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Turning Modern Interior Design Into Modern, Superior And Sublime

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Whether you’re an old man or you’re young and idealistic, everything becomes confusing in the modern age at some point. As a kid, you only have worry about which phone is the sleekest, but when you get a little older and you start planning interior design for your own home, you start to realise the question of what is modern and aesthetically-pleasing is impossible to solve, given that the answer changes and evolves with each passing day.

If you’re looking to revamp an old home, or perhaps design a new one from scratch, there are some ways to stop feeling old and irrelevant. The technique to designing a home in a modern and contemporary way is to not overthink things. Here are some helpful tips and home hacks when it comes to interior design, so that you don’t have to worry about your home becoming outdated in a year or two.

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Colour is everything.

As humans, we react to beautiful combinations of colour. It’s how our minds work. We love vivid stimulation, and that’s why it’s so important to the interior of a home. Choosing the right colour is also imperative because, when it comes to painting walls or the surfaces of cupboards and cabinets, it’s going to take a long time. Most likely, this means you’re going to leave things in that shade of colour for a long time too.

Overthinking is the killer here. Whilst you’re deciding between two different shades of blue for several hours, you’re wasting time and forgetting the original gut feeling you had, which is usually completely spot on when it comes to something as bright, blunt and obvious as a colour theme. Trust your brain and your natural eye, because you won’t be spending hours contemplating the shade of colour present throughout your house on an average day. Go with your initial instinct, because that’s how your mind will be working as you walk throughout the house on a daily basis. If you’re struggling to think of design ideas alone, companies such as Kia Designs are experts when it comes to luxury design.


A word that many feel clashes with creativity, but the truth couldn’t be further than this. Part of what makes beautiful design so appealing is that you can serve a purpose in a home without going overboard. You can adopt minimalism, because every stunning piece of furniture has a purpose; to sit upon it, to store books on it, and every other practical purpose you can imagine. Decorative pieces are more than eye candy. Even if the purpose of a rug designed with all the colours of the rainbow is simply to provide a key focal point for the room, that is a practical use of a well-crafted, well-designed furnishing.

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Make it your home.

When people consider what’s missing from the design of their current home, the answer is usually “me”. Whether you live by yourself, with a partner, or with a whole family, it’s important that you live in something which you view as more than a house. This place has to become your home. It can be, once the interior reflects your personality or the personalities of your family. Quirky, traditional or modern furnishings all serve different purposes for different people.

The Bedtime Tag Quiz

Bedtime – my favourite time of the day! Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids tagged me in ‘The Bedtime Tag Quiz’, where I’ve answered a few questions about my bedtime routine. Here goes!

1.Describe your usual bedtime routine.

I can’t really say I have one, Other than going upstairs getting into my pyjamas, brushing my teeth and taking my makeup off then snuggling up in bed I don’t have a routine as not one night is the same lol.

2.What are your favourite pyjamas?

I have lots of different pairs, winter ones which are fluffy and warm, I have summer ones, which are shorts & Vests, then I have ones that I never wear.  If I had to pick any it would have to be my new fluffy ones I got for my birthday from my mum & dad, they make me feel so comfy, snug and warm.

What is your current bedtime reading? 

It’s very rare that I actually read in bed as I tend to just fall asleep as I’m too relaxed when I get into bed.  But the book I am reading at the moment is called the Boss’s Son and is an office Romance, and has me very hooked.

What would I find on your bedside table?

Apart from all sorts of rubbish, you would find my make up & bag, my OH’s hair gel & Comb, tissues, hairbrush, My heart monitor recorder that takes reading every night at midnight and my watch & jewellery.

Bedside Table

What scent makes you sleepy?

I can honestly say no scent makes me sleepy, but that may change when I have my baby as I can’t resist that fresh, clean new baby scent, will have to wait and see.

What is your usual bedtime and wake-up time?

I usually go to bed anywhere from 9pm onwards but since been pregnant I could go to bed anything from 8pm and wake up between 6am and 10pm including weekends.

What are your top three bedtime products?

My face wipes, Tea tree cleansing lotion and my tea tree night cleanser.

What is your most common sleeping position?

I tend to sleep on my side or occasionally on my back and front – I do fidget in bed though!  It’s been hard trying to get comfy since been pregnant though as you are only allowed to sleep certain ways.

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

No, just myself and occasionally a drink

What is your worst bedtime habit?

I can’t say I have any except I do tend to play on my phone a lot before bed.

I’m now tagging Serena from Ramblings of another uni student

Sophisticate Your Sitting Room

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You don’t have to be rich to bring a sense of class and luxury to your living room. A few small tweaks can immediately turn a plain or tacky lounge into a showroom certain to impress guests, as well as giving you more pride in your home. Here are a few features that are sure to add a touch of sophistication.

Embrace art

Art can be a great way of adding more personality and energy to your room. Find a painting that reflects you and your outlook and use it to spice up a plain wall. Small sculptures can also help to bring more dynamics to your room – although avoid cluttering up with sculptures. Create a balance of practicality and aesthetics.

Tone down your TV

Don’t make the TV the main focal point of your living room. This will tell guests that the most important thing to you is watching the box. Whether this is true or not, you should try and use your living room to show off you as a person. A wall painting, poster or blown up photo that means a lot to you can help show there’s more to you than the TV.

Dabble in designer furniture

Furnishing your entire living room out with designer furniture won’t be cheap – however you can try adding one designer feature to give your living room that extra sense of luxury, whether it be an armchair or a coffee table. There are many places that you can shop around for such as furnishings (check out as an example). Make sure that your designer piece fits the remaining décor of the room – if your room is retro themed avoid modern designs that could look out of place.

Include a piece of history

Stay in touch with the past and add a sense of wisdom to your room with a historical feature. Find an old side table that looks like it’s straight out of medieval chateau (even if it isn’t) – it will give your room a sense of earthiness to contrast all the tech and gadgets. If you’re able to make the piece of history meaningful, it can make even more of an impression. This could include an old tapestry relating to the place your family originates or an old toy or ornaments that’s been handed down through the generations.   

Get cultural

If you’re well-travelled or have cultural ancestry somewhere, why not add a feature to show this side of you. Souvenirs, holiday photos or exotic furniture can create a talking point for guests. Popular cultural touches include Buddha statuettes, tribal masks and skyline landscapes, but you can get creative and decorate your lounge with anything that takes your fancy. You can even show off your local culture with paintings of your local town or photographs of local events. All this will personalise your living room, preventing it from coming across as cold and faceless to guests, and also reminding you of the cultural traditions and experience that are important to you.  

Incredible Reasons Travelling to Thailand Is Right for You

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Tourism in Thailand is a huge industry and has been for a while now. The country gets all sorts of visitors, from backpackers looking to party to luxury travellers who want to treat themselves. There are many fantastic things to enjoy about Thailand, no matter what type of traveller you are. You probably know someone who has been and heard stories about how they spent their time there. However, perhaps you’re unsure if Thailand is for you. Sometimes it has a reputation as a party destination, which certainly isn’t for everyone. If you don’t know if Thailand is the right place for your next trip, here are some great reasons to go.

Travel Cheaply

Travelling on a budget isn’t always easy. There are many destinations that are unmissable but definitely not cheap. Fortunately, there are also many places where you can easily save a lot of money. Thailand is one place where you won’t have to bankrupt yourself if you’re hoping to have a great time. You can spend a lot of money if you want to, but you don’t need to. That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular with backpackers. As well as being cheap once you arrive, it’s also not too expensive to get there. Wherever you’re travelling from, you can usually find some great deals.

File:Phutthamonthon Buddha.gif

Experience a Fascinating Culture

Thailand is a culturally rich country, making it ideal for anyone who travels to experience new cultures. It’s the only country in the region that was never colonized by another nation, so it has retained a great deal of its native culture. Most of the population of Thailand is Buddhist, meaning there are plenty of sites that have great religious significance. There are temples you can visit, and you’re sure to see people in traditional Buddhist dress too. Then there’s the food, which you might have had elsewhere, but you can experience authentically in Thailand.

Meet Friendly People

Thai people have a reputation for being extremely friendly. You’ll discover plenty of hospitality and kindness if you decide to visit. But, of course, you don’t have to only associate with the people who serve you in hotels and restaurants. If you want to get to know the local people, you can make an effort to spend time with them. One of the great ways to do this is to volunteer in Thailand. There are lots of fantastic opportunities for volunteering, including school projects.

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Marvel at Nature

If nature is your thing, you will also love Thailand for its scenery. With hundreds of islands to explore, stunning beaches, and verdant jungles, you won’t get bored of what there is to see. There’s plenty of wildlife too, from elephants to beautiful birds. You can go hiking, enjoy a snorkelling trip or pick one of many ways to enjoy the natural beauty that Thailand has to offer. Even when you’re not trying to find anything special, you could stumble on something amazing.

Thailand is a destination that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are opportunities for travellers of all types, so don’t let preconceptions colour your view.

Everyone loves freebies – My Top Tips

Everyone loves a good freebie…right? Well, I know I certainly do, whenever I get a spare 10 minutes or so I like to search the internet.  In the past, I have had all sorts of freebies through the door, fabric conditioner, makeup, food, perfume, nappies and much more.  The type of freebies changes on a regular basis so you get lots of different ones.

There are so many sites out there for freebies now but one of the ones I use is gratisfaction. Gratisfaction is the UKs fastest growing freebies site. They bring you the latest free offers throughout the day, every day to bring you the very best free stuff for you,  your family and even free pet stuff for your furry friends.

You can request lots of different sorts of freebies, from perfume, food, nappies, cosmetics, laundry tablets and much more, you’ll be silly to miss out but you must be quick as they go super fast.

My top tips for 2017

  1. Use cashback sites such as Quidco and top cashback more often to purchase good and get money back for spending.
  2. Check your Gas & Electric company see if you can switch and save some money
  3. Look out for freebies on freebie websites such as Gratisfaction, and much more
  4. Any leftovers from Christmas or meals such as meats, cut and freeze and use it in curry’s or various meals later on to save food waste.
  5. Try and sell and unwanted gifts or unused stuff on facebook or eBay.
  6. Do a freezer and cupboard inventory and organise meal plans from that.
  7. Check supermarkets for their reduced sections, you can get some products at good prices that are still fresh.

For more tips, you can read my previous post of my Top Money Saving Tips

*I was compensated for writing this review, but all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Internet Law: Know Your Rights

These days, we are all online. Whether it is at work or in our free time, all of us are glued to the Internet. This comes with various benefits, for instance, we are all a lot more connected, and it has helped make various aspects of life a lot more convenient than what they once were. However, there are also a few downsides to being online so much. And most of the main disadvantages are legal ones. To ensure you know your rights online, here is how you should act in a number of all too common incidents.

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You’ve Been A Victim Of A Hacker

If a hacker gains access to your computer and personal accounts, you are in big trouble. They will have access to all your personal data, and could even gain access to your bank accounts. If they do access your online banking accounts, they will be able to transfer money from your account straight into yours. What should you do if you think that a hacker has gained access to your bank account? First of all, you should contact your bank so that they can put a freeze on your account. Most banks are insured for these kinds of attacks and will be able to reimburse you the stolen amount in full.

You’ve Been A Victim Of Revenge Porn

Some people enjoy taking intimate pictures of themselves, and then sending them to their partner. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it stays private. But then what happens if you break up with your partner and they then publish these private pictures online? First of all, you should report your ex-partner. Revenge porn is a criminal offence, and they can be charged if you follow up the case with a law firm, such as Pinder Reaux & Associates. If you speak to the websites on which your pictures appear, they should take them down once they understand the situation.

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Someone Is Using Your Identity

Do you think someone is impersonating you online? This is also a crime, and whoever is using your identity can be prosecuted. However, the best way to prevent this from ever happening to you is to ensure you carefully use your personal data when online. Only give out your address, date of birth, and bank details to trusted people and companies. You should also regularly change your online passwords so that your details aren’t at risk of being stolen. If you think that someone is impersonating you, you should call the police straight away.


Do you think your child is being bullied online? Cyberbullying is a growing problem, and many children are now victims. Firstly, you should reassure your child that they are not at fault. Ideally, you should limit your child’s use of the Internet and only allow them on websites that you can trust. Make sure they don’t sign up to social media sites until they are teenagers. If cyberbullying continues, be sure to inform the police and their school

Baby It’s Cold Outside, So Keep Your Home Warm!

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It’s starting to get very chilly out there, isn’t it? Soon ice will be covering the driveway like frosting on a cake. The snow will fall blanketing the world in white and we’ll be left shivering under our sheets trying to keep warm. I love winter but only if I can make sure my home stays toasty when the weather outside is frightful. Here are a few tips if you feel the same way.

Check Your Fuel Supply

Before winter kicks into high gear, it’s always a smart move to check how much fuel you have. This is a particularly smart plan if you have gas oil heating your home. As oil users will know, it can be difficult to get the supply that you need when you want it. So, by checking early, it will give you lots of time to get that tank filled up before things get too desperate. It’s worth getting a digital reader for your oil supply too. Otherwise, you’re relying on a manual reading, and that can be irritating to get, to say the least.

Extra Appliances

There are plenty of additional appliances that you can use to heat your home through the winter months. For instance, you can purchase a portable gas fire that runs on cylinders. You’ll usually find these mini fires are on wheels. That means you can move them from room to room with no trouble at all. The best part is that they allow you to keep your heating bills low. Rather than turning the thermostat up, you can just turn on the portable fire for an hour or so to heat up the room. If you have good insulation, one hour of heat from these fires can last a whole evening.

Ensure You Are Insulated

Does your home have great insulation? If it doesn’t, you’ll find that your heating bills are high and your house doesn’t even stay warm. There’s an easy way to check the insulation in one of the rooms of your home. Hold your hand about ten inches away from the window. If you can feel any cold air, there’s a good chance you need an upgrade. You can get new triple glazing, guaranteed to keep cold air and even noise outside. If you don’t have the money for an upgrade like this, you might want to think about thicker curtains and blinds. It won’t solve the problem completely, but it will help you trap the heat inside.

Extra Add Ons

Alternatively, if you do have some money to burn there are other add ons that will make your home more pleasant through the winter. A personal favourite would be heated floor panels. If you install these in your kitchen, you can keep your toes toasty early in the morning. If you’re like me and hate stomping around on cold tiles in search of breakfast, this will feel like heaven.

I hope you survive the winter weather. Don’t worry, spring isn’t that far away now.

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Crucial Home Safety Do and Don’ts, Everyone Can Benefit From

Living somewhere safe is something that is easy to take for granted. We are lucky enough not to have to deal with too many man-made, or natural disasters in our part of the world. But that doesn’t mean that there are no threats at all. That is why it is important that we do our best to plan and prepare for these and make our own properties as safe as they can be. Read on to find out more.

Do be careful of bathrooms

The bathroom can actually be quite a dangerous place. This is because they are often the sites of very hot water for bath and showers. They can also house electrical outlets for shavers or hair dryers.

A crucial safety tip, when dealing with the bathroom sis to make sure that electricity and water never mix. Only use electrical items that are designed to be plugged in, in the bathroom, and that are waterproof like these Bluetooth speakers.

Also when you are running a bath or shower, make sure the door is closed, or you run the cold water first. As it’s very easy for young children, the infirm or your pet to be scolded if they wander in.

Do invest in good quality windows and doors

Windows and doors are an important part of any home. They are the bridge between the inside and outside world, and as such, they need to be as secure as possible. Home safety is often pretty dependent on having a good quality door with pick proof locks. As well as specially designed windows that make gaining entry from the outside very difficult.

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Remember these sorts of items help protect you the resident. As well as your property, and your privacy when you are not there. So they are definitely worth looking into.

Don’t leave medicines out

Another element of most homes that can be a safety concern is the medicine cabinet. Medicines always need to be kept out of reach of young children or animals as they can do harm, as well as good.

That is why it is vital to have a specific place that is tucked away for any medicinal items like aspirin and prescription drugs. If possible, use a cupboard with a lock on it if you can, to ensure total safety, and remember to put away bottles whenever you have finished using them.

Do protect your garden

Gardens are a wonderful place that the whole family can spend to win but to do this they must be secure and safe. One way in which you can ensure your garden is as safe as possible is to make sure any dangerous items like rakes, and lawnmowers are stored under lock and key in a shed.

You can also help improve your overall home and property security in the garden, by using fencing around the perimeter and High Bay Lighting. Which can light up large areas and deter any intruder or prowlers from entering your property at night.

Top tips for saving money when you have a new baby

You can never be prepared financially for a baby but there are steps you can follow to help you save some money.

Money saving tips ready for your baby

There seem to be millions of things you feel you need to buy ready for your baby, but are they really essential and could you possibly get them cheaper elsewhere?

With a few small steps, you could make some big savings.

Average costs of a new baby

The first step to saving money is to know what the average person spends on their baby, this may vary but this way you can get an idea and plan ahead. Breaking this down this is what you’re approx spends maybe:

  • Clothes- up to £4000
  • Pushchair- up to £400
  • Car seat- up to £300
  • Furniture- up to £1,500
  • Cot and bedding- up to £300
  • Food- up to £6,000
  • Nappies- up to £1,200
  • Childcare- up to £30,000

Have a budget and make a plan

A great way to stop overspending and buying things you don’t actually need is to create a plan and make a list. Monitor your spending habits and see if you are able to cut down on items which you don’t particularly need and save yourself some money.  I would also look out for offers in the shops or online.

Know what you need to buy and not what you want to buy

Don’t go for a trip to Mothercare without a list, you will leave with a trolley full of items that you really didn’t need. Here are some essentials that you’re most definitely going to need to stock up on:

  • Clothes: all in one suits, vests, cardigans, coat or an all in one suit and a hat.
  • Nappies, Nappy sacks, wet wipes and nappy cream.
  • Nursing bras, breast pads, bottles, teats, bottle brushes, steriliser and bibs.
  • A mosses basket or a cot, bedding sheets, a mattress and bedroom furniture.
  • A baby bath or a newborn bath support, towels, baby cleanser and wash.
  • A pushchair with a rain cover and a sunshade.
  • A rear facing car seat and sun blinds.
  • A changing bag with a changing mat.

Though a few of the essentials need to be brought new especially the rear-facing car seat, which must always be brought from a reputable retailer to ensure it is safe and in working condition, Halfords always have offers on, so have a look around different shops and find the best offer. Other items such as clothing can be brought second hand. Ask friends and family if they have anything which their children have grown out of and could be passed down onto you, also try having a look at local sites such as gumtree or facebook pages for bundles of clothing and furniture being sold.

Other ways of saving money are:

  • Buying own brand nappies and wipes instead of well-known brands such as Pampers or Huggies which they charge a lot more money for.
  • Buy items when they are on offer as you will save money
  • Buying before the baby has arrived, add a few items to your shopping basket each week to reduce the overall cost.

Exotic Furnishings To Spice Up Your Home

Many of us dream of getting away from home to somewhere more exotic. But that shouldn’t mean that the home is a place of routine and non-adventure. Why not bring a touch of the orient home by adding in some exotic features to your everyday life. Whether you’ve done some globetrotting in the past or are yearning your first adventure, these features ought to soothe your travel bug.

Build a beach-like bathroom

Make every bath feel like a trip to a faraway coast by adding some tropical details to your washroom. Exotic plants such as ferns, orchids and bamboo grow perfectly in a bathroom environment where there is little light but a lot of humidity. Add these to your bathroom and you will immediately feel transported away. Other little touches such as exotic soaps, sponges, shells, wooden towel rails and tiled beach scenes can also help to build this setting.

Connect to the world with maps

Feel connected to the places you’ve been and places you want to go with world map posters and globes. You can combine this with memories such as photos and postcards to create a more vivid representation of your travels. Alternatively you can mark out a bucket list of future locations, ticking them off on your map as you go. Immediately transform an empty wall, cupboard or fridge door.  

Go bohemian with your bedding

Your bed is where many of your dreams of past and future voyages takes place. Give your bedding an exotic feel by embracing mandalas, oriental symbols and faraway scenes. Collect cushions and pillows or buy a decorated duvet that envisages your travels.

Get exotic with your pets

If you’re an animal lover, you could go the extra mile and buy an exotic pet. You don’t have to go all out and try and raise a monkey – there are many exotic pets that don’t take too much work such as geckos, terrapins and chinchillas. Braver pet-owners may even consider snakes, spiders and cockroaches. Tropical fish are perhaps the most popular choice of exotic pet. These are very easy to look after and very easy to obtain – in fact, you can get fish delivered to your door through some aquatic companies.

Show off your souvenirs

Don’t hide your souvenirs away in a drawer. Remind yourself of the good times by boasting them around the house. You can use a drawing board instead of a scrapbook for putting tickets, wristbands, leaflets and postcards gathered on your travels (as discussed already, this can be excitingly combined with a world map to give a scale to your travels). Give room to ornaments and hang masks and hats on walls. You can also get certain photos framed and blown up. Don’t let all your travel snaps go unseen on a computer hard-drive. Give them pride of place reminding you of your adventures and offering a talking point to guests.