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10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Rachel from Coffeecakeskids to list ten things that make me happy. I really like this idea, but really struggle with what to write in these posts.  I am leaving the obviously things out that always make me happy which are my Finance Tom, My nephews Jack, Harry, Alex & Ben and my family and thinking of the other little things.

Here goes anyways.

  1. Sunshine

The weather has a massive impact on my mood if it’s sunny and warm, you’ll more than likely find me in the garden topping up my tan, lying on a sun lounger with a cold beverage in one hand.  I enjoy nothing more than wearing maxi dresses and flip-flops over jumpers and coats.  Even though been born in October I know I should have been a summer baby.

2. Flowers

As cheesy as this sounds, I love flowers and the OH always say why you buying things that are dead anyways.  No matter if it a bunch of flowers, a pot plant or flowers in the garden I love them as they brighten up any room or dull day and make me smile.  I feel I do get this from my mum as she always has flowers in her house and we buy each other the odd bunch now and again just because we want to.

Picasso flowers

3. Holidays

Every year for as far back as I can remember is always going away whether it be abroad or in this country with my parents.  I love to get away and see different places and countries etc.  Some of the destinations I have been to are Spain, Amsterdam, Lanzarote, Cyprus, Turkey, Cornwall, Ibiza, and Wales, I’m sure there are others but can’t recall some of them as I was only little.

4. Camera/phone

These are both things I love and couldn’t live without because I take so many photos on them to treasure and then every so often uploads them all to my computer to make sure they are all backed up and safe and I don’t lose any of my memories.

5. Pyjamas

More so in the winter months, but I love nothing more than coming home from work and getting changed straight into my pyjamas, pulling my thick fluffy slippers and dressing gown on too and snuggling up on the Sofa.

6. My pets

This may sound silly to some people, but not to me.  I have 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and a dog that I share my house with and I love nothing more than coming home and been greeted by my dog, Carly.  She is always happy to see us when we walk in from work and always manages to put a smile on my face even if I have had a rubbish day at work.  The same with my rabbits and guinea’s, I go in the garage and talk to them, fuss them and cuddle them, they are also always happy to see me, running up to the front of the cages squeaking and climbing up the front for fuss.

7. My Home

Again sounds like a silly one but me and my partner brought our first home nearly 3 year now and I love nothing more than going home to know that I have succeeded in life and purchased my first home and got on the property ladder, which wasn’t easy after years of saving up then trying to find a property.

8.  Tea

I’ve always been a tea drinker and I love nothing more than a perfect cup of tea when I get up in the morning with maybe a few cheeky biscuits to dunk in it aswell.   It can’t be milky or like “piss water” and can’t be too black like “builders tea” and the milk has to go in before the water.

9. Clothes

I love nothing more than a bit of shopping, I have to be in the mood for it though, I can’t just go shopping,  I have to really want something before I go and buy it, but then can also spend a fortune in one go if I see things I like.

10. A good TV Series

I’m not normally a TV person  but if I find a decent TV series to watch such as “Suits” which I was addicted too a few months ago, that makes me happy as it will give me something to watch during the day/ evening snuggled on the sofa with the fiance.  We have recently just started watching “Orange in the new black”

What are the things that make you happy?  Leave a comment below with yours.


“Picasso” Flower Bouquet Review from Bunches

I love flowers and even more so since I have had my own house, every opportunity I get I will treat myself to a bunch or 2 of fresh flowers and fill every room around the house.

When Tristan from Bunches got in contact with me and offered me to review one of their bouquets I couldn’t resist, flowers brighten up any dull day.

I was sent their gorgeous “Picasso” bouquet full of vibrant colours of deep purple, creams and whites and the smell, well if you could smell them through this post you would be wanting a bunch in your house right now, it is just amazing fills the room with fragrance.


I got them carefully out the box as they were packaged very delicately and the stems were kept in a tub of wet tissue to prevent them from dying.


They also came with a sachet of flower food to put in the water to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Flower food

When I took them out the box there was a little surprise gift inside of a bag of chocolates and a little note from the company – It’s the little touches.


I placed the flower bouquet in my lounge on the fireplace as it is where we most spend our evenings so I can admire them every day and enjoy the aromas they give off.


The roses started to die just after a week but the rest still look amazing and could go on for a while longer.

I would certainly buy flowers from Bunches again as the delivery was excellent and it is all done by courier so any special occasion you can guarantee arrival on time.

The majority of the bouquet is still going 2 weeks later which is amazing, but have a feeling with this hot weather it may start to give up the go. Still 2 weeks is amazing, must be doing something right.

This bouquet is available in 2 sizes Standard size (21 stems) priced at £32.99 and then Elegance luxury bouquet size (31 stems) priced at £44.99.  I don’t feel that is too badly priced for the selection of flowers you get.

  • I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

What to Consider When Picking Accommodation for Family Vacations

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Family vacations provide some unforgettable moments for both parents and their children. But picking a place to stay that will be suitable for your family can be a bit of a headache! You don’t want to make any mistakes in this area, so here’s a quick list of the things you need to consider when you’re making your choice.

Vacation or staycation?

Some families are happy to stay in lavish hotels, but others may be looking at other options. It can really depend on the type of break you want to have. If you’re looking for something simple that still provides you with a really relaxing and total break from reality, then something like Toprooms bed & breakfasts might be what you’re looking for. If you’d think it would be easier to keep the accommodation really roomy and as similar to home as possible, then you’ll want to consider renting a vacation apartment or house!


Things to do

Kids can get bored pretty easily, as I’m sure we’re all aware. So it’s important to ensure that there’s plenty for your kids to do wherever you’re staying. Of course, you can tackle this sort of problem wherever you choose to stay; after all, a good book or a portable games console will help keep them occupied wherever you go! But you also need to consider things like wireless Internet or even television. If something occurs that prevents you from doings things you planned to do, such as unexpected closures or inclement weather, then the entertainment you can get where you’re staying becomes a pretty important thing to consider!

Local safety

Local safety is something you should always consider, whether you’re going on a vacation as a family with kids or as a couple of responsible adults. You can get crime statistics for pretty much anywhere you may want to visit on a vacation. If you’re staying somewhere in a city, then it may be even more important for you to keep an eye on such things. While you shouldn’t let yourself become paranoid about the safety of your children on vacation, there’s no denying that the safety of your chosen destination is a pretty vital element well worth thinking about.



A lot of families make the mistake of assuming they’ll never have to eat the food being offered where they’re staying. After all, hotel food is pretty expensive, right? But the fact is that a restaurant you’re planning to visit might be closed or fully booked. And, again, there’s always the risk of horrid weather! So make sure you research the menus well when you’re choosing accommodation for your vacation. You need to ensure you’re going somewhere that will have something for everyone in the family. Of course, if you choose to rent somewhere with its own kitchen, then you’ll have to worry about this a lot less because you can just cook your own meals!


Finally, consider how far away a given place is from the destinations you want to visit on your trip. Ideally, you should choose something quite close, especially when you consider how tired and irritable kids can get! If you can’t find something that close, then consider renting a car for your vacation, which will make transport much easier to handle.

20 Facts About Me

I was tagged to do this by Rachel from Coffeecakekids This is a little tag sort of thing that has been going around the internet and blogs for a few weeks, where you share twenty facts about you that people may or may not know. It’s actually a lot harder than you think to try and write down 20 facts about yourself.

  1. I have claustraphobia and have done from a very young age.  It is getting better but still panic every time I am in a lift and go into hot sweats.
  2. Me & My fiance are expecting our first child together in July, we didn’t know I was pregnant till I was almost 10 weeks, and we found out by going for a routine check-up at the doctors.  We couldn’t be more excited.  I have now only got 4 weeks.20-week-scan-14022017
  3. I always wanted to become a veterinary nurse and studied at college for many years but when I got into a veterinary practice I decided after 9 months I realised it wasn’t for me.
  4. I have always been a keen animal lover and have owned a variety of pets, from hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, Tortoise and a dog.  This will never change and my kids will grow up with pets too.
  5. My dream holiday destination is to go to Australia.  We had planned to go for our honeymoon but we have postponed it due to having a baby on the way.
  6. I have been driving for nearly 12 & half years and have only owned 3 cars, my first being a bright yellow Citroen Saxo, unfortunately.
  7. I once met the runner-up of Pop Idol Gareth Gates in Solihull Town Centre.
  8. I was adopted at just under 2 years old and don’t know anything about my family history, but couldn’t be happier where I am now.
  9. I don’t like Coffee or any flavours of coke cola
  10. I bought my first house with my fiance Tom in September 2014, due to building work and electrics needing replacing we didn’t move in till the December.
  11. Tom has been my longest term partner at 8 & half years, we have been engaged for 4 years and due to get married in October 2017
  12. I am quite a short arse and don’t even reach 5 foot tall, 4 foot 11inches to be exact.
  13. My favourite meal when I lived at home was Lamb chops, mash, veg and lots of gravy.
  14. My Grandma & Grandpa used to own a house in Tywyn Wales and most holidays we used to go and stay there with my cousins.
  15. I may be nearly 30 this year but I love arcade 2p machines, I have to go to an arcade and play on them,  sometimes wonder who is having more fun me or my nephews.
  16. I’ve got 4 nephews, a niece & a godson – Oldest is 9 years & the youngest under 1.
  17. I have 1 sister, there are only 18months between us.  We don’t always get on but we are always there for each other.
  18. I don’t like any types of beer or lager but will drink most other alcoholic beverages.
  19. My favourite holiday destination I have been on has to by Cyprus so far.
  20. I have very olive skin so when I go out in the sun I tan very easily and get asked if I have been away on holiday, and it is just a case I have been sitting in the garden.

I’m now going to tag Siobhan from the baby boat diaries and Noami from trips with a tot to join in and link up.

Wales, Sunshine & Baby News #LittleLoves

Half term has now been and gone with a blink of an eye.  Sadly there was no rest over here for the week for me, I spent the week at work handing over all my clients to the relevant people ready to start my Maternity Leave in a couple of weeks.


Sadly again nothing.  I am determined while I’m off and baby is sleeping is to read so blog posts and get some inspiration, so please feel free to leave me your blog links in the comments and I will have a nose and leave some comments.


That while we were away in Wales over bank holiday weekend at my Sister in Laws, my friend Laura had finally had her baby Girl Isabelle, just 4 days overdue as well.  She was gorgeous and her labour and birth sounded perfect.  Just hope mine is as good as my pregnancy has been.


My first maxi dress of the year.  It is the only one that I could squeeze into with my ever growing pregnancy tummy, but it felt great to wear it. Even more so while the weather had been hot to keep my cool.



A first BBQ of the year too…If that counts, we had the in-laws round the other Friday and as the weather was so nice we decided to do a last-minute BBQ, plus it was my father in laws birthday.


Britain’s got Talent, I never used to be big on these sort of TV programmes but I’ve grown to like it and they get some really good people on it, but then there are others that just make you cringe in your seat.

And Lastly

We went and spend the bank holiday weekend up in Wales at the sister in Laws, 6 adults, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 children in a bungalow was a little tight but we had a great time.


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Hen Do’s #MySundayPhoto

This is a take-back!

2 weeks ago I was recovering from what was one of the best days of my life….My 4 bridesmaids had arranged the most unforgettable day & night for my hen do.  I didn’t know what they had planned as I wanted a surprise and I am so happy I did, it was amazing.

It had started off at a makeover studio followed by a photo shoot, then we moved off to Arcadian in Birmingham for food & Cocktail making masterclass.

Image may contain: 8 people, people sitting and indoor


Taking Care Of Gran – What You Need To Know

Do you remember those days when Gran would take care of everything from a row at home to a cut or scrape? These days, Gran doesn’t get out as much, and the years are starting to take their toll. Of course, like many fiercely independent senior women, Gran isn’t going anywhere. She has many happy memories at home, and doesn’t want to live in a care home. It might be down to you to help her retain that independence. Can you juggle your kids, your career and all of the care Gran might need now? Thousands of people do this every day, and it will become more common as the population continues to reach an older age.

Time For Talk

Your relationship with your Gran is unique, but chances are you don’t have a lot to discuss with her on a day to day basis. Still, if your Gran is living alone, it’s really important she doesn’t become isolated. Like most of us, we thrive on routine. Can you schedule in a weekly outing with Gran? What about having afternoon tea with her every Tuesday? Pick a date and a time that suits you both, and try to stick to it. Of course, weekly visits aren’t always practical if you don’t live nearby. There are other solutions.

Finding people in your Gran’s community that can help doesn’t have to be difficult. If you look at websites like, you’ll see there are many services that provide company and social interactions for older people. Have a look on FaceBook to see if there are any community groups on there that follow one or two of your Gran’s hobbies. Reach out and see if they’d be willing to meet her in person.

camera, grandma, grandmother


It’s really easy to forget to take your vitamins, supplements, or medication. We’ve all done it. No doubt Gran will forget from time to time. You can help her with this by setting reminders on her phone or in a notebook she regularly looks at. Sometimes pill pots with the days of the week can be helpful too. It’s best if you know and have a note of what she should be taking. Why not offer to pick up her prescriptions for her so you can keep track of the dates of refills?

Keeping health appointments can also be tricky, especially if there is travel involved. It’s also easy to forget to ask the questions you want answers to, and to understand what you’ve been told. Have a look at websites like for advice here. Volunteer to go with your Gran to any appointments you can make the time for. It helps to have a second pair of ears sometimes!

Something New

Of course, Gran has plenty more years in her, so you want to make sure she fills them up with plenty of fun and stimulating activities. Don’t let her lose touch with the latest technologies or trends. Help her to get involved in these things by making them as accessible as possible. Perhaps your Gran would benefit from learning new skills or taking a course? There are thousands of different courses available, and it’s never too late to become a student. Start with her local adult education centre. You can find plenty of interesting health courses at the sports centre or health centre too. Why not get going with an online course?

When it comes to local services, you’ll be amazed just how many health and fitness classes there are for our older population. Perhaps Gran would be interested in signing up to something like that? It’s a good way to meet like-minded people too. Best of all, it will help Gran stay in great shape and give her health a boost.

Hobbies provide stimulation as well as that all-important feel-good factor. Starting a new hobby or interest is a great way to get involved with a new group of people. It also gives Gran plenty of things to keep her busy between your visits. Why not start a hobby together? That way you’ll have plenty more to talk about and so much more in common. It’s a good way for you to bond a little more and provides you both with a much-needed recreational activity.

adult, affection, baby

Personal Care

It may not be your responsibility or even something you want to deal with, but your Gran may have increasing needs for help with personal care. This can include the simple things like cooking and the household chores. Perhaps mobility issues make dressing a little hard. Of course, over time, washing and toileting may become too difficult or dangerous for an elderly person to manage on their own. This can be quite distressing for your Gran, especially if she is determined to stay independent.

Maintaining your Gran’s dignity is the all-important factor here. She will still want her privacy and may even be quite embarrassed about this sort of thing. No doubt you’ll be struggling with the thought of it. You don’t have to be the one to help her, but you should make sure she is as comfortable as possible with the person who does come to help her.

There are plenty of adaptations you can make to your Gran’s home to help her with some of these daily tasks. A rail next to the toilet can help her sit and stand more safely. Change the bath to a sit-in shower cubicle. This is much easier and safer than having to step over the side of a bath tub. In the kitchen, you could provide smaller pots that weigh less, and bring all of her utensils down to waist height. There are also many service providers of meals that save Gran from having to cook anything from scratch.

It’s not always easy to help an elderly relative stay in their home. They might choose to stay because that is their preferred lifestyle. Or they simply might not have the funds to support full-time care. You don’t have to do everything for your relative. Simply empower them and help provide them with the tools to enjoy life at home.

Hen Do’s, Baby show & Benidorm #LittleLoves

WOW, How nice has the weather been the last week?  I have loved it even if I have struggled in the heat being pregnant, I took ever opportunity after work to get outside and sit in the garden and catch the last few rays of sunshine.


This always seems to be the hardest category for me to think about and write up.  I even charged up my Kindle to try to read that but never got round to it either.  One day I may be better at this bit.


The tragic events of the last Mondays Manchester bombing attack.  However, following the tragedy, the goodness of normal human beings come to light to help out. Taxi drivers taking people home for free, hotels putting people up, restaurants offering emergency staff free food & people opening their doors to anyone in need. There have been so many little stories of good deeds been done that actually, it is acceptable to mention it in Little Loves. My thoughts go out to everyone involved in the event though – it was just heartbreaking.


Some new tops that I bought for my hen do.  I got them from New Look and love them as they fit over my bump and I can wear them after baby Cooper arrives too. Bonus they are still a size 10.


I made it to the baby show with my cousin and managed to walk around it for a few hours, I was pretty tired after it but had a great day, talking to lots of different brands and people about products, getting lots of samples and freebie bottles & nappies etc.  It’s the 3rd year in a row I have been but this year was useful as I am expecting my first baby in just 5 weeks.


The last series of Benidorm, I’ve really grown to love that program.  I know some people don’t like it but I have enjoyed watching it.  We are a little bit behind so have been playing catch up on TV series.

And Lastly

I had my hen do last weekend which was planned by my 4 bridesmaids, I didn’t know anything about it as I wanted to keep it as a surprise.  It was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was filled with so much laughter I was aching in places I didn’t know I could.  It started off we went for a makeover & photo shoot then we went to Arcadian in Birmingham where we had a massive buffet of food and then did a cocktail making class.

Image may contain: 8 people, people sitting and indoor

I am determined while on maternity leave to get better at getting involved and up to date with this linky.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Room for a Little One: Accommodating a New Arrival in Your Home


Any family with a baby on the way will face numerous obstacles in all aspects of their everyday lives. A prominent issue? Space and storage. Even the best-planned pregnancy will see your home and your family’s homes rapidly gaining a whole array of baby products that you previously probably didn’t even know existed. For such little bundles, they sure take up a lot of space. So, what is the best way to accommodate the new arrival?

Make Space

There are certain items that you want to keep a hold of, but can’t accommodate in your home at the moment. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice them. Instead of cutting your losses, consider renting out a storage unit from providers like These secure spaces can be locked up and will house your belongings for a fair price until you’re ready to recollect them. Whether it’s something big (like a bed or sofa) or an accumulation of little things (like paintings or important documents), there will be a unit size that is ideal for you.

Clear Out

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, chances are that you’ve managed to accumulate all sorts of bits and bobs that are not essential to your life. We all have a cupboard or drawer filled to the brim with junk that we just don’t need. Some of us will even have an entire spare room packed with belongings that we don’t use but don’t want to throw away. Now is the time to bite the bullet and rid your space of anything that isn’t necessary, used, wanted or needed. But what to do with it?

Sell Online

Online marketplaces are a mecca for unwanted goods. Remember the old saying: one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Regardless of what you are selling, there’s bound to be someone out there who is looking for the exact item. Rather than throwing things away, put them into the hands of someone who will put them to much better use. Any extra cash you earn along the way will be a bonus! Try sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Depop to start to purge.

Car Boot Sales

If you have plenty of little bits and bobs that might not sell so well online, try a car boot sale. These are events thriving with people looking for little bargains, and you will be able to sell the most unlikely of things. The change will mount up and you will more than likely leave with a considerable profit in your back pocket and a much lighter trunk.

Charity Stores

If you don’t have the time for listing things online or heading to a car boot sale, you can donate your unwanted belongings to a charity store. This is much better than throwing them away. The store will be able to sell items on and donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. Someone out there will be thrilled to get your belongings at a low price, and another person in need will benefit from their purchase.

The Added Touches In Your Home Your Guests Will Love

It’s always nice to have friends and family round to your home. Apart from the usual fun of spending time with people you love, it also gives you an opportunity to show off your home. Before you host, you’ll have a chance to make a few improvements to your home. This can be done primarily with your guests in mind, but then they’ll also be for you: the improvements will stay even after your guests have left.

bench, chairs, comfort

In the Mornings

If you’re hosting during the winter, then you can make your guests stay extra comfortable by making it nice and warm in the morning. If they were to stay in a hotel, they would be warm, so it’s the least you can do! Have the heating on for around an hour before people rise. You can also add heated rails like those at so that, when they step out of the shower, they’re able to dry themselves without getting cold. Also, make sure they know where the coffee/tea is kept in case they rise before you do.

Lazy Afternoons

Your guests will be staying with you because they want to spend time with you, but they’ll also want some alone time too. They probably can’t be too independent (unless they have a car), however, so it’s a good to have a portion of your home dedicated to just unwinding. One of the best ways to do this is to create a reading nook, like one found at They’ll be spending long hours reading in peace. This is one addition you’ll most definitely love even after they’ve gone!

A Room for All

Many people’s living rooms tend to fall into the same pattern: a few comfortable chairs, directed toward the TV. But instead, what if your living room (or one of them, if you have two) didn’t have the television as the center of attention, but each other? Try to arrange one of your rooms so that it is naturally conducive to conversation. Not every room needs to have technology at its core!

Bring the Fun

Most people decorate their home with aesthetics in mind, but what about the fun? Every home needs to have an element of fun in it! How you do this will depend on your interests, but things like ping pong tables, pool tables, and the like can liven things up when people are visiting. If nothing else, a few board games will do!

Outdoor Life

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than spending time in the garden. And nothing more annoying when your garden isn’t up to scratch. Make it presentable, and take care of the basics so that people can sit outside deep into the evening. If you have tables and chairs, a bottle of wine, and a setting sun, they’re sure to have a good time. Take care of it early on, and you can enjoy it all summer long!