comes, and long back the season of effortless fun outside; what better to compliment your outdoor summer party than a theme of casual tapas-eating? In fact, tapas parties seem to be the perfect […]