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Cocktails & Razors

Well I attended my first ever blog event a few weeks back now and what better way to start than with making your own cocktails, I love a good cocktail.

When you think about cocktails and razors it’s obviously something that you wouldn’t usually put together. Well on the 9th April this combination worked, when a group of bloggers were invited to Bar Opus in Birmingham near snowhill train station for a cocktail masterclass to celebrate the successful launch of Friction Free Shaving.

I love cocktails an often try and make them at home but was excited to have a go at making some with the pros. I love Cosmopolitan’s or a little Sex on the Beach, but it never taste a spot on what you get in bars when I make them.

I have to admit I have not heard of them up until this event so was interested to find out more about Friction Free Shaving.After hearing the background It’s pretty damn amazing idea. Basically, it is a subscription box that specialises in women’s shaving products. Each month you are sent new blades for your razor – you get the razor in your first box. I tend to shave every time I have a shower even if it’s not necessary.   How handy would it be to have some sent out every month, Save the hassle of forgetting to pick replacement blades up on your shopping.  I’ve tried so many different types of razors and nothing compares to Friction Free Shaving now as they are decent ones, with moisturisers and stuff built in. This subscription box costs between £3 and £7 a month, which I think is really good value for money, and the razors well they are Gorgeous!!


How pretty is that?


It is rose gold and It even had my name engraved on it, this service will be rolled out soon by Friction Free Shaving. This razor is called ‘Samantha’, and is £7 a month. I couldn’t wait to try it out… It certainly a cut above the rest.

And then onto the cocktail making.Amazing!!

The first one we made was called ‘Samantha’ – named after the above razor. This was made with gin, limoncello and lemonade it was rather refreshing and went down far too easily, like pop.


The second one we had a go at making was called a ‘Faye’, which is the name of the £3 a month razor.  It was made with cold milk, honey Jim Beam, vanilla syrup and crushed honeycomb – I didn’t like this one very much but was ok.


The Third and finally was the ‘Frankie’ , named after the £5 a month razor. This was the hardest one because it was created to stay in layers…It was difficult, but still tasted pretty damn good  – It was made with rose syrup, blackcurrant gin and prosecco.


I had a great time making the cocktails and finding out more about Friction Free Shaving and meeting lots of new bloggers.

*I was invited to this event for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Planning A Photography Holiday This Summer: Tips & Tricks

We all have our hobbies, mine is card making, for example. The great thing about travel is that you can use it to enhance your skills and make yourself more passionate about your hobbies. There are vacations for all sorts of hobbies, from card making to cooking. So whatever you are interested in, there’s sure to be a trip that’s perfect for you.

Recently, there’s been a lot of hype about photography holidays and how great they can be for budding photographers. Especially as most of these holiday photography courses are run by professional photographers. In case you’re wanting to head off on a photography vacation this summer but don’t know where to start, I’ve put together this guide for you. Packed full of all the best tips and tricks for picking the right trip, this guide should come in handy.

Look at your options

First things first, you need to look at your options. Google photography tours and see what comes up – there’s sure to be plenty to choose from. If you’ve got a certain location in mind, make sure to put that into the search bar as well. Once you’ve found a few options, read through each one, to see what’s on offer. It’s important to look at how long the trip lasts, who it’s aimed at, and what area of photography it will focus on. This is important as if you’re an amateur photographer, you don’t want to attend a course for professionals. It’s also important to take your niche and the type of photography on offer, into account.

Choose your location carefully

Once you know what type of trip you want to take, the next step is to choose your location. The chances are that there are numerous locations on offer, it’s just a case of working out which one is best for you. Sites like can be helpful for this as they not only offer a range of trips but also tailor made travel. This means that you may have the options to mold your trip to be whatever you want it to be. You can choose whether you want to be part of a large group or a small group, as well as the type of photography you focus on. You can find out more about this at

Know what to expect

It’s important that you know what to expect from your trip, as well as what you’ll need to pack. Depending on how long your trip is, you’ll most probably be on your feet a lot. Of course, they’ll also be some time for relaxation and socialising, but most of the time will focus on photography. It’s also worth finding out about whether you’ll receive any one-to-one tuition with the instructor. Or whether the entire course will be taught as a group.

Travel courses that specialise in a certain area like photography can be a great way to improve your skills. Unlike regular photography classes, vacation tours offer a lot more real world experience. Teaching you how to use your skills in a range of environments and situations.

Simple Steps to Take For a Healthier Waistline

There can be a lot of contradictions around dieting and losing weight. Sometimes we are told you shouldn’t do something. Then we are told that you should do something. It can all be rather confusing! With summer coming up, a lot of us might be looking for a few ways that we can be a bit healthier and shift a few pounds. That bikini isn’t going to wear itself! So here are a few tried and tested steps that you can take, to ensure some weight loss this summer. There is no need to overcomplicate dieting.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are, funnily enough, full of sugar. As well as the ways that sugar affects your body, you need to think about the calories. There are sugar-free drinks but they are just full of chemicals. A good idea, if you like to have fizzy drinks, is to have sparkling water. You could flavour it with lemon or lime slices or even some citrus essential oil drops.

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Have Green Smoothies

When people start a weight loss plan, they usually choose to make smoothies. This is a good option. However, it is much more likely to lead to weight loss if it is a green smoothie. If you have a smoothie that is purely fruit, it will contain a lot of sugar. This is better than eating a chocolate bar, as the sugar is natural, but not the best for a calorie controlled diet. One thing to do is to make sure that you add plenty of green leafy vegetables to the smoothie. Adding spinach or kale are fab additions. You can even add things like ginger, celery, and cucumber. They are lower in sugar than fruit and full of goodness.  Smoothie only diet

Stop Smoking

Smoking isn’t good for your health, so if you want a healthier lifestyle, you need to avoid smoking. It can lead to many health issues so you’ll want to avoid it. It might not sound like a simple step to being healthier if you are a regular smoker. You don’t need to stop cold-turkey, though. There are many options to help you quit. You could try using patches or by vaping. It is a much safer alternative. You can even choose e-liquid from an e-liquid uk store, to make sure that you have a ‘flavour’ that will help you to quit.

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Chew Your Food Slowly

One way that we overeat is because we eat our food so quickly. One way to make sure that we feel full, after having several bites, is by chewing slowly. This helps us to recognise the triggers of our body and will help us to stop when we are full. As a result, we will eat less, and shift a few pounds while we are at it.

Drink Lots of Water

A lot of diets have one thing in common; that is drinking a lot of water. Water helps to keep you feeling full, as well as helping your body to function as it should. It is a must for a healthier life and waistline!

Get a New Front Door to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing you see when you get home. It’s what others see when they walk past, or even if they’re thinking about buying your property. More specifically, your front door makes one of the first impressions on anyone who sees your home. A lot of us haven’t given much thought to our front doors before. However, if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, the door is an excellent place to start. Changing it can make a huge impact on your home’s image. Try out one of my ideas to make your front door a bit more exciting.

Go for Quality

Many of us have PVC front doors. They’re easy to keep clean, and they’re perfectly safe. However, they don’t look that great. If you want your home to look sophisticated, a PVC door is going to bring it down. They can look a bit cheap, especially if they’re a boring white. You can look at other options to make your home look classier. Wooden doors look great, and you can paint them in any colour you want. If you want to add even more class, choose something with a knocker that will give your door a more upmarket air.

house, door, window

Add Some Colour

White doors aren’t very interesting, and they don’t catch the eye either. If everyone on your street has a white or brown door, yours will stand out immediately if you change the colour. You could choose whatever colour you like, although you might want to be sensitive to the property and the neighbourhood. Neon pink possibly won’t look great in a row of Victorian houses. However, you can still be bold with your choice if you think it will work.

Install Glass

A glass panel in your front door can make it look beautiful. Of course, you don’t want it to be transparent, or else anyone will be able to look in. Instead, you need to find a service that does decorative glass and glazing. You could have a clear, frosted panel that focuses on the pattern, or you could choose to have coloured glass. Another option is to have a panel of glass above your front door, instead of in it. The window should let some more light into your entranceway, especially if it’s in a good position for the sun.

Move Away from a Single Door

Most homes have one hinged door that swings inwards. These work well, so it’s no wonder that most people stick to them. However, if you want something different, you don’t have to stick with that option. You could change things up if you have the space to do it. For example, you could have double doors, instead of a single one. Your front door could even slide open, instead of being hinged. These are excellent possibilities if you want a drastic change.

Changing your front door could alter the whole look of your property. If you’re looking to up its curb appeal, it could be the best route to take.

Plan The Perfect Baby Shower In 5 Easy Steps

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If you or a close one are expecting a baby, it will be a very exciting time! There will certainly be a lot of preparation and organising for the expectant parents. The baby will need new clothes and a whole load of other things ready for them before they enter the world. And that is where a baby shower helps. This American tradition has slowly been creeping its way into British culture for the past few years now. And there’s no wonder it’s become so popular over here! It’s a small get together for the new mum and all her close female friends and family. It is a chance for them to celebrate the upcoming arrival, but it is also a chance for the mum’s close ones to shower her with gifts – hence the name! The mum rarely organises the baby shower herself; it is something that her best friends will do. So, if your bestie has a baby on the way, think about throwing her a baby shower. Here are five steps to perfecting the event!

Pick The Date

Anytime during the pregnancy is fine for throwing the baby shower. However, many mums prefer to have one at a later stage during the pregnancy. She will then know that everything is going well and that the baby is healthy and developing properly. But it is best not to wait until just before the baby gets here. Otherwise, mum could be uncomfortable and sick of being pregnant! That won’t make for a good mood on the day of the shower! Once you have decided on a date, make sure you send out the invitations in good time. This way, everyone will know to keep the date free.

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Pick A Venue

If you want to keep things cheap, host the baby shower at your home or the mum’s home. This will, of course, depend on whether or not there will be enough space for all the guests. It is becoming increasingly popular to have a baby shower at a local cafe that does afternoon tea. This is a very sophisticated option and will give everyone the chance to relax over tea and cakes! If you want, you could also visit a baby show as part of the shower. Feel free to organise anything as part of the day, as long as it isn’t too active or physical. Otherwise, the expecting mum won’t be able to join in!

Organise Food

Your guests will want to nibble on some snacks during the day, so it’s a good idea to put on a bit of a spread. Planning a buffet is probably the easiest option if you are holding the shower in your very own home. If you don’t have many ideas, these great baby shower food ideas should help you out. If you are thinking of holding the shower elsewhere, check ahead to make sure there will be food available. Or that you will be able to stop off for a bite to eat on the way. Try to plan healthy food, as the mum will be sticking to a nutritious diet to help the baby’s development. But the odd sweet treat is perfectly alright! Many people get a baby shower cake – just like a birthday cake! Decorate it with some white icing and the parent’s names.

White Icing Brown Cupcake on White Metal

Buy A Present

Now you will have to buy a present for the new parents! Most people buy gifts that are practical and can be used for the baby. Things like clothes, nappy bags and bibs are very popular. Gifts that will help mark the occasion are also often given at baby showers. Silver photo frames are a cute idea as the new parents can put a picture of their special delivery inside. Small trinkets are also great baby shower gifts, especially if they are bespoke. Think about ornaments that have the new baby’s name on. The mum will certainly appreciate some pampering gifts for herself as well. She will definitely need them to help her relax after the birth! Don’t forget the dad either. He could enjoy some fancy cigars or beer to celebrate the birth of his new child with!

Baby showers are a great way of showing the expecting mum just how much you care about her and how excited you are for her new baby. It will help her look forward to the birth and will also provide her with some handy presents that she can put to good use once the baby is here. The most important thing, though, is that she enjoys herself!


Denim, Rain and Homemade cookies #LittleLoves

Wow that is another month over and gone already… Why are the months flying by so quickly?


Nothing this week has been crazy busy, going to try and sit down next week and read through people’s blog posts. I love reading what everyone else has been up to.


Rain, snow, hail and the sun shining, it’s been a week full of all four seasons, I just hope it improves soon.  I hate been cold and it’s been freezing.  Roll on Summer.


I have worn this, my denimn dress I brought the other day from New look.  I never thought full denimn would suit me but I love my new dress.  I tried to wear it with nothing on my legs but then soon realised it was a bit too cold and a little too short so put some leggings on underneath.  I’ve had lots of compliments when I’ve worn it so that’s given me confidence.



I made cookies unfortuantly not from scratch I cheated and brought a packet mix but my god they tasted pretty awesome.


Along with the every sort of weather all in one week we had a big thunder and lightening storm as well.  The lightening lit up the whole house and the thunder rumbled and roared for what seemed like forever but lasted only a short time.  I think our dog Carly was glad when it was all over.

And Finally…

Hope you have all had a great bank holiday weekend!?