Disrupt the Classic Living Room for Family Fun

Stack of pillow of a light blue carpet

No family is the same and yet we all tend towards the same kind of homes. We have kitchens with the same things in them and we have living rooms with the same sofas pointing at the same TV. But what if we completely scrapped everything we thought we knew about interior design? Would we still go for the same things or would we pick something else out?

The honest answer is that we would probably choose something a bit more fun, something that catered better for our own lifestyle and gave a little more freedom. Companies like IKEA are already forging a path towards more adaptable spaces but there is still plenty we can do for ourselves.


The sofa is a must as far as most families are concerned and since we spend a lot of our time sat here, getting it right is crucial for your room. But sofas aren’t the only choice, or rather, they can be so much more.

Imagine for a moment that you could get rid of your bulky and rigid sofa and exchange it for an 8 foot beanbag. This would be more accessible for little ones to clamber about and play on, but it would also be easy to drag out of the way when you want the floor space for something else. Plus, a beanbag is great for cuddling up together and having your body fully supported by the flexible stuffing. It sounds great, doesn’t it? And you can read more details too.

Floor cushions have also had a recent resurgence and they are great for providing additional seating for kids and adults alike. The great thing about floor cushions is that you can stack them out of the way when they aren’t in use – if you have a sofa with extra storage space, this could be just perfect.

The more flexible the seating arrangement in your living room can be, the more likely it is that the room will work for you. This room shouldn’t just be about watching TV (however happy Netflix and Hulu make you!), it should also be the main stage for family discussion, playing games and building forts. This room can do a lot when you think more flexibly.


It is always surprising just how important the right lighting can be. Obviously, you will already have a main light, whether that is a single light in the centre of the ceiling or a few spots, but additional lighting is essential for creating different atmospheres and switching up the dynamic.

Fairy lights should never be underestimated and should certainly not be put away after the festive period. In fact, twinkly lights are a year-round joy in many houses and should certainly be put to use in yours. Try putting a small string of lights into a jar or draping them around a fireplace if you have one. Alternatively, create a bit of a feature by draping lights around family photos.

Small side lamps are also a must in any room. These lights should be used in the evening instead of your main lights as they will help you to gradually relax your eyes. Too much light and you will wake up; dimmer, softer lights and you will start to feel sleepy. Use darker light shades if you are stuck with those crazy bright LEDs and want something a bit gentler. Alternatively, go for dimmable lights that you can tone down to suit the mood.

Throws and Cushions

There is something that is just nice about cuddling up with a cushion under a blanket and whether you are watching a film together or you have built a cushion fort, these are usually the main ingredients you require. Rugs are also great if you don’t have a carpet in your living room as they provide a softer surface for your kids to play on or sit on.

Everyone has their own idea of what sort of color scheme they like but bright colors are always going to be a winner for young families. These colors stimulate the eyes and can quickly bring a pop to an otherwise neutral scheme. If you have young children or pets, try using thicker cushion covers you can take off and wash to help tackle the inevitable spills.

Throws come in all shapes and sizes and the more you have, the more comfortable you are all going to be. Try mixing different types of fabrics from the classic knit to more modern felts so that you get a mixture of textures. Everyone will have slightly different preferences for what they like to snuggle up in anyway.

To store your throws, you can either leave them on the sofa as a kind of protector, or you can fold them and pile them up with your floor cushions. This is a nice way to create another soft splash of color in the room and will make your throws more accessible for your kids to play with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Swap and Change

No matter what we like to think about ourselves, we are all creatures of habit. For some of us, this goes as far as sitting in the same seat every day to do the same things over and over. This is fine most of the time but if you want to switch things up, all you need to do is move about a little bit to see things from a different perspective – literally!

Rearranging a living room might seem like a huge ordeal but if you have gone down a more flexible route with beanbags, floor cushions and other soft furnishings, it won’t really be too hard to rotate the room every so often. Or, just rotate yourselves instead of the furniture – play some musical chairs!

One of the best things about soft furnishings and lighting options is that they are very easy to change and don’t have to cost a fortune either. As your family grows up, make small changes like swapping pictures or going for a new color scheme to keep things fresh.

Meal Planning Monday 16/7/18

Another busy week at work it has been, but we had a lovely weekend as we had a family photoshoot on Saturday in Lutterworth with a guy called John Jenkins, Sunday we decided to get up early and go to Weston Super Mare to enjoy the weather while we can. It was a lovely day out, and it was only Freddie’s second time on a beach.

I also had an interview this morning in Warwick for a potential Accounts Payable Clerk/Supervisor.  Fingers crossed!

I don’t know about anyone else but I hate cooking when it’s hot, I’m hot enough without adding even more heat in the mix.

This week consists of 

Quiche & Salad 

Paprika chicken, beef rice & Salad

Breaded cod, minted new potatoes & Salad 

Steak & homemade chips 

Lasagne & homemade wedges 

Chicken Tagliatelle, with bacon & cheese sauce 

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your plate this week?

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with the Otty Memory Foam Pillows

There really is nothing like a good night’s sleep and so when Otty asked us if we’d like to review their Memory Foam Pillows I couldn’t say no, as ours were starting to have seen better days.

At the moment Otty are giving away two free pillows with any of order of their mattresses and the memory foam pillows are like nothing else. They are big and square – like a smaller version of the mattress – and you only ever need one of them. At first they take some getting used to as they feel so solid under your head but, they are great to sleep on and whereas we usually move our pillows about, re-shape them and turn them over through the night to get comfortable, the Otty pillows are just consistently comfortable. They keep their shape, have the same removable covers and support your head and neck so well. I did find them a little on the heavy side but super comfy.

The OTTY Deluxe pillow is the perfect combination of soft, comfortable memory foam and our Cool Blue Gel, which regulates your temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. This highly-acclaimed pillow has quickly become one of fastest selling in the UK. And its forward-thinking design and 3-year warranty make it easy to understand why.

My first night of having new pillows was amazing I really did sleep like a baby and woke up feeling all refreshed and ready to get on with the day ahead.

They are priced at £54.99 each and measure 60 x 40 x 10cm

I do feel they are a little expensive but if I had the money I would buy these as they are perfect pillows.

You can find out more about the Otty collection over on their website.  

Disclosure: We were sent the above Pillows for the purpose of this post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.   

Adding the finishing touches to our Bathroom Renovation

I love nothing more than adding the final finishing touches to a room that has been freshly decorated or renovated.  So once our bathroom had finally been completed this was exactly what I did.  Find below what I did.

New Flooring

It took us 2 months to finally decide on this flooring, we had been let down by two previous companies, and I walked into Solihull Carpets one Thursday after work to get samples, took them home, we decided that night that we found one.  Took the samples back to the shop on Friday, got it order and booked in for fitting the following week and all for just over £100.  Great service, highly recommend this company.


Firstly I knew I wanted brand new fresh fluffy towels for the bathroom, there is nothing wrong with our others one but don’t really go with the new colour scheme in the bathroom.  I brought 2 sets one from John Lewis and the other from Marks & Spencers.  They were both in the sale so managed to save a few quid too.


We were gifted the below items from croydex for inclusion in our bathroom refurbishment. 

Memory Foam Bath Mat – £20.00 

This is a memory foam mat and is so warm, soft and fluffy you won’t want to get off it.  Will be sure to buy another one of these.

Textile Bath Mat – £18.50 

This one is also very soft, they are easy to wash and with them being grey doesn’t show up dirty as easily as other colours might.

Squeegee– £15.37 

Now we just have a shower this is needed to wipe down the tiles and scream to prevent smears and water marks, I do it whilst still in the show but after I have turned it off, obviously.

Toilet roll holder

Unfortuantly the one we had chosen has since been discontinued so can’t link to it but it is square which matches the shower, luckily the fitters put it on the wall for us but you can screw it on or glue it on dependant on what you want to do.

Sainsburys Home Heart Tealight holder – £5

Then finally I saw this one day in sainsburys as I was having a wonder round and fell in love with it and thought it would make a great vase supposed to a candle holder.

What finishing touches do you like to add to your newly renovated room?

Leave me a comment below


How to decide if gambling is right for you?

I have never been a gambler of any sort, other than playing the odd game of the national lottery – if you class that as gambling and only ever been in a casino 3 times and even then I think I only spent £10 but it’s all for fun and I know when to stop.   

Ecommerce, Computer, Cash, E-Commerce, Online, Money

There are so many ways, from online sites and shops now where you can access machines to play a game of roulette or card games, but with Online casinos it shows you the Top 10 best online casinos rooms and includes reviews of explaining what each site is all about meaning you can easily scroll down looking for who has the most stars, again helping to guide you into making the right decision and lastly If there are any promotional offers running for better chances of winning and how much can be won 

My top tips for playing safe 

  • Know your limits, if you don’t know when to stop then it’s not a good place to start as you could get into a lot of trouble not to mention debt.   
  • Set a money limit and stick to it – have a look at your finances and see how much you could spend without jeopardising other responsibilities 
  • Set a time limit and stick to it – try to allocate a time when you will leave the venue or website to help you stick to your budget 
  • Expect to lose and treat any winnings as a bonus – treat gambling just like going to a concert or out to eat: don’t expect to get your money back at the end 
  • Have other hobbies and interests – make sure that you keep up with other hobbies and interests 
  • Be open and honest about your gambling – if you find yourself struggling to be honest about what you’ve spent or how you’re spending your time, consider finding some help 
  • Understand the game, odds and house edge – knowledge is power!  
  • Only use cash – a great way to stay on budget 
  • Quit when you are ahead 
  • Don’t gamble alone – making sure there is someone who can take care of you is a great idea 

Things to Avoid 

  • Borrowing money to gamble – it’s not advisable to borrow money or lend someone money to gamble, and there is no guarantee you will get it back 
  • Developing strategies for gambling games – the definition of gambling means there is always a chance you could lose more money 
  • Trying to win back money you have lost – this might seem like a good idea, but can be a slippery slope 
  • Keep playing until you get lucky – by then it might be too late 
  • Believe you will win – confidence is key with lots of things in life, but not gambling. In fact it’s probably better to expect you will lose! 
  • Gambling for a long time without a break – always take a break 
  • Gamble as a way to cope with bad feelings – gaming when you’re feeling low might seem like a distraction, but might make the problem worse in the long ru

This is a Collaborative Post, However all thoughts & Opinions are my own 


Meal Planning Mondays 09/07/2018

What a weekend, we are exhausted!! 

Well we made it and beat Sweden butts on Saturday which is something, I’m not a football person but glad we are through.  We watched the game over at ours in the garden with all our family and friends as we were celebrating our little boys 1st Birthday as well.   

We are still tidying up after a mad weekend and are eating leftovers from that.   

Paprika Chicken, Rice and Salad 

Jacket Potatoes, Beans, Cheese and Salad 

Baked Salmon with salad 

Sausages, mash, veg & gravy 

Chilli & Chips 

Omelette & salad 

Chicken Stir fry with egg noodles 

What on your plate? 

Bakerdays Letterbox cake review

I have reviewed these cakes previously so when the opportunity came up again I couldn’t resist.

I decided on ordering it for my friend’s 30th back in April as you can’t have a birthday without a birthday cake, right! I know my friend loves Flowers and butterfly’s so I chose the “any age floral number cake” priced at £14.99 for the letterbox cake

I was able to order it and set the delivery date that I wanted it to arrive so it wasn’t ordered to early or too late and missed my friend’s birthday. You could even have it delivered straight to their door as a surprise if you wanteda1.

The processing of the cake was so easy, choose your design, the flavour of sponge you want and then it gets delivered straight through your letterbox hassle free

I would be sure to buy any upcoming friends or family’s birthday cakes from this company as they are perfect for any occasion.

  • We received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Only You Can Change Your Life! (But These Suggestions Can Help)

Yes, it’s true that the only person that can significantly improve you your life for the better is yourself. Although taking stock of your problems and then finding the courage to change things isn’t always easy, not that anything ever was. With that in mind, check out my post below on the things you can do, big and small, to change your life for the better.

Body positivity.

One thing that can cause us untold misery is always feeling like we have to be on a diet, or when we are not, having to explain it away as a cheat day or something like that. In fact, it’s such a big deal that there is whole diet industry that has sprung up around women’s perceived need to lose the weight.

However, something that can help you rid yourself of all these body worries once and for all is to embrace a more body positive standpoint. Body positivity, something you can read more about at https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/body-positive-power, is a movement that has been gaining moment on social media recently, and it about recognising the value of all bodies no matter what their size shape, colour, gender or ability.

In fact, it’s all about embracing who you are now, and not waiting until you have lost those extra pounds before you go out and live a meaningful life. A concept that for many people could be utterly radical and life-changing.

Put yourself first.

Too often we are accused of being a selfish person if we put ourselves first. However, if you do it in the right way it can change your life for the better. Now I’m not talking about cutting in line, or always taking the biggest piece of cake for yourself here. Instead, putting yourself first is about identifying your values and goals and prioritising actions that are in line with these.

What this means is that if you feel called to be an artist but everyone around you expects you to be a lawyer, you choose actions that will bring you closer the first target. Now, I’m not saying this can’t be tough, because dealing with other people expectations of you can be difficult, however, as Dr Seuss once said, “Those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind,” so embrace putting your wants and needs first, it might just change your life!

Its OK to ask for help.  

Now while the message of this post is about what we can do to change our lives, it is essential to not confuse this with believing we have to do this all on our own. In fact, while it will ultimately be us that makes those changes and does the work, there are so many people out there whose sole purpose in life is to help us with this.

Now, there are many different people you can reach out to if you are looking to shift things, stop bad habits, or start positive new ones. In particular, those folks that are looking to make a change in their career, exercise habits, or life habits may consult a specialist coach. Someone that will be able to help you identify where you are not satisfied and take action to change this, as well as hold you accountable.

Asking for help can change your life.

background, conceptual, contemporary

Of course, some issues in life are more serious such as physical and mental health problems and so may need a more significant level of assistance. However,  you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of people out there that can assist in your recovery from these as well.

Obviously, the first port of call is usually the doctor if you are concerned about these sorts of issues, as they can offer diagnosis and support. Then you are free to choose from a range of options which include residential treatment like the ones mentioned at https://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/treatment/drug-rehab/

for addiction. Something that can make dealing with such a severe problem a little easier for all those concerned. Then there are outpatient services for mental and physical health ailments as well, which offer treatment designed to rehabilitate you and can help you make the life changes steps to back to normal, as soon as possible.

Unplug once in a while.

Lastly, one of the most impactful changes we can make in our lives is to unplug our devices for a while. Yes, everyone has smartphones, and yes, it means we are continuously connected to one another as well as a huge source of entertainment and information, all of the time.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean its positive to be plugged into the net consistently as the post at https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/suggests. In fact, it can quickly become a crutch for reassurance, and avoidance of other issues in your life that need to be resolved.

To that end, do you self a favour and regularly unplug now and again, and take some time to proverbially smell the roses, it might just change your life.

How to Prevent Wedding Planning Arguments

No one wants to have constant arguments with the person they love, but that’s what so often tends to happen during the wedding planning process. Sure, you’re both going to have opinions about how the wedding should pan out and how you should plan it. However, there are things you can do to make sure that you don’t have as many of those arguments. It’ll make your experience of planning your wedding a lot less stressful, which makes these tips more than worth your time.

Discuss Everything

Talking can be one of the best ways to avoid arguments, and this is a piece of advice that applies to your everyday life as much as it does your wedding plans. But it matters even more when you’re planning a wedding because there are so many little decisions that need to be made, and they should be made together. You’ll be able to work through disagreements more easily if you talk about them.

Don’t Take Over

Sometimes, one person can take over most of the responsibilities of planning the wedding. And let’s face it; it’s usually the bride. This often happens because the groom is less interested in the process, but it’s still worth trying to do things together and make all of the decisions collaboratively. That way, you’ll both be kept in the loop at all times, and that has to be a good thing.

Get the Finances Clarified Early On

You need to know where the money for this wedding is going to be coming from because arguments over money are very common, especially when you’re planning a wedding. There are wedding loans with bad credit you can make the most of if you need some extra help. Or you might be getting money from your parents. Whatever the solution is, it needs to be clear and agreed on.

Support One Another

There is a lot of stress that’s going to be experienced when you’re planning out a wedding, and that means you will all need to get better at supporting one another. If you don’t, the stress could get the better of you or your partner, and that’s when the major arguments can start to break out. So just try to get better at supporting one another throughout the whole planning process.

Pick Your Battles

There are going to be disagreements between you and your partner when you plan your wedding. But you can’t create a big drama out of every little issue. If you do, you’ll both be wanting a divorce before you’re even married. Try to pick your battles and only make your point forcefully if it’s something that you’re really passionate about.

Arguments are pretty much par for the course between brides and grooms when they’re in the wedding planning process. However, these are never helpful and they don’t have to happen. If you follow the guidance that’s been laid out for you here, you’ll be able to avoid most of those planning arguments.

Baby Wing Dummy Clip Review

My Little boy only really has a dummy when he is tired or upset. I’ve got no problem with him having one, the only thing I do is when he is forever throwing them or messing with them and they fall on the floor or they are all down the side of his cot.

When Baby wings got in contact and offered me to review one of their sets it was hard to say no.

I chose the above clips as they are unisex and I liked the patterned on them. I love the fact they are easily washable and dry quickly, and lightweight too.

They can be purchased here from Amazon and priced at just £5.93. I have used them pretty much every day since I received them and they have been hand washed and they haven’t faded.They are available in 3 different patterns and designs.

  • We received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.