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Being A Social Student: Remember Buddies As Well As Studies

If you’re stressing out during your studies at high school or college, you’re not alone. In fact, you’d be in the minority if you weren’t. Still, so many people seem to manage to juggle a million and one different things within their life as a student. Perhaps you look at them and wonder how they can find the time to study relentlessly for that upcoming exam whilst also allowing themselves to have fun with their friends and party at the weekends. It can be hard to imagine yourself ever managing that balance.

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The key, of course, to balancing your studies and social life is to, simply, balance them. You don’t need be studying or socialising in excess, and this is a great lesson for life in general. Everything consumed in moderation is enjoyed much more. Split your time half and half between studies and relaxation, and your brain will simply learn to chill out a little more. Of course, this may all be easier said than done. If you want a little guidance, then here are some ways to fit socialising with buddies around your important studies.

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Cook with friends.

Everybody need to eat, right? That’s one activity you can’t rule off the agenda as too time-consuming, I’d hope. Seeing as you need to do it, then, you could turn cooking into a social activity. You could make a meal with your flatmates for all of you to sit down and enjoy together. It doesn’t matter if you mess up, because at least you’ll have had fun and hopefully end up eating something, at least.

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You don’t have to go clubbing to move.

If you like the social element of clubbing and the dancing, but not so much the drunken company with which you’re surrounded, you don’t have to resort to locking yourself away in your student room. There are other ways to socialise without resorting to any old tacky club, and evening activities either put on by the college or taking place in your local area might be a great call. There are plenty of teachers out there who conduct dance classes for young adults such as you, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a class which is right for your needs in terms of studying and socialising.

You can take your current friends and make new ones when you take part in an extracurricular activity. There are probably so many sports or fun events your college is already putting on in the evenings which you don’t know about, and it doesn’t have to swallow up too much of your spare time. You’re in control of what you do and when you do it now, because you’re an adult. You could even start your own club or committee with friends if you don’t like anything else that’s currently on.

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Remember to keep your wits about you.

On a more serious note, the best way to have fun with friends when you’re out and about around your college or high school is to always keep a level head. When you’re a college student in particular, you’ll be living away from home, and it’s up to you to find your independence and be responsible for yourself. Impress your parents, and prove to them, as well as you, that you can look after yourself.

Find out the sensible routes to take when walking home, and don’t travel back from the nightclub on your own. Finding out which clubs do cheaper deals on certain nights is also a great way to use your practical and level head for good use, because you can go out far more often if you’re spending less every time you do hit the town. That’s some crucial student logic for you.

Simple Pleasures You Can Find in the Kitchen

Enjoying life is something that very few people do. Our lives are so busy and filled with all kinds of responsibilities and stress that we can sometimes forget what enjoying a hot home-cooked meal with friends and family feels like. The kitchen is a surprisingly underutilised part of most homes in the UK because of how cheap it is to buy ready-made meals, takeaway meals or even eat out at some budget locations. However, the kitchen is a place where many simple pleasures in life can be had, and this guide will teach you the basics.

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The joys of fresh coffee

What better way to start the day than a fresh brew of coffee? It doesn’t have to be instant coffee either. Why not invest a bit of money in proper coffee beans, a grinder and a machine with lots of features? It doesn’t take much to grind a few beans in the morning and pop them into your coffee maker, and you can go about your morning chores such as taking a shower or preparing breakfast while the coffee brews. Check out if you want reviews on the best coffee grinders and machines that money can buy. It’s a surprisingly effective way to add a little happiness into your day and a good hot cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures.

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Baking is fun and heartwarming

Baking a cake is easier and more fun than you might imagine. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some precise measurements of ingredients. Baking is a great pastime that will create tasty treats you can give to friends and family members, and you can even make it a group activity with you friends or even the children. Bake some simple cupcakes, get some toppings and icing and have the kids design their own cupcakes to eat or share with their friends at school. Check out if you want some delicious and easy recipes to get started. You’ll also want some simple measuring tools like some scales, spoons and some mixing bowls.

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The humble dinner party

It’s probably been awhile since you last attending a dinner party. A home cooked meal, a tasty dessert to go with it, and some crisp wine to wash it all down followed by some post-dinner entertainment such as a board game or a film. Life doesn’t get any more simple than a humble dinner party surrounded by your friends and family. It’s a great way to connect with the neighbours, rekindle relationships, and catch up on the daily happenings of people you haven’t spoken to for some time. You don’t have to splash out just to get a good dinner party started either. has a wealth of cheap dinner party recipes that will have you and your guests salivating—and they’re not hard to make either!


There are plenty of reasons to get involved with your food and take a more active role in the kitchen. You’ll find many simple pleasures that are heartwarming and will create wonderful memories with you and your friends and family.

Give Your Baby The Best Start In Life

As moms, we aim to bring up happy and healthy kids. After all, if our kids have a great childhood, they are more likely to grow up to be happy and successful in their adult life. And the best time we can start to ensure our kids have a happy life is when we are expecting. After all, the things we do during pregnancy and the first few months of their life can have an impact on their future. Therefore, here are some ways you can give your baby the best start in life.

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Have a healthy and calm pregnancy

First things first, you need to make sure that you try to have as good a pregnancy as you can. This means ensuring you have the vitamins containing folic acid which will help your baby to grow over the nine months. And also, you need to make sure you are eating a healthy diet. After all, this will ensure your baby gets all the nutrients they need to grow into a healthy child. You should also make sure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as you can. After all, if you are overly stressed out during your pregnancy, it might affect your baby’s wellbeing. Therefore, attempt to stay as calm and as relaxed as possible. And then you can reap the benefits when your baby is born happy and healthy.

Ensure your baby gets everything it needs

You also need to ensure your baby gets everything it needs if you want it to grow into a happy and healthy child. For one thing, that means enough attention from its mum. Spending as much time with your newborn will help you to create a tight bond for the future. And giving your baby everything it needs also refers to when it comes to feeding. If you can, it’s best to give breastfeeding a good go. After all, children that are breastfed tend to grow up to be a lot smarter and richer, according to research. And breastfeeding can keep your child safe from diseases in the first few months of their life. If you are finding the world of feeding puzzling, there is advice on blogs like innerparents on what you need for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. That way, you can ensure your baby has everything they require, as you will be more clued up on what’s best for your newborn.

Be active and get involved in classes

It’s also important that you get your baby to experience as much as possible in the first few months of their life. For one thing, you need to ensure you take them out in the fresh air. Going for walks can help them to start exploring the world. You might also want to take them swimming which is a great way to ensure you have a water baby! Also, you should take them to classes to ensure they have interaction with other babies. It’s also a great way to introduce them to toys and music when they attend a class!

And even if your little one is only a few weeks old, you need to think about their financial future. After all, if you set up a bank account now, you can put money in there over the years to ensure they have a fantastic future.

You Can’t Afford To Neglect These Crucial Pieces Of Home Maintentance

In a perfect world, your home is always going to be the most comfortable place in the world for you and your family. It should be the place where, no matter what is happening out there in the wider world, it’s always going to be a safe and secure place. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that we don’t live in a perfect world. No matter what, you’re always going to find yourself coming up against unexpected problems in your home. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to protect yourself and your home. The most important thing is to make sure that you’re keeping your home as well maintained as possible. With that in mind, here are a few common pieces of home maintenance that you simply can’t afford to forget about.


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There are few things more frustrating that clogged up and blocked gutters. This is also one of the most common and reliable problems that you’re going to end up with in your home. Depending on where you live, you’re almost always going to have at least half the year where the weather is less than ideal. A combination of rain, snow and falling leaves is going to end up filling up your gutters with all kinds of gunk that you really don’t want building up too much. If that happens, you could end up with flooding from your drains which, considering the gross stuff that’s building up in your gutters, you really don’t want to have to deal with. The sad thing is, there’s only one way to deal your gutters: get up on a ladder and clear them out by hand. Have a pair of gloves and a trowel handy to scoop out as much as possible and then wash the rest away with a hose. It’s not a fun job, but it’s far better than the alternative.


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Air-conditioning is one of those things that you’re never really going to know how much you’ll miss it until it’s gone. We all take the ability to keep our homes cool during the summer for granted which means that far too many people neglect to maintain their air-conditioning systems at all. Luckily, if something does go wrong, then there are always companies like Academy Air out there who can help fix and maintain your unit. Of course, if you’re taking care of it beforehand then that’s not something you have to worry about in the first place.


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Despite what television would have you believe, dealing with your plumbing isn’t that complicated a task. Of course, if you end up with a burst pipe then that’s going to be a much bigger problem overall. If you’re keeping a close eye on your plumbing, especially during the cold winter months, then it’s pretty simple to avoid that happening. Having to call out a plumber can be a real pain so whatever you can to make sure that you don’t have to is going to be a real benefit.

Create That Special Vintage Feel

More and more homeowners are looking back into the past to find design ideas for their modern houses. This might seem strange, but there is a particular charm that modern designs can’t fully replicate. There is a sense of life and achievement in a vintage style, the sense that it’s a house that has a rich history and that is friendly and welcoming. Vintage is by definition the best type of interior décor that can turn your house into a home: Nothing feels homelier than a shabby chic chest of drawers with faded colours. So how can you give your house a taste of the vintage style you admire without breaking the bank? Here’s how to do it.

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Start By Renovating And Repairing

At the start of a vintage project, there’s something that you need to understand: Just because vintage design is made to look old and faded, it doesn’t mean that you should be happy with anything similar for your house structure or your appliances. In short, do make sure to give the room a thorough inspection before you start so that you can proceed with any necessary renovation work. Clean the walls carefully, and check for any water stains or mould growth, as they will be a sign that there is a structural issue to sort out as a priority. Do also check the windows and the insulation: You don’t want the room to be drafty. If it is, these are things that you need to change before you can start decorating the room. It may sound a little dull, but you should never begin any decorating work in a house that has not been fully renovated.

Choose Sturdy Finishing And Material

Once the room has been renovated to its full prime, you can begin to look at materials and finishings that will bring the vintage feel to life. Using an old-fashioned wallpaper will be a great way of immediately taking your room a few decades in the past. If you are not keen on wallpaper, try to find a flooring solution, such as the engineered timber by Carpet One approach, that reminds of the quality buiding of the past. Always make sure to pick materials in a faded tone as this will add an aged feeling to the room. Additionally, swapping your door handle for something a little more sophisticated, such as antique handles – you can find these in fayres or in antique shops at a very decent price, or, if you prefer the online world, eBay might be a good place to start looking – can give a vintage look to the most modern door.

Add The Colourful Touch

Last, but not least, is the moment of truth: Time to reveal your artistic talents! You can age your furniture with a vintage painting style by picking old-fashioned colours such as cream, baby blue or even mustard. The best way to give a distressed look to your furniture is to use chalk paint and to then rub the edges in the way you would expect constant use to show: For example, for chairs, it’s about creating a faded area on the seat and along the legs. If you are feeling confident in your painting skills, you can use motifs and appliques to enhance the final result. Motifs of kitchen herbs and field flowers are a favourite of vintage addicts.

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Beat The Budget On Your Next Home Makeover

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If you are like me, you love changing your home, making it look beautiful and altering the styles of different rooms. I particularly adore creating themes in each room around the home. For instance, with a few bright, warm colours and some wicker furniture, you can make your bathroom feel almost Hawaiian. Or, if you invest in furniture from somewhere like Pottery Barn, you can make your dining room feel vintage. How about a Victorian bedroom with a four poster bed?

You get the idea, but there is a little problem with plans like this, and that’s the cost. As much as I would like to be able to afford everything I plan out for my home sometimes finances get the better of me. If you find you’re having this issue with your own home makeover, there are a few tips I can recommend. This will help you create the look at a cheaper cost and ensure that that your spending doesn’t grow out of control.

Create A Budget

The simplest piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you know how much you have to spend. It’s fun to plan out a room renovation that is going to cost a few thousand, but if you only have a few hundred, you might as well forget it. No cost cutting exercises are going to get you to that point even if you are willing to slice of some of the corners during the planning stages. By having a number written down on a piece of paper or saved to your phone, you’ll know what you’re working with. You’ll be able to keep it in mind and add everything up to see if it fits your budget.

Forget About Designers

You don’t need a designer, and it’s really just a waste of money. An interior designer is just someone who will look around your room and tell you how they’d style it. Be honest, though, do you really care? More often than not you’re going to listen politely and when they leave decide their vision was completely wrong. But, you’ll still have to pay for any of their time that you’ve already used. Instead, why not have a look at design blogs online. There you’ can look at different ideas for free that have probably been used in homes similar to your own. If you contact the blog owner, they might even tell you how they did and where they bought the furniture they used.

Half Price

Let’s say that the cost of new furniture is about twenty-five percent of the overall cost of your makeover. Probably a conservative estimate but it’s a nice easy number. Imagine if you could buy all of it in a furniture sale at half price. You might be surprised to discover this is a possibility once you start researching. If you do that, you’ll be able to shave one-eighth of the initial cost of the makeover off. Due to this, you’ll be able spend more in other areas like perhaps, new flooring. Or, those light fixtures that you have your eyes on. It pays to look out for the sales.

Free Changes

There are lots of little free changes that will cost nothing but completely alter the look of a room. One idea would be to sand down the cupboards in your kitchen. If you do this, you’ll change their style, their color, and their feel. As such, it will completely alter the room. Once you start doing this like this, you can make more changes. For instance, you can add resin to the floor of the bathroom if you have tiled floors. This will make the floor look like glass or even water once it has set. It creates a very cool effect for a minimal cost.

Don’t forget it’s also possible to change the look of the room by playing with the accessories and furniture that you already have. For instance, you can attempt a minimalist design in your living room, simply by getting rid of some of your existing furniture. Or, moving it to another room. That’s right, reducing the amount of furniture could make your home look contemporary and stylish. It’s a fantastic reason not to spend a fortune on a home makeover.

It’s clear then that a home makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. You can beat the budget and make sure you have money to spare once you’ve finished playing with the design of your home. Have fun!

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How To TRY DIY Interior Design

We’ve all been there before. Your very first DIY project looms, and you’re wondering whether you should just leave it to the “professionals”. Yet, everyone was an amateur at some point, and you can only learn for yourself if you try. When it comes to home renovation, in particular, anybody can reshape the interior of their home if they have the determination and willingness to make mistakes and then correct those mistakes.

Of course, knowing that you’re willing to give DIY a TRY around your home, either to reshape a certain room or overhaul the entire home, is only one part of the equation. You’re still not sure how to get started, and you likely have about twenty YouTube video tutorials open in preparation. Firstly, you need to take a deep breath and view the project in steps, rather than one overall task to be completed at the snap of your fingers. If you want to make interior design much more manageable, here are some tips for getting started with renovating your home.

Plan, plan, and plan some more.

Every DIY failure came about as a result of failing to plan. Obviously, I don’t know the specifics, but the general consensus could come down to that quite easily. Your home renovation project will go smoothly and simply if you just plan everything that you’re going to do, much like any task or project in life. If you’ve prepared a plan for how you’re going to build, alter or redesign everything in your household, then there are fewer things to go wrong. Still, you have to plan for miscalculations too, as this is your first project. Small problems can be fixed, however. A problem with the overall project due to a lack of planning will be more costly in terms of both time and money to fix.

Of course, the budget is also one of the most important things you’ll need to plan. I know it’s tempting to just get stuck in because you’re eager to get started, but you need to think about how much each individual project around the house will cost you. You need to be operating within your means because ending up with a half-finished job due to a lack of funds would be very detrimental to the look of your home.

Embrace modernity.

The beauty of a DIY build is that you’ll be saving a lot of money. You’ll be sourcing the materials yourself, of course, but you’ll be responsible for the labour, and you could save yourself an astronomical amount by not hiring a professional. Of course, you might be feeling as if you’re restricted by costs. Perhaps achieving modernity and a contemporary look around the household seems out of your price range, but modernity is about minimalism and simplicity.

If you’re going for the sleek, modern look, you might consider LED Strip Lights to create soothing mood lighting in your shower or bathroom area. Perhaps you’re hesitant to go overboard, but I’m suggesting exactly the opposite. Once your home is clean and the walls are covered with a fresh coat of white paint, you’re already halfway there. It’s okay to then invest in a few minor luxuries to help create the contemporary feel around your household. Of course, it also doesn’t harm to touch up the paint job around your house now and then to refresh its appearance. Retaining the modern look is a fairly regular but easy job.

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Add a quirky slice of your personality.

Interior design should be fun, especially if it’s a DIY project. Your household should reflect the interests and passions of both you and whoever lives with you, whether that might be your partner or your family. There shouldn’t be any limits with how you design your home, then. You could draw something artistic on the furniture, for example; even if it isn’t very good. The only thing limiting your interior design project is you. Go as wild or remain as tame as suits your preferences. It’s your build, after all. You’re the chief designer. You may also find this article very useful homeowners guide.

Surprising Things You Learn About Yourself During A Bathroom Remodel

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There comes a time when you have to renovate your bathroom. It’s not the most exciting of tasks, but it has to be done. Thanks to daily usage, the mess caused by water staining and a plethora of products that can produce soap scum, it’s one of the most heavily used areas of the house.

If you make the decision to roll up your sleeves and tackle it head on, then you’re in for a treat. You see, there are some surprising things you learn about yourself when it comes to bathroom renovation. From the tearing down of the existing suite to the choices you make about the new one, there’s all sorts of juicy information about yourself waiting to be uncovered. Some of it is interesting to note, while the rest is – well, it’s not always good to know ourselves in quite that way!

Lesson One: You’re Lazy

So the first thing you have to do before you can crack on with the renovation is clear the area. That means you suddenly have to go through the cabinet you’ve neglected for years and dip behind furniture that’s not been moved since it was installed.

You will quickly find that you’re lazy as anything. Clearly, if you drop the top of a bottle and it rolls out of reach, you of the past saw fit to leave it right there. You’ll also discover a mountain of half-used body and bath products, as well as the occasional gift you received and have left unopened. It’s quite the eye-opening experience, especially if you tend to think of yourself as neat.

Lesson Two: There Comes A Point When You Can’t Make Choices Anymore

At the start of the project, you’re full of fresh enthusiasm and excitement. It seems like there is nothing you would rather spend your time doing than looking through colour books and wondering which type of bath you want within your budget. It takes up your every waking thought, and you love every second of it.

As you progress however, you soon realise that you’re fed up of making decisions. Not only that, but you’re finding it near impossible to make choices. You get caught between two ideas and panic, to the point you pick one almost at random – just so you can say it’s been done.

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Lesson Three: You Don’t Know What You Want

Furthermore, similar to the above is the fact that you don’t know what you want. Sure, you think you do at the start of the project, but you really don’t. You have a vague idea that you have to turn into a solid reality.

It takes a lot of wading through the things you want to find the things that will a) work and b) be practical. Trying to marry the two necessities together takes up all of your mental energy. And while you will get there in the end, the process in between can drain all of your decor enthusiasm out of you.

Don’t worry though, it won’t last long. Soon you’ll be eyeing the kitchen and thinking it could do with a refresh!

Say Cheese! How To Keep Your Teeth In Optimum Condition

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It’s a funny thought that a lot of us pay little or no real care to the health of our teeth, yet our mouths literally do all the talking which makes them the focus when we are socially engaged.  

Whilst we aren’t all naturally blessed with the Hollywood smile, there are ways we can improve the health of our teeth, gums and mouths, making our smiles shine brightly.

Let’s start with the basics.  Brushing at least twice a day and definitely after mealtimes. Plenty of us jump out of bed and head straight to the bathroom, but this could be a mistake if you then head to the kitchen for toast and orange juice.  The acidic content in the orange juice will eat away at your enamel, so instead of brushing first thing, make it the last thing you do before leaving the house.

Toothpaste Being Put on Yellow Toothbrush

Consider an electric toothbrush and use a fluoride toothpaste to help harden tooth enamel, reducing the risk of decay and brush thoroughly.  It should take you a couple of minutes to clean.  Then get flossing.  

Alcohol, acidic drinks like cola and cordials all help to soften your teeth and dissolve the minerals in your enamel which cause cavities.  This results in filings and often can cause a lot of pain.  The bacteria in plaque also changes sugars into acids so limit your intake of sugary foods.

If you are really worried about the shape of your teeth, you could ask a dentist for some advice on cosmetic procedures.  Just make sure you really need to take the plunge before going through the expensive process of something like veneers.  There have been lots of dental negligence claims in the news over recent years, so ensure you are getting advice from a qualified dental practitioner and not a cosmetic dentist.

Woman Biting Brown Chocolate

Don’t use your teeth for anything other than chewing food.  We’ve moved a long way since the stone ages and now have plenty of instruments to crack nuts, remove bottle tops and rip open letters.  You can chip your teeth or even break them completely!

If you are into supports, especially contact sports like rugby or basketball, wear a mouthguard.  If you do end up taking a knock to the face or a fall and you have knocked out a tooth, hold the tooth back in place and get yourself straight to the dentist! If you can’t hold it in place then drop it in some milk and head to the dentist!

Gum health is extremely important.  If you notice you have bleeding gums this could be as simple as not flossing or brushing enough, however it could be the sign of gum disease if you notice blood often and this will lead to your teeth falling out.  Not very Hollywood glamour to be smiling with no teeth in.  

Visiting your dentist every 6 months, regardless of issues, is a great way of spotting signs before anything develops.  A good visit to the hygienist every 3 months will help you have a gleaming smile in no time.

Sparklers #MySundayPhoto

Last weekend I was in Oxford for my cousins Hen Do.  We all had a great time and went to a club on the night, we were in the VIP section and were brought a large bottle of prosecco and a bottle of vodka with mixtures and we just loved the way they were brought out with sparklers attached to the bottles, Couldn’t resist a photo opportunity.