“Juliette” Lingerie Set Review By Hunkemoller

I absolutely hate shopping for underwear, Trying to find pretty bras that are comfortable, supportive, flattering and fit properly almost seems too much to ask for, especially when I seem to be different sizes in different shops. When I was offered an juliette padded underwired push up bra and juliette thong  from Lingerie by hunkemoller to […]

It Is Possible To Have A Chronic Illness & Be Healthy & Happy

You don’t usually hear the terms ‘chronic illness’ and ‘happy and healthy’ together, do you? The concept of being happy and healthy while living with a long-term illness or condition seems strange, but does that mean it’s not possible? Of course not – you can have a chronic illness and lead a happy and full […]

Fast Food: Healthy Options For People In A Hurry

Students and busy professionals often struggle to find enough spare time to cook healthy meals. That makes sense because they’re always working hard and striving to reach their life goals. Still, that doesn’t mean those people should concede to eating McDonald’s or Burger King every day. There are lots of ways in which anyone can […]