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The First Midwife Appointment – My First Pregnancy

After going to the doctors and first finding out I was pregnant I really didn’t know what to do.  I waited for a call from a midwife to get me booked in to see if we could work out possible due dates.   Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long and I received a phone call from my doctor’s midwife a day after I had been to the doctors to say she could get me booked in on Friday 2nd December at 6.30pm in Solihull Hospital women’s unit.

We were both so excited, it wasn’t interfering with work so I didn’t have to worry about making up excuses to my boss and was still too early to tell people, so worked out perfectly.  I left work at 5.30 jumped straight on the train and headed to Solihull to meet the OH,  I was a little early so I went and did some Christmas shopping to pass the time.

It was then finally time, I walked to the hospital where the OH was sitting in the cafe waiting, the hours seems to go by so slow but we then went to find where we had to go, it was hidden and not sign posted either so had to ask someone.  Eventually, we found it and went straight in and met a lovely midwife called Kirsty.  She firstly said congratulations to us and then asked lots of different questions, health, family history, background etc, so many questions but we got through them.  She then asked if she could have a feel of my tummy to see if she could feel my uterus yet, I lay down on the bed and she had a feel and a little pressure was apply but she couldn’t feel anything as maybe still very early, so she said she would put me forward for a scan asap so we could find out as she thought it was still very early days.

I left with a folder full of leaflets and paperwork to read and my first blood test form to go and have my blood taken at the earliest convenience.

Watch out for more updates soon

Astonish Visitors (and Yourself!) with an Incredible New Bathroom

Image result for Contemporary Master Bath flickr

So many of us want to renovate your bathroom. It’s without doubt one of the most popular renovation tasks. We may spend much more time in the other rooms of our houses, but there’s something about a beautifully designed bathroom that really helps us feel pleased with our homes as a whole.

So we’re going to take a quick look at the keys to great bathroom renovation. If you’re looking to update things in there, then these are the elements that you need to keep in mind. You’re doing both yourself and your bathroom a disservice if you dismiss these ideas!

File:Modern Bathroom.jpg

Function above all else!

No matter how beautiful a bathroom may look, a design that doesn’t place function as the top priority isn’t that beautiful a design at all. Usability is the most important thing about your bathroom. Just one inconvenience really can spoil the entire thing.

Let’s say you want the bathroom to be spacious. That’s a great idea, but what if that means installing sinks or tubs that are way too small? And what if the decorations you want to put in there would simply increase the risk of damp? You need to place aesthetics second to function. Finding items that strike a good mix of style and function, such as quality cast sinks, is probably the way to go if you don’t want to complicate things.

Is wood good?

A lot of people may argue that wood is an odd thing to use in bathroom decor. But why not use it in the bathroom? Modern homes are using more and more wood in the interior design. It’s true that you need And it’s not like wood doesn’t have a history of sanitation. You may think things like ceramic and marble are easier to clean, but wood has many benefits when it comes to hygiene.

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The trick is to ensure the wood is properly coated with something water repellent. There will be a lot of moisture in your bathroom, after all! There are loads of decorative oils out there that can do the job.

Nature, come in

Elements of nature would make the perfect companions to the smooth running water of your shower. Wood is a great addition certainly helps bring in the natural side to your bathroom. Installing more windows to bring in additional natural light is also recommended. How about a skylight for best results?

Image result for Pots on the wall flickr

If you have the space for it, you should consider bringing in a plant. It shouldn’t be an extravagant bouquet of flowers, though. Plants with a simpler colour scheme will serve you better here. will serve you well here.


Minimalism is still a hot term in the realm of interior design. There’s nothing more relaxing than a minimalist design, right? Leave clutter and mess for the outside world. The bathroom should be a relaxing place.

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Getting some wood or lightly coloured tiles works very well with a minimalist decor. It’s also why a garish display of flowers probably wouldn’t work very well! Minimalism helps accentuate function, too – which is precisely what you should be doing with bathroom decor!

Gift Ideas For Your Nieces and Nephews That Will Make You The Best Auntie or Uncle Around

When you are an auntie, you can have free reign on the gifts that you give them. Think of Christmas time that has just gone. Their parents get them the things that they need and a few things that they want (within reason). Grandparents tend to choose the more sensible gifts, usually something more educational. So your nieces and nephews are relying on you to get them something a little unexpected, right? So if you are stuck on what to get them, here are a few fun ideas, for a variety of budgets.

Girl, Fairy, Happy, Pink, Birthday, Kid, Studio

Designer Clothes

If your nieces and nephews are a little older, then it is something that they will certainly appreciate. If they are babies or toddlers, then their parents will appreciate it too, as it something luxury that they wouldn’t buy for them themselves necessarily. It could be a jacket or a top from Versace young, or a babygrow or booties from Gucci baby. It can be a special item of clothing that perhaps might even become a bit of a family heirloom as it will get passed on from generation to generation.

Remote Control Anything

Most parents wouldn’t buy this as a gift as it is just another thing to get batteries for. But something using a remote control is always a fun gift for an auntie or uncle to buy. It could be a helicopter or drone that flies around or a standard remote control car. Either way, it makes a good gift for nieces and nephews, depending on their age, of course. It does have the education side to it too, as they’ll have to learn to use it and learn the directions for it to go in. It can help their fine motor skills too. So what is not to love?

Pretend Play Items

It could be a pretend kitchen or a shopping trolley with play food. Whatever it is, pretend play items are a great gift for a variety of ages. It helps them to use their imagination and to play with others too. They can create games and characters and act them out. You could get them a tool box set to fix things with or a chopping board with wooden fruit to chop. It is good for kids to express themselves and to act out the things that they see us doing. So if you’d rather they don’t chop food with actual knives, get them a pretend set to practice with.

Fancy Dress

Both boys and girls love to play dress up, don’t they? So you will win instant cool auntie or uncle points by getting them a fancy dress outfit for a gift. It could be their favourite superhero or princess or just something that they can use in pretend play like a doctor’s uniform or an animal costume. Having a selection of fancy dress costumes is great for their imagination, as well as being great for the parents. When it comes time for World Book Day or a play at school, it can save time and money if they already have a selection to choose from.

The Positive Pregnancy Test – My First Pregnancy

A few weeks ago back in November, we had some very exciting, surprising but shocking news to share.

Me & my OH were expecting our first baby together.

It is still very early days yet and only found out by going to the doctors.  I’ve had no signs or symptoms just didn’t feel well in myself and didn’t think anything of it.

I came home after the doctors and did another test to make sure It was true and I wasn’t dreaming the whole thing.  And true to it’s word the test came back positive…  I was pregnant, just didn’t know how far I was.

Positive pregnancy test

We are both filled with so many mixed emotions at the moment and still in a state of shock, We are unsure of dates as unfortunately, it wasn’t a planned pregnancy as we are due to get married July 2017, But I know something, this baby will be given so much love from both of us and the rest of the family that it doesn’t matter.

I’m not feeling too horrendous…yet. I am more aware now of every little pain and twinge I get whereas before I put it down to period cramps.  I’ve felt a bit nausea and have gone off food and not been hungry but haven’t been physically sick yet – I’m dreading that moment if I am but will all be worth it at the end.

I am just waiting for a call from the midwife to book an appointment to see how far I am and hopefully get a scan so we can then tell our families.

I am now 15 weeks

Watch this space…

Heart Shaped Box: Wow Guests At Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

When you’re getting married on the most romantic day of the year, you’ll want your celebrations to be that little bit extra special. After, all February 14th is a day to honour love in all its forms from sending love letters, arranging little surprises and even just telling that special someone just why you’re so happy they’re in your life.

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Share Your Own Love Story

Forget the classic fairy tales and create your own love story, pulling inspiration from where you met, who said ‘I love you’ first, pictures of your first holiday together and, of course, how they proposed. You don’t have to ram this down guests throats just scatter little details here and there, photos of you two growing up near the ceremony room, funny things you like about each other dotted around and, if you love getting stuck into a project, a video montage. Try to have a receiving line, as although they may seem old fashioned it’s a quick, easy way to say hello to all your honored guests in case you don’t have time to get round all the tables later.

Create Romantic Spaces

During your cocktail hour, or while the bridal party’s having their photos taken outside let guests cuddle up with cashmere blankets, cozy throws and faux-fur cushions and light plenty of candles to create an intimate, glowing atmosphere. The lounge area is also a great place to include photos of previous family weddings and loved ones who have passed away. Your signature cocktail could be a fizzy pink cosmopolitan scattered with edible glitter, a ruby red spiced merlot or a delicious sharp yet sweet vodka and cranberry cooler. Don’t be afraid to add hints of pink, red and even peach by serving tiny fruit eclairs, strawberries dipped in chocolate or mini cherry tarts.

Image result for Shari's Berries dipped strawberries with chocolate chips and nuts flickr

Serve Up Sweet Treats

One of the trickier things to get right at a wedding are the table favours as it can be hard to find a small gift that’s thoughtful yet not cheap. As it’s Valentine’s Day why not treat your guests to something sweet and order handmade chocolates, personalised love hearts, or even candy kisses? Wedding Hire companies even offer bespoke candy, popcorn and crisp carts as well as a favour service that’ll have packaged; individual favours arrive in advance ready to be popped onto tables without you having tied a single bow. Continue your sugary theme into dessert by having tables of puddings instead of a single one and decorate the wedding cake with tiny edible hearts, a red bow and hide red velvet sponge inside.

Let The Flowers Do The Talking

Did you know flowers even have their own language? Choose blooms that represent the vows you’re about to make like carnations for pure love, roses mean bridal love, orange blossom stands for marriage and eternal love and orchids represent love and beauty, although in Chinese mythology orchids are also supposed to bring high fertility. Whatever flowers you choose they’ll need to be prepared a day, or two days before as well as having the wedding wow factor so do look at your florist’s previous work beforehand. If they seem inexperienced or it’s too expensive feel free to look elsewhere.


Clear The Empty Spaces From Your Home By Getting Use From Every Room

Have you got spaces in your home that you don’t use as much as you should? Your home is your haven, and you should make as much use of it as possible. Too often we end up with junk rooms and spaces that barely get any use. Getting to grips with these spaces could be just what you need to transform your home. With a little thought, you could double the usable space available to you. Who wouldn’t want that? We’re going to look at a few of the most common unused spaces. This list should show you a few of the options open to you!


The spare room is a space that is rarely made proper use of. That seems such a waste when you consider how much a part of your home that room could be. Too often, though, the spare room becomes the place of all those things that don’t fit anywhere else. Either that or it becomes the place designated for guests that never come. Change the habit by turning your spare room into space you can use. What you choose to change the space into depends on your needs. Why not scrap that unslept-in bed and replace it with a desk? A study will always come in handy. Or, you could turn the space into a library or crafting room. If you’re worried about guests, you can always include a sofa bed. That way, you can tuck it away when you don’t need it!


That conservatory may have seemed like a good idea when the sun was shining, but it’s no good during winter. The good news is that with a few additions, you can make the most of your conservatory all year round. The first thing to tackle is the problem of heat. All conservatories can get cold in the winter unless you take steps to stop that. There are various options open to you, depending on how much you want to spend. You could install roof heating, like Guardian Warm Roof. Or, you could install underfloor heating instead. If you don’t want to do anything quite so drastic, an electric radiator will do the job of heating the room. Just remember to turn it on to heat up beforehand!


The garage is another place that tends to become a dumping ground for the things you don’t need. Even so, it’s a room that could be a real addition to your house if you let it! If you park your car there, your options are limited. If not, get to work! There are many options when it comes to your garage. You could turn it into a home gym, a bar or another room for your home. Having a self-contained room outside your house will do great things to the value of your home! Bear in mind that you will need planning permission before you get building. Do your research to ensure you know what choices are open to you.

A Quick Sale Is Good But Don’t Rush The Process

When it comes to moving house, most of the time we choose to make it a mad rush, attempting to sell our homes as quickly as possible. Although a quick sale is a good thing, else you could be waiting months for a buyer, it’s important not to rush the process too much. The truth is if you rush things you may end up selling your home for a lower value than it’s worth, making a mistake that could land you in court, or struggling to end negotiations fairly. That’s why when it comes to selling up, whether you want a quick sale or not, it’s crucial that you don’t rush the process.

To ensure that your property sale goes without a hitch, it’s important to take things slowly. With that in mind, below is a list of things to consider when it comes to selling up, to make sure that everything goes well.

Have a lawyer on hand at all times

There are many times throughout the selling process when you will need a lawyer on hand to help. So it makes sense to get in touch with a local law firm that has experience when it comes to household sales. For example, law firms like BHP Law have experience as conveyancing solicitors and are able to help ensure that your sale goes as smoothly as possible. Take the time to research local law firms and choose the one that is best suited to your needs and is able to work within your time frame. The last thing you want if you are in a rush to sell is to not have a lawyer who is able to work quickly to speed up the process. That’s why it’s important to find the right person.

Don’t attempt to sell without an estate agent

A lot of people attempt to sell their homes without a realtor as they believe it will make the process quicker. However, unless you’ve got experience selling properties, it’s really not a good idea to go it alone. A lot of people don’t realise it, but estate agents do a lot more than simply show potential buyers around. They can ensure that your home is valued right, they are able to make sure that negotiations are fair; they market your property, plus they deal with the setting up and scheduling of viewings. Estate agents do a lot more than most people realise, so it’s important to understand that attempting to sell your home yourself will take a lot more time and effort than you think.

Make sure to get your home professionally valued

As mentioned above, getting your home professionally valued is crucial. You might think that you know what your property is worth but do you really want to go with a guess? Unless you are a trained property valuer, it’s essential that you get your home valued by a professional. Otherwise, you could be underselling yourself and could end up losing out on a huge sum of money, so it really is worth taking the time to have your property professionally valued. This is something that your realtor will be able to help you with.

A quick sale is always good; there’s no doubt about it. However, what you don’t want to do is rush the selling process and end up kicking yourself for it later on.

Bloom & Wild – Letter Box Drew Christmas Tree Review

The festive season is fast approaching upon us and with only 5 weeks till Christmas arrives and the man in the red suit comes and delivers your presents, it’s all very exciting but not to mention expensive.I have always had a really Christmas tree when I was living at home but since moving out we haven’t been able to have one which makes me sad, because our living room isn’t big enough and also because I worry about the needles that they will hurt our dog’s paws.

When Bloom & Wild got in touch as asked if I wanted to review one of their mini letter box Christmas trees I quickly said yes with Christmas fast approaching.

The drew Christmas tree

They hadn’t come into stock when they first contacted me so I had to wait a few weeks for it, a short time after I received an email to say my delivery was on it’s way to me and I could wait to see what it was like.


The great thing about this company is their parcels fit through most letter boxes which are amazing, because if you are not at home they can just post it through your door, no trips to the post office, no knocking on neighbours doors or having to rearrange deliveries.

The Christmas tree came delivered in a lovely box all wrapped and very well presented.


They also put a little note in the box too with instructions.  I love little touches like that.

img_7510 img_7511 Style your tree instructions

I carefully peeled the wrapping back and looked inside and the overpowering smell of pine and really fresh Christmas trees just hit you.  I love that smell.

Our mini drew tree

A day later when I had a bit of peace and quiet one evening I started to set my tree up,  I carefully took it out the box, untied the ribbon and set it gently into the little box it came with.  I did as the instructions told me and gently spread the branches out and lastly put the moss around the base of the tree and gave it a little drink of water and now it was ready for some decorations.

Our drew Christmas Tree

I left it for a few days to settle and to allow the branches to drop then decorated.

We then decorated our Christmas tree with mini baubles, sadly we didn’t have any mini lights to put on it or a small enough star to put on it either.

Our mini Christmas tree

Our mini tree is still going strong after well over a month of receiving it, so they are certainly a must buy for me for next year.  The smell of the tree is still strong and remind me of Christmas every day and has to be one of my favourite smells of all times.

*I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review, However, all thoughts, pictures and opinions are my own.