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The Auntie Life

This is the behind the scene reason as to why I decided to change my blog name from ‘KimzKardz’ to ‘Life of an Auntie’…. because I adore my nephews so much and they bring me so much fun and laughter each and every time I see them.

I first became an Auntie back in 2008, I was just 21 when my sister had a little boy who she named Jack. I was so excited when I first found out I was going to be an Auntie. Jack was finally born on the 21st March in the early hours of the morning at Solihull Hospital after my sister had been in slow labour most of the day but she didn’t realise.  Me, my mum and my dad all went to visit the next day and meet the little fella.  Meet Jack Joseph Hayes.

This is Jack a few hours old
This is Jack a few hours old

They only had to stay in hospital for a couple of days then both mum and baby were allow home. At the time Jack was born my sister was still living at home with us. It was lovely to have my nephew home and be able to watch him grow, interact with him, dress him, bottle feed him and put him to bed.


Watching him grow over the years has been amazing watching him learn to walk, talk and play, go to nursery for the first time and growing up into a young boy and hearing him say Auntie Kim for the very first time.

P1000316 P1000704 DSCN1939 DSCN1985 P1000311 DSCN1752


Just a few photos above of Jack with me (Bottom left), My mum (second down from top on right), My dad (Bottom Right), My Grandma (Top Left) & My Grandpa (second from bottom on left).

He was always a happy little boy, laughing and smiling as he grew up, I remember the first day it was his turn to go to nursery, the first steps he took, when he started reception and year 1 & year 2 and now he is nearly 8 years old and turning into proper young man.  He brings so much joy to all our family.

In 2011 my sister in Law Rachel found out she was expecting her first baby and the excitement started all over again.  On June 11th I became an Auntie again to Harrison James, he was born at Heartlands hospital.

harry snug as a bug

Watching Harrison grow up and develop into the young boy he is today is lovely, Harrison will be 5 this year and I don’t know where the time has gone, he’s started school and really enjoying it too.

When Jack first met Harrison

Jack holding baby Harrison


This is one of my favourite pictures of Harrison and me, he had just got out the bath.

The boys get on so well together and playing together.

Just over 12 months later Rachel found out that she was expecting again in October 2012, a little brother for Harrison it was going to be and another nephew for me.  Alexander Thomas arrived into the world on the 29th October 2012.

Snug as a bug

Harrison was a fab big brother to Alex.

Big bro love Harry & alex 2

They get on together so well.  Harrison showing Alex how things are done etc…

Then a couple of years later Rachel announced that she was expecting her third baby.  Benjamin Rhys arrived on 28th November 2014.


Ben has recently started walking and he is getting his hands on everything.  Love seeing photos of my nephews that my sister-in-law puts on Facebook.

Three gorgeous boys/brother and nephews for me.  They are all growing up so quickly.  Jack will be 8 years old this coming March, Harrison 5 in June, Alex 4 in October and Ben 2 in November.

Have you got any nieces or nephews and how many?

Fresh Meat, Wedding Brochures & Homemade Lasagna #LittleLoves

Well Hello there March… Where did you come from so quickly?  This week has been crazy at work as it’s the beginning of the month, so I have to get lots of different reports out to all partners and managers in my team.

This week Little Loves consists of:


Lots of wedding brochures and trying to decide where and when we would like to get married.


The new series of Fresh Meat… It’s a comedy about uni kids/adults.  Me and my fiance were excited when we heard this was back on Channel 4 but unfortuantly its not around to stay for long as it is for the last time.

Fresh Meat Series 4: (Zawe Ashton as Vod, Greg McHugh as Howard, Kimberley Nixon as Josie, Charlotte Ritchie as Oregon, Joe Thomas as Kingsley, Jack Whitehall as J.P.)


Waterproof and warm shoes & clothing again because in the space of a week we have had every season possible in Birmingham, Rain, Snow/Sleet, Sun and Wind.  Roll on Summer if we possible ever have one.  I was not born to be cold all the time.


A new design in my wedding stationery collection.  All designs can be found on my Facebook page KimzKardz


Homemade lasagna aswell.  I love cooking but this week we have got friends over from spain for the week to stay so cooking for 4 people instead of 2.


That we had smashed our Billing target at work by a lot, this was a massive achievement for my team as it is something that can be very challenging.

And Finally…

Some BIG exciting news will all be revealed next week hopefully.

Hope you have all had a great week.littleloves2