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“Juliette” Lingerie Set Review By Hunkemoller

I absolutely hate shopping for underwear, Trying to find pretty bras that are comfortable, supportive, flattering and fit properly almost seems too much to ask for, especially when I seem to be different sizes in different shops.

When I was offered an juliette padded underwired push up bra and juliette thong  from Lingerie by hunkemoller to review, I couldn’t say no. Owning a beautiful matching underwear set would make a change from all the boring none matching ones that are in my drawer.

I ordered a 34C which is my normal size, but I have recently 3 weeks ago had a baby.  It’s plunge style and is underwired.  There is a size table on the website to help with working out the best sizes you would need.

It is ridiculously pretty, with lots of lace and crochet detailing. The bra is available in cup sizes A to H.

With the bra being priced at £27.50 & the thong priced at £14.00  it’s more than I would usually pay, but definitely worth every penny.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Welcome Freddie, Appointments & Unpredictable Weather #LittleLoves

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have joined in with this linky as the past few weeks have been making sure we had everything we needed to welcome our new arrivel into the world and I can imagine the next few weeks after will be insane with getting ourselves into a routine of a family of 3. We also are trying to getting everything organised for our wedding which is in 3 months time.


Lots of lovely comments from friends and family since giving birth to our gorgeous little boy Freddie.  Also receiving lots of appointment letters through the post for both Freddie’s and mine Midwife/Health visitors and doctors check ups.


Day time TV, and realising how crap it actually is.


The sad news of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park Hanging himself.  I grew up loving and blasting linkin Park music out in my bedroom.  Such tragedy to loose such a legend from the music industry.


A mixture of summer/winter like clothes such as maxi dresses and jeans and cardigans after we had a spell of really hot weather then cold winds and rain where I was forced to dig out my jeans from the wardrobe.


The arrival of our little bundle of joy who finally made an appearance on Saturday 8th July 2017 @ 19:12PM just 1 day over his due date.



It is now the 6 week school holidays which I bet all the kids are happy about.  Are you and your family’s going away this summer holidays?

How was your week?

Tastybone Dog Bone Review

If you haven’t read my previous post about the pets we share our home with, we have a Dog called Carly who is a Rottweiler, she is 5 years old female and is as soppy as they come.

Carly enjoys nothing more than playing with her toys, eating and sleeping. The one thing I can say is she doesn’t destroy any of her toys she loves playing with them and after she has had a good chew or thrown them around she will lick them as if she is saying sorry to them.

Keeping on top of pets hygiene is very important and a few months ago we were sent a couple of tasty bones for her to try out.  Carly took an instant liking too them and she happily lies around the house and spends ages gnawing on it.

We were sent the bacon flavour one

And also sent a Dental bone in cinnamon mint flavour

Image result for cinnamon mint dental bone

I have only given Carly one of the bones for now.

These bones are great because they are made from nylon they last for ages and keep them busy for hours at a time.

  • I was sent these product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Handcrafting My Own Wedding Stationery

As many of you know already that read my blog or know me on a personal level that I get married in October.  I always knew that I wanted to handcraft my very own wedding stationery.

Back in February was when I ordered all the stuff I needed and started making them, you can read all about it on my facebook page Kimz Kardz & Kraftz.

The colour scheme was between purple, coral & Turquoise, our original wedding date was July and I choose Turquoise as it was a lovely summery colour.  Then when I discovered I was pregnant just before Christmas and due in July we had to postpone the wedding but stayed with the same colour scheme.

I ordered alot of stuff off ebay as delivery is good and it is good quality too.

The design I went for was a simple yet very effective style of invite, with delicate hearts and a handmade bow on the front with embellishments to finish it off.

Wedding Invitation

All the hearts were punched out by hand for each invite also.

The inside was all printed off and cut to the correct size to fit perfectly within the card.  My dad designed the little pocket to put the rsvp, gift list and hotels in.

Wedding insert

I added a colour border round the edge to make them stand out better on white card.


I couldn’t of asked for them to turn out any better than they did.  It took me a total of 4 months to complete but that was down to other personal commitments we had in the family to deal with.

Now I have completed them I would offer these to purchase at a price of £5.95 all in,  excluding delivery. They can be in any colour scheme to suit your special day.

If you know anyone that is getting married and would love handcrafted bespoke wedding invitations then head over to my facebook page for all my designs and message me for a free no obligtion quote.

Life Goals: How To Be Healthier And Happier

If somebody asked you what your life goal was, what would you say? Would you say you wanted to be famous, do you dream of finding love or are you desperate to be healthy and happy? It’s not always possible to prevent every illness, but the choices you make can have such an influential bearing on your physical and mental health. Here are some steps you can take to boost your health and wellbeing.

Improving your physical health

There are so many things you can do to condition your body and reduce your risk of developing illnesses and diseases. It’s impossible to condense everything into one guide, but focusing on your diet, avoiding toxic substances and moving more will all prove incredibly beneficial. Take your diet first. At the moment, is your diet balanced and does it contain foods that have nutritional value? Eating well shouldn’t always be about losing weight or preventing weight gain. Your body relies on your diet to provide it with the nutrients it needs. Making simple changes like increasing your intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and whole grains can make such a difference.

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Habits like drinking too much and smoking can put your health at risk. Giving up smoking is a lot easier said than done, but there are support systems out there if you do want to quit. The NHS stop smoking service is free, and you can access treatments like nicotine replacement therapy and group support. If you’re worried about how much you drink, keep a diary, and take steps to reduce your intake. Organise social activities that don’t involve drinking, have some days off and alternate soft and alcoholic drinks when you’re out.


Boosting your happiness

Mental health is as important as physiological health. If you’re struggling with stress because of work, or your schedule is too hectic, try and find a better balance and manage your time more effectively. Speak to your boss about taking some time off or sharing the workload, and make time for yourself. Connect with friends, spend more time with people you love, and make time for hobbies. Some people find self-help techniques like exercise, meditation and creative activities helpful.

Today, there’s a lot of pressure to look good, and body image is a subject that concerns most people. If you have low self-esteem or you lack confidence, make an effort to be kinder to yourself and take a break from social media. Treat yourself like you do your best friends, and don’t be too critical. Nobody is perfect.

It sounds cliche, but when times are tough, find a happy place. Enjoy some downtime, chat to that friend who always picks you up or spend a day doing something you love. Go for a jog in the park, sit on the beach, run a bath or write down exactly how you’re feeling.


Most of us dream of living a long and fulfilling life. Life has a habit of throwing curveballs at us, and we never know what’s going to happen, but taking these steps will help to boost your health and happiness.

Jungle Jam in Brazil Review & Giveaway

img_9025I used to love reading books when I was a kid and I want our baby to love reading too and have already started getting a collection of books together for when he is old enough to read himself but I will read to him until then.

Jungle Jam
Jack my nephew reading Jungle Jam

When I was contacted and offered to review their new published booked called Jungle Jam in Brazil I had to say yes.  I hadn’t read the first book which is called “Jungle Jam” but was sent a copy of both of them.

The book has the same characters that are in the previous Jungle Jam book.  Jungle Jam in brazil is about the characters visiting Brazil to play in a concert. The book uses authentic words which teaches the reader a little bit about Brazil.

Everyone meets a friendly Macaw and then they explore the new country. Trying out new food, musical instruments and lots of different experiences.

There is a great activity page at the end of the book where the children have to look for the musical instruments hidden in a town in Brazil.


Also at the back of the page is a page with facts about Brazil, I really like this addition.


The illustrations and colours in the book are very crisp. The book is aimed at 0-5, however older children will enjoy reading the book for themselves. Take a look at the Jungle Jam website to find out more about the books.  The Jungle Jam books are written by husband and wife team Noam and Louise Lederman. They have combined their love of music, writing and education to create a series of stories which focus on key development skills, while also inspiring a love for and knowledge of music.

I am lucky enough to offer one of my readers to win a copy of this great book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries will close at midnight on Wednesday 16th August 2017.
  • All entrants must have a UK delivery address.
  • One winner will be selected at random to receive a copy of Jungle Jam in Brazil.
  • The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of the giveaway closing.

It Is Possible To Have A Chronic Illness & Be Healthy & Happy

You don’t usually hear the terms ‘chronic illness’ and ‘happy and healthy’ together, do you? The concept of being happy and healthy while living with a long-term illness or condition seems strange, but does that mean it’s not possible? Of course not – you can have a chronic illness and lead a happy and full life.

The fact is that living with a chronic health condition can be incredibly difficult and can have a big impact on your quality of life. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t lead a happy and healthy life, your one medical problem doesn’t have to define your entire life. You can make the most of your life and enjoy it, even when you are living with a serious health problem.

It might be difficult living with a chronic health condition, but the fact is there’s no reason you can’t lead a full and happy life. Sure, some days will be harder than others, but there are steps that you can take to make leading a happy and healthy life that little bit easier.

You may think the concept of being healthy when you have a chronic condition is strange but what it means is being healthy aside from your condition. Taking care of yourself and ensuring that you are keeping your body healthy can have a big impact on your general health as well as on your happiness.

To learn more about leading a healthy and happy life when living with a chronic illness, read on.

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Make pain management a priority

When living with a chronic condition, whether it’s arthritis, lupus or celiac disease, it’s vital that you make pain management a priority, that is, if it’s needed. At times when you are having a flare up and are feeling unwell, it’s crucial to make pain management a priority. Whatever you do, don’t leave it too long to take pain relief because by that time, your pain levels become too high and you will struggle to get them back under control. Always aim to reduce pain as soon as it occurs, to ensure that it doesn’t become unbearable. As well as using painkillers, it could be worth looking into other pain management methods, such as seeing a physiotherapist or undergoing acupuncture treatment, for instance. The fact is that it’s easy to become addicted to painkillers, which is why if you need to manage your pain on a regular basis it pays to look at alternative treatment methods, as well as using painkillers. Things like heat and ice therapy can be highly effective, and so, are worth a try.

Eat well & stay active

At times when you are feeling unwell, it’s often easier to eat junk food and lounge about on the sofa rather than eating well and staying active. But if you want to feel better in yourself and not feel as sluggish, it’s important to eat well and stay as active as possible. The key to eating healthily is making meals in batches and freezing them so that on bad days you have plenty of healthy food in the freezer that just needs to be microwaved. As for snacks, aim to stick to fruit and raw vegetables, and you will feel much better for it. When it comes to staying active, if you are in pain this may not be easy, but the fact is that it’s important to be as active as possible as physical activity causes the brain to release endorphins which make you feel happier and more content, so the more you can exercise, the better. If you don’t feel up to running around or doing anything too demanding, yoga or pilates could be a good option, as could swimming or walking. While you may not be able to do strenuous activities, it’s important to do what you can and stay as active as possible. It doesn’t matter if that’s just half an hour of pilates and a little walking, all that matters is that you are making an effort to stay active.

Manage your stress levels

Stress creates anxiety, anxiety leads to pain, and pain leads to stress – it’s a vicious cycle. Stress, anxiety and pain decrease happiness and make life that little bit worse, which is why it’s so important to learn how to effectively manage your stress levels. To keep your stress levels low, physical activity like meditation-based exercise can help – pilates and yoga allow you to relax your mind and let go of everything that’s bothering you. When you are feeling stressed, use deep breathing to reduce the tension and anxiety that you are feeling, so that you are able to calm down more quickly and let go of what’s bothering you.

Find your own way

Remember that you don’t need to please anyone. It’s up to you what you do – you need to find your own way. Because of your chronic illness, you may not be able to follow the path that you wanted to, but that doesn’t mean that your life is over, it just means that you need to find a new path. Say, for instance, you suffer from serious arthritis and can no longer work as a hairdresser because of it. This might be sad and upsetting, but it’s important to understand that you can (and will) find a new path to go down, it just might take some time, that’s all.

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Stay busy

Even when you are on bed rest, it’s vital that you keep yourself busy. There is nothing worse than sitting around doing nothing – it’s these times when your mind will wander, and you will begin to stress about things. So whatever is happening, it’s vital that you stay busy. If you’re stuck in bed, this could mean reading a good book, knitting or crocheting, or setting up your own blog online. If you’re up and about, you have a lot more options when it comes to staying busy – you can do whatever you like, whether that’s cooking or gardening, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you can find a way to stay busy.

Celebrate the small wins

No achievement is too small to celebrate. Whether you manage to walk an extra mile compared to normal, are able to eat a whole meal, or manage to finish that book you have been reading, celebrate. When you suffer from a chronic illness, it’s all about celebrating the small wins. To prevent life from getting you down, it’s important to celebrate the small stuff as this will help to keep a smile on your face and should lift your mood.

Stop comparing yourself

It’s tempting to compare yourself to others but this is a mistake that you don’t want to make. Don’t compare your life to other people’s as this is guaranteed to put a downer on how you feel about things. It’s best not to compare yourself, instead try to be happy with what you have and the life that you lead. What other people are doing with their lives doesn’t matter – what matters is what you are doing with yours. Don’t compare yourself and your family to others, instead be happy with what you have and be proud of the life that you lead. Do this and you will feel much better for it.

Be positive

If there is one mistake that you don’t want to make, it’s being negative. The fact is that being negative will only cause you to feel down and will make you resent the life that you lead. So aim to always be as positive as possible – don’t let life get you down, be happy with the life that you have. Just because things aren’t always perfect and sometimes your illness makes life more difficult than it needs to be, that’s no reason to get down about things. Try and always be as positive as possible, regardless of what life throws at you.

Don’t let your condition hold you back

Whatever chronic illness you have, don’t let it hold you back. The fact is that sometimes you won’t be able to do certain things because of how you are feeling, but wherever possible don’t let your illness hold you back. If you want to travel, travel – don’t miss out on family holidays, take life by the hands and jet off to somewhere sunny, just make sure that you have adequate health insurance in place. Love the idea of doing something for charity, like a skydive, for instance? Yes – then do it. Obviously check with your doctor first but if they okay it then it’s perfectly fine to do whatever you want to do. Don’t let your condition hold you back – do as much as you can and lead a life that’s as full as possible. You don’t want to regret anything – you want to ensure that your condition doesn’t negatively impact your life, ruining your chances of happiness.

There you have it, a guide to leading a happy and healthy life while living with a chronic illness. It might not be easy, but the fact is that it is possible to be content and happy, even with a chronic illness hanging over you.

Read Up: Tips Before You Get A Pup

Making the life decision to get a puppy for your family home is one that’ll have a big effect with some huge pros and cons. Still, you’ll know that you’re ready for a dog if the benefits outweigh the costs by a clear mile. For most people, this is definitely the case; when you become a dog, you naturally become a dog lover. It’s a natural and completely uncontrollable event; the love you feel for your new addition to the family will be entirely unconditional. However, dogs aren’t for everyone; they do require time, affection, and money, much like any human you care about. Here are some tips to consider before you get a puppy.

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Your dog’s health is so important, and you need to be ready to invest time and potentially money into looking after your new little puppy if you get one. Vet visits, whether for a regular check-up or an emergency situation, are something with which you’ll have to be comfortable if you’re going to be a dog owner. Animals get sick or injured much as humans do. If you’ve no idea where to begin with dog vaccination then it’s important to do research on the subject because you don’t want your puppy to be at risk of nasty infections (that could be costly for you in every meaning of the word).


It’s so important that you train your dog from the moment you first introduce him or her to the house. Bad habits can develop and stick rather quickly if you fail to show your new puppy the ropes. You need to figure out how your dog’s mind works if you want to curb bad behavior, such as urinating on the carpet or chasing other dogs around the park. Excitability and confusion are usually the culprits because so much of the world is brand new and wonderful to a small puppy (much like a young child).

However, if you start to reinforce the moments at which your dog behaves (with a delicious snack, usually) then you’ll notice that your puppy grows up with the understanding that good behavior leads to rewards and bad behavior earns him or her nothing at all. You’ve got to be consistent with your method, of course. Don’t treat your dog differently from day to day when they’re behaving the same because they’ll start to get confused; remain consistent until the good behavior is learned. Even when that happens, be sure to reward your dog with treats when they behave well.

Black and Brown Short Haired Puppy in Cup

Happy home.

Is the family ready for a dog? And is the dog ready for your family home? Answering both of these questions is important to crossing the final barrier when deciding whether a puppy is right for you. Of course, above all else, making sure the puppy is happy in your home is the most crucial aspect of owning a pet, but it’s something that anybody can achieve with time and patience. You need only ensure that they understand the rules of your house, and when they see that you’re happy with your good behavior then they’ll be happy; dogs feed off a positive environment much like humans, so if you’re positive about their presence then they’ll be positive about living with you. It’s as simple as that.

Fast Food: Healthy Options For People In A Hurry

Students and busy professionals often struggle to find enough spare time to cook healthy meals. That makes sense because they’re always working hard and striving to reach their life goals. Still, that doesn’t mean those people should concede to eating McDonald’s or Burger King every day. There are lots of ways in which anyone can ensure they always consume healthy foods, even if they don’t have much time on their hands. There are some fantastic tips below from which all readers could benefit. As the old saying goes, people need a healthy body to achieve a healthy mind.

Find quick recipes online

There are lots of websites that publish healthy recipes these days. Cooking enthusiasts from sites like The Nourished Life know that most people don’t have a lot of time on their hands. For that reason, many sites of that nature release posts detailing instant pot recipes. It’s possible to cook most of them in a matter of minutes, and so everyone could make use of the ideas. They just have to perform some basic research and find something that suits their taste. Some of the best ideas for saving time include:



  • Pressure Cooker Scotch Eggs
  • Breakfast Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oats
  • Pressure Cooker Paleo Banana Bread


  • Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy
  • Instant Pot Curried Lemon Coconut Chicken
  • Instant Pot Thai Chicken

However, there are thousands of others anyone can find online. Just take a look around until something suitable rears its head.

Cook then freeze meals at the weekend

There are many meals people can cook in bulk at the weekend and then freeze. That would help to save a lot of time during the week, and it could also become a relaxing experience. That is especially the case for people who spend their weekdays working in an office. Cooking is often an excellent way to unwind. Some ideas for meals readers can cook and freeze include:

  • Chili Con Carne
  • Creamy Salmon with Chunky Ratatouille
  • Balsamic steaks with peppercorn wedges

The possibilities are endless, and only limited by the chef’s imagination!


Get a healthy food delivery subscription

In many parts of the world, there are specialist companies that will deliver healthy meals to people’s doors. Users of services of that nature tend to pay a monthly subscription fee according to specialists like Well and Good. They then take delivery of cooked meals ready for the freezer once each week. It’s not the cheapest solution available, and the food might not blow people away. However, it’s much healthier than eating at McDonald’s or Burger King every day. If that idea appeals, it’s sensible to search Google for the best provider in the local area. With a bit of luck, the service won’t break the bank, and individuals will consume food designed to keep them fighting fit.

As readers can see from the information on this page, fast food doesn’t have to send anyone to an early grave. It’s more than possible to stick to a healthy diet even if people don’t have much time during their working day. So, now is the time to consider all options on the table and create a plan. Good luck with that!

Impress, Don’t Intimidate: First Date Suggestions

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Going on a first date can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. While you are excited to get to know someone and see if sparks fly, for most people, doubts start to enter their mind. They worry about the conversation, whether there will be awkward silences, and if they will like one and other. This is only natural, which is why it is a good idea to plan your first date carefully. After all, it is likely that the other person is feeling the same way. The key is to choose somewhere that will impress your date without intimidating them or making them feel awkward. Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Go for a few drinks at a country pub – The question of whether to go for a meal on your first date or not can be a difficult one. This is why a great country pub is ideal. You will be able to have a few drinks, and the option of dinner is always there if you are both having a great time. If you aren’t completely feeling it, you can stick to drinks and end the date after that. It gives you room to manoeuvre. Also, the relaxed and cosy setting of a country pub can work a lot better than a formal restaurant. You and your date will feel much more comfortable.
  2. Visit a tourist hot spot in your town that neither of you has been to before – Visiting a new tourist spot is a good first date option because it gives you something to talk about. You won’t need to think about conversations to have, as you will have something that is providing that for you. It is also good for those who don’t like to begin a first date with a sit-down conversation.
  3. Take a cooking class together – Taking a cooking class together is a great way to break the ice. Of course, if one of you considers yourself a Michelin star chef, it is best to forget about this date option, as the other person will feel intimidated. Nevertheless, if you both aren’t the best in the kitchen, taking a cooking class will be a great way to have a laugh together. Or, for another option, why not have a cocktail making lesson?
  4. Go for a picnic – You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy an amazing first date. Why not go for a picnic instead? This is the perfect outdoor date for the summer months. You can put together some snacks and take a bottle of Prosecco, or whatever your date likes to drink. It’s a great way to get to know one and other, and the sunshine and green surroundings will add to the romance of it all.

Play it relatively safe with one of the first date ideas mentioned above, yet be sure to impress your date at the same time! Remember, it is important to think about how they are going to be feeling. The last thing you want to do is put them off by picking a date that is out of their comfort zone.